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Sep 15, 2014 by: dkb808 from Washington DC, District of Columbia
Immediately upon entering the property you get a sense of calm that is supported by the responsiveness of the staff. Valet service was great, bellman excellent and knowledgeable. The Hotel/Resort is beautiful with scenic views. Very impressed with the food, the golf course (which I played twice) and the fact that they are "PET FRIENDLY". Most of all my friend and I had the opportunity to meet the most fascinating man who works in the buffet area. He really has the Hyatt DNA. He is so humble yet engaging. I run a 400 million dollar company and I must say he epitomizes the essence of true customer service. I have already scheduled a return visit to the resort in October..... It's really good when you can enter a hotel and learn from the staff at all levels. Again i was really impressed. DKB

Trip Advisor Amazing resort
Sep 14, 2014 by: kevinparsakia from Washington DC, District of Columbia
We came to the resort for a wedding, and it was a gorgeous venue. It's about a 2.5 hour drive from the falls church, VA area. I was pleasantly suprised at how much you can do: minature golf, 18 hole golf, beach volleyball, swimming pool, jet ski's, pool room, library, running path, fitness room,etc. We took advantage of the beach volleyball court! The staff was extremely pleasant from the moment we pulled into the resort up until putting our bags in our car the morning we left. Parking is 10.00 a day which is amazing in my book compared to other resorts. Your also next to walmart, arby's,grocery stores so your not limited to the resort restaurants. We also found at least four eating options on the property. We went to the eagles nest for early lunch, and enjoyed the cob salad. My only regret is that I didn't get the chance to explore the resort more during our visit. We also got the breakfast buffet in the first floor restaurant which is about 18,00. It's totally worth it considering you get custom omelette, waffles, turkey bacon, chicken sausage, fruit, bagels,etc. You can also do a checkout via web. Excellent location for a venue, or just a good old fashioned vacation. The final thing I really loved was how quiet the hotel was after hours. This is a hard thing to truly experience.

Trip Advisor Nice hotel
Sep 13, 2014 by: Sullivan72 from Brooklyn, NY
Hotel is nice and it a very nice area with a Walmart directly outside the hotel. The pools are nice and the view of the bay is beautiful. Great place for a nice family get away. The room is a nice size as well and the restaurants are pretty reasonable in price. We took a day trip to Ocean City which was about an hour away. We had a great time and would go back.

Trip Advisor A nice resort geared towards families
Sep 13, 2014 by: KCBrad from Kansas City, Missouri
We stayed here for an extended period in August and September on business. The last week of August before schools started was completely different from the week in September when school was in session. It felt like 2 different resorts. The resort itself is laid out nicely. While large, the configuration keeps you from having to walk great distances between the hotel, clubhouse and pools. There is a little snack and sundry shop on the property. The decor is up to date, has very pretty views of the choptank river and is in a quiet setting. Every interaction with the staff was positive. A balky showerhead in our room was fixed promptly, the housekeeping staff always showed up within the same 30 minute window each day and even the grounds crew would smile and wish you a good morning when you walked by. The staff serving drinks and food at the pool were prompt and friendly. If you are looking for a family friendly resort, this is the type of place for you. 2 nice pools including 1 with a waterslide, a mini-golf and frisbee golf course, s'mores on an open fire on the patio, kids movies on a big screen each night as well as other organized activities depending on the season. The last week in August the loads of children and families there seemed to be having a fun time. If you are traveling on business or as a childless couple, this resort is nice but the family aspect may put you off. Children squealing and running everywhere, including thundering and squealing down the hallways at night (aren't most 5-9 year olds supposed to be in bed by 11pm ??) and early in the morning. The resort has a sign that clearly states not to go to the pools and put down towels on loungers to reserve them at oh god o'clock in the morning so you can then use them 4-5 hours later (if at all), but families did this anyway. A personal pet peeve of mine, especially when, as in this case, lounge space is limited. There is an 'adults only' section that always had small and medium aged children in it and was never 'enforced' by the staff. This was also true of a bar area/lounge on the property that states 'adults only' where there were routinely children under the age of 10. I am sure I sound like a cranky old man. If they are unable to politely ask the guests to please keep their children out of the adult areas, they should just get rid of the policy and remove the signs. When school was in session, this resort becomes a very nice romantic place for a couple to lounge and relax. Even with several weddings and various conventions going on, there was room for privacy and socializing. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and felt looked after by the staff. It was quiet with a beautiful setting we would recommend to any traveler.

Trip Advisor Nice Enough, But Beware the Chiggers!
Sep 11, 2014 by: braziliansoccerstar from Austin, Texas
The hotel is pretty nice and the staff is well-trained. It's a good place to bring the family, as there are two outdoor pools, an indoor pool, and a nice sandy beach. Mini golf, movie night at the indoor pool, s'mores at the outdoor fireplace, a game room with air hockey, foosball, and ping pong will keep the kiddos happy. Just be careful walking along the trails at the Blue Heron Rookery. I stayed on the trail the entire time and was wearing jeans, socks, and shoes, but a few chiggers managed to slip under my clothes and bite me all to heck. It's two weeks later and I still have a few remnants of the bites. This obviously isn't the hotel's fault; I'm just serving warning to others to perhaps avoid the Rookery trails from at least mid-August through September. In particular, keep kids off the trails during this time; chigger bites will make you itch as you've never itched before.

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