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Trip Advisor Overwhelming Cleaner Smell in Rooms
Mar 30, 2015 by: John D from Miami, Florida
The rooms have a very strong cleaner/air freshener/baby powder smell. There is no hint of the scented smell in the lobby, corridors or hallways, but once you open the door to a room, you immediately smell an overwhelming scented cleaner smell. We looked at another room on a different floor and the same strong scented smell was there too, so it's something the housekeeping staff use in all rooms. Even after being in the room for several hours, it's still very overpowering and we never got used to it. My wife and kids do have allergies and they did not have a good night. I don't have any allergies nor an aversion to scented smells, but it was too much even for me. We ended up checking out the next day after that one restless night due to the cleaner smell in the room. On the positive side, the hotel was clean, quiet, staff was friendly, bedding was good, and the included breakfast was very good for the one morning we were there. We wanted a hotel near a Washington Metro station so we could go to DC for museums, so we moved to the Holiday Inn College Park (about 15 minutes away) and we liked this one much better, was a good experience (but no included breakfast) and it's only a five minute easy drive to the Greenbelt Metro station from there. We purchased the SmartTrip cards at the metro station, added about $25 to each, and used them daily to go to the DC Mall area and back each day (Greenbelt<->L'Enfant<->Smithsothian Metro stops). 25-30 minute commute each way on the metro.

Trip Advisor cheap but ok
Mar 25, 2015 by: Debney2 from Minerva, Ohio
We stayed here because of the price. its an older hotel, in an ok neighborhood. Our front desk attendant during the day was a delight and the gentleman overseeing the breakfast was awesome. We stayed on floor 4, highway view, slept like a log. Easy on/off access to all roads to DC.

Trip Advisor Pleasantly pleased
Mar 17, 2015 by: John A from Toronto, Canada
Spent 4 nights at Best Western Capital Beltway . Easy access to Dc sights . Bharat and staff are very friendly and helpful. Excellent breakfast with lots of choice. Good size , clean rooms, large pool , friendly staff- we had a great time with no problems . Would recommend to anyone looking for a good hotel just outside of town .

Trip Advisor Worst experience at a hotel in 20 years of traveling
Mar 13, 2015 by: Katherine K from Indianapolis, Indiana
Overall, rude staff, terrible hotel transportation, slow or non-existent internet speed, poorly lit parking lots, the pool is disgusting, poor quality rooms (hair in my "clean" towels, bedside lamp would flicker off and on). This was my experience. We arrived in our room and the room next door had about 5 kids that were screaming, blowing noise makers, and hitting the wall to the point that our head board was shaking. We left to go see the rest of the hotel and the kids could clearly be heard from the opposite end of the hotel. I wanted to wait and see if the hotel staff would take care of the noise. When we walked back to our room, the kids were throwing wet towels from the pool out into the hallway. After about an hour the noise was still terrible so I called the front desk. I told them the situation and they offered to switch us to a different room. They never addressed the situation in the room next door. We decided to switch rooms and were moved to another room at the other end of the hall. Later that night while my husband and I were sleeping our room was rented to another person. At 1:30 in the morning someone entered our room and turned on the lights. They quickly realized someone was already staying in that room and left. About 2 minutes later I received a call from the front desk. I answered and the person at the front desk said "Who is this". I gave her my name and she said "Oh. I didn't see the room was already booked" and hung up. I barely slept the rest of the night because this was a very frightening experience. I've never had someone enter my room in the middle of the night when I am in my most vulnerable state. I told someone at the front desk the next morning about what had happened. He apologized and said "that should never happen". Nothing was offered or done to make up for what had happened. Instead I was given a disingenuous apology and an excuse. We also had to switch our key cards because the ones we had no longer worked. My husband and I wanted to take the shuttle that morning to go to the metro station which leaves every hour on the hour. We waited out front until about 9:05 and no one had come out to drive the shuttle. I asked someone at the front desk when the shuttle would be leaving and they said "You have to request the shuttle. It doesn't leave if no one asks". No one had informed me of this at check-in and it is not written anyway with the information for the shuttle. I asked if we could please have someone take us to the metro station. The person at the front desk said "Technically it's past 9". I told her no one told me about requesting the shuttle. She then called someone to drive us to the station. Two other employees arrived and the three of them argued about who would have to drive the shuttle. About 2 days later I noticed a $25 charge on my credit card from the hotel. I asked the front desk and they said it was a security deposit. I was not notified at check-in I would have this charge. Our last day we called the front desk to request a 7:00 shuttle to pick us up from the Metro Station. The person said "The shuttle driver will be leaving the hotel at 7:00 to pick you up". We arrived early at the station and waited out front to be picked up. At 6:57 the shuttle pulled up. We got in and my husband asked the driver if he needed to pick anyone up else from the station. The shuttle driver said "I don't know" and we left the metro station to drive back to the hotel. It was 6:58. I was initially told "the shuttle driver will be leaving the hotel at 7:00 to pick you up" which means he should be at the metro station at about 7:06. The driver did not know how many people he was picking up and didn't wait until the time we were told to leave. Considering the shuttle only comes every hour, I would be very upset if the driver arrived early and left early thereby making me miss the shuttle because a lack of communication between the staff. The Internet was also extremely slow and sometimes not available. Also, do not be tempted by the low price of the hotel since it is away from D.C. You are going to have to take the shuttle which only comes ever hour and then take the metro which is at least a 35 minute ride to the middle of the city (L'Enfant Plaza). To give you an idea, we left the hotel at 9 and arrived in front of the Holocaust Museum at 9:51. The worst part about the shuttle only coming every hour, it is nearly impossible to time it out so you arrive at the Metro Station to be picked up at the correct time. With the metro having to wait for other metros to move at transfer stations, the metro stopping temporarily for repair, or having to wait to catch the metro (which arrives every 10-15 minutes in some places) it can add another 20 minutes to your ride. Expect to have to take a taxi or uber back to the hotel at the end of the day (uber was about $8.20).

Trip Advisor Great Staff
Mar 13, 2015 by: Ogom E from bowie, United States
The staff was awesome. They were able to accept me on an impromptu level of reservation. And very helpful with delays I encountered. I will definitely return for a longer stay at that particular location which is very accessible for me

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