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Trip Advisor Spectacular
Jan 24, 2015 by: Andrea M from Takoma Park, Maryland
We stayed here with our two kids (5 & 7) in January 2015. I used my points to upgrade to a suite. Simply fantastic. Awesome views of the water. The kids enjoyed the huge indoor heated pool. We enjoyed the Jacuzzi too which allows one to swim under the wall to go outside in the crisp, fresh air. Tiki bar right by the indoor pool for cocktails, beer, sandwiches, burgers, hotdogs, quesadillas, chicken tenders and more. Movies played by the pool for the kids nightly. Game room includes foosball, shuffle board, ping pong and video games. Another video game room allows for super Mario, dance, soccer, etc. games (all free to play). And if you need someone to take care of the kids for a bit, the hotel offers Camp Hyatt. The beds were super comfy and rooms very clean. My massage in the spa with champagne was luxurious and relaxing. I just loved this place. Can't wait to come back in the summer and enjoy all of the outdoor activities. My only critique would be to ask the servers in the hotel sports bar/restaurant to not wear cologne and the service could be better. One evening it took them 1.5 hours to bring our food and 30 minutes before anyone even asked us for drink order. Understaffed that night during NFL game. Another tidbit would be not to bring out apps with dinner. We had similar experiences the other two nights. But food was very tasty. The steak is awesome. Overall, we had a blast and experienced some much needed R&R. We will be back!

Trip Advisor Great escape
Jan 21, 2015 by: Grkmom from Baltimore, Maryland
The Hyatt Regency Chesapeake Bay is in a natural setting of forest and bay tributary which is very pleasant. The staff was extremely polite and helpful to making our stay special for a getaway birthday weekend. Our meal at Water's Edge was awesome as Erin the waitress made the extra effort to check on us frequently and refill wine glasses. Love the scallop and fillet dinner. We also enjoyed sitting around one of the many fireplaces to watch the football game with other sport enthusiasts sipping beverages and going outside to roast marshmallows for Smores. We didn't use the pool,spa,or exercise room but they were being utilized by happy guests.

Trip Advisor I have mixed feelings on this property
Jan 19, 2015 by: Dee P from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
First I have to start out by saying "we are a Hyatt loyal family" Whenever possible, we look for a Hyatt. The property in Cambridge, MD was beautiful. Clean, nice public spaces, etc... Our check in experience, not good. I felt I was very nice, cordial and polite to our check in associate. We had a slight problem with our room location. The associate was working on it but she was, clearly, not happy with me. I kept thanking her. Other people around me looked like they were getting "out of this world" service. Finally another manager helped and we were on our way to our room. Our check in associate not only was rude, she was acting like she was doing me a favor. It was embarrassing the way she was talking to me, as there were many people around. So... service in this hotel needs improvement. We felt the rudeness in some other areas also...not everywhere. Pool amazing, staff at pool, amazing... shout out to Hannah Elizabeth who ran some of the kid activities! Gastropub staff, amazing... had two managers check in while we were dining. Food at this resort? Needs major improvement. (sorry Hyatt) Overall, maybe due to off season stay?

