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Trip Advisor Not a Best value
Jul 31, 2014 by: Edward B from Baltimore, Maryland
The room smelled of bleach and something else. The furniture looked as if it came from a trash heap. I would not reccomend this motel to anyone. The door had been pryed open previosly. There was paint scraped off of the door jam and pry marks and damage to door frame.I was almost affraid to stay in the room. The place is in need of a total renovation. If I could have found any other motel or hotel with a vacancy I would not have stayed here. nor will I ever stay there again.

Trip Advisor Any port in the storm
Jul 19, 2014 by: kevin48_10 from Charleston, South Carolina
This is the second time I've been here. The rooms are less then average, and the price is higher then you would expect. All other hotels were full, so I guess they took advantage of that with the price. Not Recommended, especially, if you travelling with family.

Trip Advisor America's WORST value inn.
May 19, 2014 by: dinadenim14 from Port Saint Lucie, Florida
We got lost upon our arrival. Our gps led us to barren corn field. We thought we got ripped off. When we finally found the location, the attendant insisted that we pay an extra $10 for having 3 guests and not 2. We had to threaten to take to take our money elsewhere until a compromise was reached. There was a pile of bird feces and feathers right in front of our room. We requested a non smoking room but when we entered it, it reaked of old smoke and mold. The television was extremely old with a total of 7 channels and froze up excessively. There was no remote and the channels had to be changed manually. There was no soap in the bathroom and the toilet seat was rocking, to the point where we thought it was going to fall out of place. The pillows and bed sheets looked like they weren't been changed and were covered in hair. We called the attendant twice in order to request new sheets and pillows. She brought them, but afterwards took the phone off the line so we could no longer call her for assistance. The only good thing was that it was in close distance to many restaurants and the dollar store. Overall, the experience was terrible.

Trip Advisor Hotel from hell
Aug 31, 2013 by: Christine L from 
Last available hotel room on a busy long weekend Saturday night. Room stinks of mould and bleach, stuffy. Dated furnishings which look questionable, almost worth sleeping in our car. If only there were other vacancies nearby we would walk away. Yuck!

Trip Advisor Only stay if you're falling asleep at the wheel
Jun 15, 2013 by: bri0831 from Springfield, Massachusetts
On our way to NC I needed to sleep after about 8 straight hours driving. The Royal Farms gas station parking lot didn't cut it during AM drive time & this place was close so I figured I would crash for a couple hours. Let's say the outside appearance is misleading it looked OK as we pulled up in the car. The attendant told me it was a non smoking room, which was cool by me but to my families surprise we open the door and the whole room stunk like 20 years of chain smokers. The bed linens, pillows, you name it. And there was even a clean ash tray available so I can't figure that one out. The small bathroom had some black mold on the ceiling from a room above yuck. The sink faucets were disgusting, like there was dried up "something" on it for sure. No bugs in sight but still... The wall AC was the best thing going. Lastly, after my telling the attendant we needed the room for a few hours, she promptly dialed the phone at 12:30 noon to ask if I was leaving WTF. I should have sucked it up and drove another 10 miles down the road for something worth it. Stay away if you can I can't imagine what the rest of their locations are like.

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