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Trip Advisor Do not stay here. EVER!!!
Jul 20, 2014 by: Travelingmomof3girls from Cohoes
As a parent of a softball player I have stayed in many hotels. This was not a hotel. This was more like an hourly rate motel. I arrived early and they told me I could check in for a $20 fee. Ok. I needed sleep, I just drove 7 hours. Fine. I drove back to our room where my two beautiful teenage daughters and I were greeted by their monthly live in customers with whistles and cat calls. My oldest daughter was carrying our cooler and one of the toothless men said to her, "hey, share that beer with us". Really. Dirtbag. The room that they had given us was deplorable. Room 203. The stench smelled like something had died there. The air conditioner was useless. After 10 minutes in the room, my daughters were both having asthma attacks. It was at that point that we noticed the mold on the ceiling in the sink area, and water dripping from the ceiling. I went to the desk and asked for another room. They moved us to the room next door. Blamed that room on not being renovated with the rest of them and said they would not book that room at that point. It appeared cleaner. Smelled a little fresher. But that was most likely due to my daughters spraying their perfume to get rid of the smell that lingered in their noses from the last room. Later that day, there was another family in room 203. I told them everything. The hotel told them they had no where else to put them. The hotel was not quiet. At all. It was a constant party. I assumed it was because the softball World Series was in town and the hotel was booked. Our room overlooked the pool. It never quieted down until after 11:30. Not good when you have to be up at 6am. Another family from our team also stayed there. They were given a room that was smaller and lower than what they reserved and prepaid for. They were moved to the absolute back of the motel. Their room looked like a murder scene. There was something that looked like a bullet hole in their first floor window. The carpet was bleached out in front of the window and bed. Did a drug deal go bad there and a gun fight go down? Most likely. Their bathroom was also filled with dead in identifiable bugs. One of the nights we were outside swimming, an older woman went into the far area of the pool to find a quiet spot to talk on her phone. The pool closed at 10:00. They locked the gate. We sat in the courtyard after that. At about 11:00 this woman was trying to get out of the pool area. They had locked her in!!! I can say three good things about this place. The pool was very clean. The cleanest thing at the motel. Pepsi in the vending machine was only $1. And they sold 8 pound bags of ice for $1. That's the only good things I could come up with. Do yourself and your family a favor. Don't stay here. Sleep in your van in a rest area. It's cleaner, quieter, and safer.

Trip Advisor Not a Value...Flies and Filthy
Jul 11, 2014 by: BarbieJo14 from Utica, New York
First, let me start by saying I don't have high expectations in regards to "cheap" hotels. But, even I was disgusted. The room we stayed in should be condemned. We had such a problem with flies that we had to call the front desk. (My husband had already killed at least two dozen with his hat at that point.) The front desk offered to spray but with both of us having asthma, we didn't want to take the chance of a reaction so we asked for a fly swatter instead. They did bring us one, which got quite a workout over the next 2 days. The carpets were stained, and totally filthy. I didn't even feel comfortable going barefoot. Also, there were dead bug carcasses on the floor (flies and others I didn't identify). On the day we were checking out, I realized that the mattress we slept on had blood on it! (A lot, not just a drop either!) Maybe that's why the flies are hanging around?? The bathroom was not that clean at all. In fact, I'm pretty sure someone had shaved over our ice bucket... The breakfast was a joke. The last time I checked, it was not sanitary to have margarine, peanut butter and jelly for everyone to dip their knife into! And, the black "X" over the bread told me this was not the freshest. (Day old? Thrift store?) I will say that the workers I encountered were nice enough, the lobby wasn't that bad and the pool looked good. But the room was awful! I really feel that the local health department should visit this location. I'm sure they would require some changes. Even the towels and washcloths were stained. My regret is that we didn't complain enough while we were there. I would have tried to get my money refunded and would have slept in our car if we had to. We were there to visit family (military) and just didn't want to put up a fuss in front of them. Bad mistake. Lesson learned. Don't prepay for a room, make sure you see the room you are to stay in before handing them your credit card, and speak up if it's not satisfactory! I filled out a complaint form on their website but I doubt they will respond. We have stayed at other ABVIs in other states with mixed results, but never this bad. We will not be booking another. I will be burning my "value club" card.

Trip Advisor Filthy
Jun 28, 2014 by: Subel86 from Jacobus, Pennsylvania
This was the worst place I have ever encountered! We were three couples with one dog. Room one was supposed to be non smoking and smelled like a dirty ash tray, not suitable for a baby and toddler to breathe that air. Room two was dog friendly and smelled like urine! Third room was dirty!

Trip Advisor Good Experience, recommend this Hotel
Jun 22, 2014 by: Sandy M from Fayetteville, Pennsylvania
Very nice & reasonably priced. Close to shopping & restaurants which make it very convenient. Continental breakfast was one of the best we have had at any hotel Pool was clean & plenty of chairs for guests to use. Especially appreciated that we could get bags of ice for only $1 since we were therefor ball tournaments we needed a lot. Staff was friendly & very pleasant to talk to.

Trip Advisor Flies!
Jun 21, 2014 by: NeedR from Laurel, Maryland
I had already killed a dozen flies in the room. I let the front desk know and housekeeping came and sprayed two and left. To get some sleep, I had to sleep with my head under the sheet. I left there tired and frustrated.

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