Trip Advisor Second Stay at this Resort
Jan 11, 2015 by: TheGoodBadandFugly from Pennsylvania, USA
This was the second stay at the Hyatt Regency Chesapeake for my wife and myself. The first time was several years ago during the summer months when we stayed for a week. The second time was this past New Year's Eve for their New Year's Eve celebration and we stayed for one extra night past New Year's Eve. Even though this may seem like an odd location for a Hyatt resort it is really quite a beautiful property. The entrance to the property is located off of a main highway lined with a lot of strip shopping centers and other commercial, retail, and restaurant locations. The resort, however, is set back a good distance from this highway and situated on the bank of the Choptank river. If not for the drive to the resort itself you would never know that it was located near a busy commercial area.The hotel itself is beautiful from the moment that you enter the lobby to the moment you enter your room. The property is modern, well maintained, and very clean inside and out. The rooms are fairly spacious with nice bathrooms and comfortable beds, and most importantly well maintained and very clean, with beautiful views of the Choptank river if you choose. Since there were virtually no reviews of the New Year's Eve celebration when I queried Tripadvisor before our stay this New Year's Eve, I'm going to focus a little bit more on that event. The New Year's Eve celebration was nicely done. There were separate activities for adults and children included with the celebration package and a number of different, but optional, dining options. One of which was adults only. We chose the buffet option which had two different seating times. The theme of the buffet was "around the world", with separate stations serving Italian, Mexican, Asian, and down home Chesapeake. The food was plentiful and mostly very good with only a couple of disappointments but given the variety and quantity of selections the disappointments weren't really an issue for us. The service was a bit inconsistent. We were initially greeted by our server who took our drink orders but then never came back to the table again to see if we needed anything else. She also didn't explain to us where each of the various serving stations were. This is a big banquet room and the serving stations were very spread out. Clearing of dishes from our table was initially very fast either being collected as you finished your plate or before you returned to your table with another serving. That eventually stopped and the dishes just started piling up on the table. When we were done with our dinner, we participated in a couple of the adults only activities, which were nicely done and fun, and then returned to the banquet hall for the balloon drop and Champagne toast. We saw some people with Champagne glasses filled with Champagne but there was no indication of where they got them or how to go about getting them so we just celebrated the ringing in of the New Year without. Not a huge deal but when you advertise that your package includes a Champagne toast you should at least make it easy for that to happen for everyone. They also had a dress code for the event that's not very strict, (essentially no jeans, etc.) which they didn't enforce so even though there weren't many people who not only dressed in jeans but old ratty and torn jeans it was enough to bring down the quality of the event a notch. One thing that you will notice about this resort, as you can see to some degree from our experience with the New Year's Eve celebration, and as we experienced during our summer stay, is that they do a very good job at what they do but not great job. Usually the the difference between the two is simply attention to the details. They think things through to a point and then just drop the ball on providing a truly great experience. The difference between very good and great in all of the cases that I experienced would not have required additional expenditures of money or a great deal of effort. Just a little more thought as to how to make the guest experience a little less effortless or less frustrating. Like the Champagne toast for the New Year's Eve celebration. If they simple had a couple of tables in visible areas with people pouring glasses of Champagne and placing them out on a table for you to take for the 12:00 pm toast it would have been enough of an effort. If they were worried about people taking more that one glass each they could have given out vouchers when they gave out wristbands for the event. This lack of attention even extended to our check-out. Most modern resorts offer a review of your expenses on your in room TV screen or at the least a copy of your bill and expenses is slid under your door on the morning of your check-out so you can review everything in a setting that will allow you to do so. At this resort you don't see your charges until you arrive at the front desk for check-out. If there are enough line items on your bill, like there was on ours, it's hard to catch everything while you are standing at the front desk to check out. When I got home, I noticed a substantial charge on our bill for "Banquet Cover Charge" which was roughly 70% of the cost of the buffet dinner for two and there was no mention of any such charge in any of the documentation regarding the New Year's Eve celebration. When I called the resort to bring this to their attention they had to research the charge and call me back. When I got the call back, they could offer no explanation of how or why that charge was on my bill. Only that they would remove it and send me a revised bill by e-mail which they did. All in all I would still recommend this resort but with the caveat that to some degree at some point of your stay you're going to have to look out for your own interests because someone is going to drop the ball on something.

Trip Advisor Cambridge, MD; Strange place for a Hyatt
Jan 08, 2015 by: Daveskis from 
The Hyatt has been here for sometime and has struggled. It is doing well now and deserves a visit. There are pet friendly rooms, lots of pools, a spa, golf course, beaches, marina, and several restaurants The rooms are very nice and the pet friendly rooms are on ground level so you can walk out your slider to walk your dog. The hotel does well now with small to medium conferences Amd is set up well as a destination. The restaurants are good. We had a terrible meal last year but this year everything was wonderful and well cooked. Blackwater NWR is closely Amd is a great place to visit in the winter.

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