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Trip Advisor Fantasic mussels!
Dec 15, 2014 by: PincaPalla88 from Sabaudia, Italy
I loved Bertha's mussels! I ate the famous mussels... and also the crab cake for the first time in my life! Everything was delicious!

Trip Advisor This is worth the stop - service & food was exceptional
Dec 09, 2014 by: BrendaJean316 from Newark, Delaware
OK, I've read the reviews and I can see some points people made, but I also think you are in charge of your own experience to an extent. We got there when they opened on a Friday and the front door was locked still, but the side was open. They were going to seat us in the open, quiet, no music dining room, but we asked to sit in the bar area instead. There was music playing and the bartender was just getting started (she does a second shift as a waitress in the evening). We told her we understood she's still setting up, but if she could get us menus and a pitcher of Heavy Seas Loose Cannon, we'd be good to go for a bit. This was no problem and she even took to time to suggest if we were getting the mussels, the monthly special really was good. The regular mussels come with a dipping sauce, so I can't speak to them, but my husband is sort of an expert on flavor and he said THAT beer with the mussels steamed in Yale's Tavern, with apples, ham, and shallots was a taste he had never had and the combination made this one of his best meals. He followed it up with a Spanish Omelette (with real steamed tomatoes, not just salsa dropped on top). He said, "Who knew mussels and eggs could be so good together in a meal?" I had the crabcake which was as expected. Not over the top, but not disappointing. I think it was the roll I didn't really care for. After we ate, the bartender recommended some hot toddy's (apple cider mixed drink) which was a fantastic finish without overfilling and a real warmer on a cool day. She also gave us a piece of pie for our anniversary that was just right to share. We would definitely recommend this place. We went for lunch on a weekday in winter, so other times of day or seasons may be more crowded and less personal service, but we thought this was worth the stop.

Trip Advisor Crabby about the crab cakes
Nov 22, 2014 by: telemarkJane from Lake Telemark, NJ
I heard this was "the place" to get the best crab cakes anywhere! I was visiting a friend and we ventured into the inner harbor, exploring the area, you could say. We visited a lovely Milener in the Inner Harbor and had hope to visit a shop that, upon our arrival, was closed for some reason unknown. I had been ready to drop some dough there...but whatever. Saved me a bit! Anywho...we went to Bertha's. Her bar was festively lit with strains of light. If you have to pee, do it there. The dining room are through a couple of corridors. The place is ok, but the best crab cakes I have personally experienced were at a fantastic little restaurant in Jim Thorpe, PA called Moya. Eri's crab cakes are the best I've ever had. If you are there over the winter, check in as I think their hours are limited. That being said...this is a NY quality restaurant tucked away in Shan-gri-la!

Trip Advisor We had a private party on the 2nd floor
Nov 15, 2014 by: KWS63 from Santa Fe, New Mexico
And they took very good care of us. A memorial service for a friend who played jazz there for years. The staff were super accommodating and the room was just great. Thanks Bertha's for such a wonderful memory!

Trip Advisor Not a great show of mussels
Nov 10, 2014 by: Donna H from Halethorpe, Maryland
First time and was disappointed. The mussels are steamed plain with sauces on tne side for dipping. A dozen were 17.00. The special of the day in steamed in whatever the special is. This day it was butter, ham & apples. The special was better than the plain mussels but out of the 2 dozen we order 5 did not open (dead). The waitress forgot to give us bread when the other tables got it we had to ask for some. The jalapeno crab and macaroni and cheese and the cold beer was the highlight of the lunch. If you are looking for good mussels take your chance elsewhere for a much cheaper price.

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