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Trip Advisor It was a great weekend for the kids and I.
Apr 14, 2015 by: Tabatha P from Ellicott City, Maryland
Even without having the pools open there is plenty for everyone to do. We LOVE going to spend time with you all. The kids love to see Yogi, Boo Boo and Cindy. The ZipLine is a great hit as well. We will definetly be back.

Trip Advisor Our Easter Tradition Continues!
Apr 14, 2015 by: ShannonStJ from Crofton, Maryland
We have been camping at Yogi Bear for the Easter holiday for at least the last 5 years. We knew going into it that there would be some differences for us (we are usually in an RV and this time we had a cabin) as well as the facility itself due to the new management. We were surprised upon arrival that there was no one at the front gate but thought that since we arrived on Wednesday maybe there would be someone later in the week. We left the park several times during out stay there and only saw an attendant once (I think this should be addressed). As for the cabin (we stayed in one of the new big ones with the loft) it was great. We were a little disappointed in the fact that the bunks did not have their own room, but we made due by moving the mattresses to the loft (the kids loved it). We had a bit of an issue with our oven (anyone who works there should remember this) and the maintenance crew was amazing. They arrived immediately and fixed the situation as well as cleaned out cabin thoroughly for the inconvenience. I am loving the new additions at the park and we can't wait for the summer to experience the new splash area as well as the new canteen. The activity schedule seemed good, but I felt bad for the teenagers who were trying to handle the crowds, especially at candy bar bingo. This is one of the big evening activities no matter what time of year you visit the campground so I think that maybe there should be some upgrades for this. A board that lights up the numbers that are called would help tremendously, a new bingo ball spinner (since the one there is obviously broken), and some additional staff to help out for sure. The kids' easter hunts went well (we have a 8 year old and a 13 year old), but I think my kids were disappointed in the "golden egg" prizes. In the past they have been easter bunnies and what not and this year it was a cheap jump rope and frisbee. The adult easter egg hunt was a cluster, we liked it better in years past when the girls and guys were seperate and there was a limit to 2 eggs so that everyone had a chance to collect and the prizes were bigger then too (a 6 pack compared to a single). Overall the weather was beautiful and I am glad to see the upgrades that are going on at the park. The new staff all seemed very friendly and were accepting of suggestions. We have already planned another trip for this summer and will be back again next year, easter just isn't the same without Yogi, Cindy, and Boo Boo!

Trip Advisor Perfect Weekend Family Getaway
Apr 14, 2015 by: scgw from Baltimore, Maryland
This place was such a wonderful surprise! We love to tent camp and this was our first time camping in a cabin. It blew us away. The cabin had a space heater, window air conditioner, coffee pot, mini fridge, and tv. The beds were comfortable and the bathrooms were clean. If you're an avid camper like us, these amenities made the trip luxurious. If you aren't an outdoorsy person but want to try camping this is a great way to do it without all the stress. There are so many kids activities that they never got bored. Not one of the kids complained once! The activities that cost extra are super reasonable. We will definitely be coming back!

Trip Advisor Fancy "Camping"
Apr 08, 2015 by: Adrienne A from Baltimore, Maryland
We aren't an outdoorsy family, but wanted to feel that way, so we decided a cabin would be a great fit for us. We stayed at a pet friendly luxury cabin and we were very pleased. The cabin was very clean-I am a bit fussy. There was a nice big porch and we enjoyed the fire pit. It was during the week and early in the season, so we didn't get to experience many amenities, but it was quiet. We needed a relaxing family getaway and we got it! We will be back!

Trip Advisor Easter Weekend Annual Tradition
Apr 07, 2015 by: carrie p from baltimore
We have been coming to this Jellystone Hagerstown for quite a few years; and have always loved the family atmosphere. With the change of ownership we expected some things to be different, some good some not so good. In my opinion here is a list of both: the good : the expansion of the water park, zip line, café and store the new golf cart are electric which are quieter and new larger cabins the staff - while we miss some of the long time staff that have since moved on; the new staff members we encountered were more than willing to help and were very nice. the not so good- no one to man the front gate- so anyone can come into the park at anytime. the hayride - only held once on Sunday at 4pm (check out is at 11 or 1) the bundles of wood - half the size of last year no adult direction at the activities- candy bar bingo was a total disarray with 2 teenagers trying to maintain a crowd of 130. You couldn't even here the poor girl announce the number and the bingo basket was broke. the Easter egg hunts especially the adult one was the same way- no organization and no adult presence. the reservation process I only had 2 issues- one was I booked a camping cabin (no bathroom) for my son & his family which included a 5 year old and the bathhouse closest to them; was not working- no one informed me when I made the reservation and no discount was offered for the inconvenience- the next closest bathhouse was over by the pool which was about 100 yards away. the second issue was my reservation was made in 2014 for the 2015 year for Thursday - Monday. I paid in full at the time of reservation- about a week before we arrived I was looking at the website and saw a special advertised- 5 night with 5 bundles of wood for a few dollars more then I had already paid. when I called to ask for the special to be applied to my reservation I was charged $10 for changing my reservation. we will be going back next year to give them a fair shot at making some corrections - keeping our fingers crossed. Over all this is campground can be a great family .experience, experience yogi camper

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