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Trip Advisor Good food
Nov 25, 2014 by: 74HarryRuby from Berkeley Heights, New Jersey
In Rock Hall in late November, pretty much every restaurant is closed on Monday. Bay Wolf was the only game in town, so we went. I had oyster chowder (there must have been almost a dozen oysters in my bowl) and a (HUGE) fried oyster sandwich. Wife had Shrimp Almandine. All food was great, and prices were very reasonable. Good service, Classical music from the bar area was a nice touch.

Trip Advisor Oyster Heaven...
Nov 01, 2014 by: Hokie67 from Eastern Shore, Maryland
... on Wednesday nites. All-you-can-eat local oysters have been hard to come by in recent years north of the Bay Bridge. But these dandies were close enough to be 'local'. Bay Wolf is an Austrian restaurant by night with a friendly bar scene in the back. They also serve a nice lunch. But... on Wed nites in season it's all about the oysters. They start you with a plate of half shells... perfectly shelled and icy cold with some light cocktail sauce. (ask for hot sauce if you want to spice it up) Then you get a combo plate of fried and baked (Rockefeller and Casino?) oysters. These are prepared to order so they haven't been sitting around on some buffet line. And herein lies the difference between good fried oysters and great ones. And these are great. So great that it's hard to stop eating them. There is a nice side of bread, cole slaw and boiled potatoes... which are very tasty. There are quite a few Eastern Shore places where you can get a-y-c-e oysters, but very few offer them made to order. There is a difference. The service is very friendly and attentive.

Trip Advisor Convenient restaurant within walking distance of Marina
Sep 14, 2014 by: Connie B from Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, United States
This restaurant used to be a chapel. This restaurant was open when many others in this small town were not. The food was fine and the service ok. We may have caught our waiter on a bad day as he was not very friendly and seemed to not want to be there.

Trip Advisor Authentic Austrian, near the Bay
Sep 06, 2014 by: RickWestlake from Rockville, Maryland
Bay Wolf is one of the few Rock Hall restaurants that are open Mondays and Tuesdays. It is not a waterfront restaurant, it's more "downtown," and it's a long walk from the marina where I'd docked-up. I ate in the bar, which was reasonably busy for a Tuesday night. My choice was the "Schweinsbraten mit Knoedel," Austrian-style roast pork with dumplings and sauerkraut. It took quite a while for my dinner to get out of the kitchen, but it was worth the wait - tender and juicy pork, generously covered with a rich sauce. The portion was ample, and with that and a couple of draft Yuenglings, I was quite satisfied and very mellow.

Trip Advisor Just your average Bavarian / Eastern Shore restaurant
Aug 19, 2014 by: Brian K from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
We landed at Bay Wolf on a rainy weeknight when it seemed to be the only option open in Rock Hall. The dining area is very enclosed, which would have been a disappointment on a sunny evening, but it was a good harbor from the rain that night. The restaurant touts a menu with Bavarian influences as well as more coastal cuisine -- a rather unusual mix. We stuck to the seafood items. I had a steamed lobster special, which wasn't bad. My teenage daughter enjoyed her seafood linguine, although I tasted the broth and it reminded me of a watered down alfredo sauce. My wife had crabcakes, which were mostly filler. We splurged on dessert, and the cakes were a hit, but the fruit cobbler had too much gelatin or something, which gave it a jello-like texture that wasn't enjoyable. Overall, the food was OK but nothing to rave about. The service was friendly but not very attentive.

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