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Trip Advisor Great place to stay
Aug 18, 2014 by: Lee B from Potomac
I have never met a more friendly and hospitable staff. Everyone was as accommodating as they could be. Anything you might need, they will provide it. I was there for a week of corporate training and it felt like half work, half vacation.

Trip Advisor Bolger Center isgreat!
Aug 17, 2014 by: Victoria F from Potomac
I just stayed for a 2 day retreat with my church organization and this center was perfect! The food was great even though I was on a special eating plan (no dairy, no processed foods, lots of fruits and veggies) The grounds are beautiful with a fitness trail, walking trail and lots of benches to sit in quiet contemplation. My single room was small but perfect! I would highly recommend the Bolger Center!

Trip Advisor Love this serene place
Aug 16, 2014 by: Kathy K from Northbrook, Illinois
Visiting my mom at assisted living 2 miles from Bolger center. This is the 4th visit and I love it here. The grounds are lovely, the staff is very accommodating and the facility has everything I need. There are refreshment hubs with lots of goodies. My last visit I was awakened at 6 am with fire alarm. Management gave me 2 of my 4 nights this visit. The grounds and general feeling here help to balance me as I go back and forth to visit my mom

Trip Advisor Super small rooms - ok otherwise
Aug 09, 2014 by: DBPAC from Allentown, Pennsylvania
I am here for a conference and have been less than thrilled. First of all the room is smaller than an inside cabin on a cruise ship - quite literally 10x12 with a bathroom so small that I have to close the door to get to the toilet and the "counter" overhangs the toilet causing you to have to lean forward while sitting there. Housekeeping came in today, made the bed but failed to leave more kleenex (and the box is empty), instead of leaving a new glass they rinsed the one I'd used and left it on the bathroom counter, they took a dirty washcloth and failed to leave a clean one and failed to replenish the coffee supplies I'd used. It's a very good thing that I am not paying for this room out of pocket and that it was arranged by the conference staff (who will hear about this, I assure you). This place is set up like a campus (not thrilled as I did not know this coming in). You have to go to another building across the street for the dining hall and another building 100 yds away for the classrooms where your conference is held.

Trip Advisor A bit run down
Aug 07, 2014 by: Zajacs from Denton, Maryland
We stayed at the suite and the sofa bed for our 15 year old grand daughter was very bad. The air conditioning was not working so we asked for a room change. When we changed rooms to a different part of the building we had the same problem. We finally figured out that in the master room the thermostat had a control setting. The two nights we stayed it was very difficult to sleep as the room was too hot for our comfort.

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