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Trip Advisor First time at Full Hookup Facility
Oct 24, 2014 by: ionesagem from Three Springs, Pennsylvania
It was our last camping trip of the season. Since it was our wedding anniversary we decided to splurge on a facility that offered a full hookup. We also wanted to "research" a fun place for our grandchildren's yearly visit each summer. The fact that there is a Golden Corral minutes away sealed the deal! My first pleasant surprise was the fact that although I was unable to get the website to cooperate with me I was able to call and speak with a very nice person to reserve our October reservation. The second surprise was that we got a discount since my husband is 60. When we got there our ranger was very nice and answered my husband's questions about hooking up our cable, water, sewer. Luckily we had already purchased the mandatory elbow weeks before we got there as the store was not open. Also not open was the game room. As I had hoped that Pac-Man or Ms Pac-Man was inside I was really bummed out. Luckily the cable worked fine! Not working fine was the WiFi so packing my laptop was not the good idea I thought it would be. That first day was very good. The next day the game room (no games I was interested in) and the store (fantastic - I could stay in there all day) were opened as the number of campers increased. I think that the possibility of things not going to be opened should be addressed on the website. My husband and I did not know that school was out those two days and that there would be so many children there. I know it is marketed as a family experience but I had hoped that those weekdays we had reserved were going to be couples friendly - LOL Children were up earlier than I would have expected and they took shortcuts through our "lot" - also invading our space was the camper next to us - the bush separating us was in his way on his side but he was there just for one night....This place is still a contender (of perhaps the Luray, VA one) as we know that our grandchildren would love it. The cabins, cottages and lodges are very beautiful and we are considering leaving the camper behind. All of the staff we encountered were very nice.

Trip Advisor Yogi Bear Halloween Weekend
Oct 22, 2014 by: Aimee H from Nottingham, Maryland, United States
I really love coming here! We have been for 8 years in a row for the Halloween weekends. They are doing a lot to update the park and provide new activities and attractions. My only complaint is that it has gotten so expensive! It is expensive as it is, but they used to offer Thursday night free for the Halloween weekends if you paid in full by December 31st of the current year for the reservation for the following year, so that made it more affordable. Sadly, they are no longer offering that and the price for 3 nights in a cabin is just too much and this past year was our last. We had a lot of fun though! Thank you!

Trip Advisor Family camping trip.
Oct 22, 2014 by: lisalynn928 from 
Nice family camping trip. Have a lot of fun activities for the kids. The Haunted house was one of the best i've ever seen at a campground. The rustic cabins should have microwaves and toasters added. Nice campground but very expensive!

Trip Advisor Great family weekend getaway!
Oct 22, 2014 by: Marybm78 from 
Everything was great. Just wish there were more activities on Friday evenings and Sunday morning. Also think the snack bar should be open the whole year. It was a great Halloween weekend getaway though. We all extremely liked the Haunted Trail. My son who is 7 loved the zipline, hayride, trick or treating, haunted trail, and crafts.

Oct 20, 2014 by: Sarah S from Frederick, Maryland, United States
Our group of have been going to this park in October for the past 3 years now. 5 sites and 1 cabin. Last year 2013 we booked and PAID IN FULL for the 2014 trip. 4 weeks before our upcoming trip we all received emails stating that new management had taken over and that they increased the rates by $52 and we have 24hrs. to pay the difference in rates or our reservations would be cancelled. We all paid but felt like it was in poor taste for the park to treat there customers so poorly, especially repeat customers. Looking at other park rates they are drastically over priced and half the accomodations that are included in the rates are closed during this time! We are 6 couples and with no children but yet are charged for 2 adults plus 2 children. Why are couple charged for the extra 2 children if we have none? Why the rate increase for no extra ammeneties but less? The owners live in another state and have no idea what goes on in this money pit park. We had a dog attack our dog and basically were told that because the owners of the aggessive dog were drunk that she could not ask them to remove their dog from the park. We feel very insulted by the way we were treated! Not happy!

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