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Trip Advisor Run as fast as you can!
Feb 09, 2014 by: placeisadump from Towson, Maryland
The couple who run this dump are unbelievable. The wife is a joke and stole money from my room. They insist you clean ur own room and try to make u do it when they want u too. She cant even count. They say on the door they take credit cards but make u pay cash when u get there. Trying to avoid paying taxes im sure. Whatever u do, dont stay at this dump. Days Inn up the road is way better and cheaper.

Trip Advisor I was left speechless!!
Jul 23, 2011 by: johngiovo from Murray Hill, NJ
A TOTAL DUMP!! Cashier behind bullet proof glass, was on the phone with a personal call the entire time, spoke one word to me- $65. I saw the room and immediately turned around. Lock your doors if you decide to ignore this warning- the place isn't worth $5 per night and is simply horrible.

Trip Advisor I think they rent these rooms by the hour if you get what I mean
Mar 30, 2010 by: dakota067 from HP
First, I was asked if I was paying cash? Who pays cash for rooms these days? The room was not even close to being clean, gum was on the table and it is still soft! The sheets obviously had not been cleaned, someone had must have just left. Pretty sure I am looking at someones bodily juice on the sheets. Towels are dirty in the bathroom, I guess I'll be drying off with a t-shirt. This place is absolutely disgusting, hair on the toilet. I am scared for my life! Don't ever come here!!!

Trip Advisor next time i'll sleep in the car!!!
Feb 07, 2010 by: brithe420guy from E town
This by far was the worst hotel i've ever stayed at. lets start with the guy who runs this place who does not care. First he accused me of trying to sneak people into my room cause there were people in the parking lot,then told me a different price then online next after we got the room he refused to switch it after I complained, after my first visit to the office he just stopped coming to the desk know matter how much I rang the bell. The room was very dirty. Bed looked as if the sheets hadn't been cleaned in months just remade , there was mold in the shower, no curtain in bathroom, it smelled so bad it could gag a maggot, heater barely worked so we froze most of the night,no hbo as advertised or any other channels at that,there still on analog, and to top it all off a mouse ran across the floor the morning we left. I contacted there main office but they seemed to care even less then the guy running the place. they said they only own the name not the hotel.I will personally never go back to another Americas best value inn again and make sure I tell any one I can how bad my stay was, even the health dept. in Towson. Well if your ever in Towson save your self the $60 and just sleep in your car it'll be much more comfortable.

Trip Advisor A musty puke smell that keeps you awake
Oct 30, 2009 by: yinzerdude from pittsburgh
Let me first say that I am not a Ramada Inn or Renaissance type. I don't have money to stay in nice places when I have to go out of town. I hit up Motel 6 or Super 8 and never feel disguested. I bring my own sheets, but for somebody that lived like a pig in college it doesn't effect me. This place was the most disguesting, sickening, awful, hotel room that I have ever had. First I was sent to a room that wasn't even cleaned. I walked in with this plastic ghetto key that used like 10 holes drilled in it in a sequence that any 7th grader could reproduce in shop class. and almost puked. The stained bed sheets from the last guest were still on the bed, the toilet with a turd in it, beer bottles everywhere, sickening stained towles laying around. After almost vomiting I went back down to demand a new room. The new room looked like it had somebody atleast go in and attempt to clean. It was awful. The bottom of the shower had brown scum on it. I cursed myself for not bring sandles. The toilet, sheets, floor all had shady stains. The room just penetrated with this musty puke smell. It was so ghetto that they literally had those pine tree car air fresheners stashed around the room to help mask the awful foul smell. I couldn't bring my clothes in my apartment because they still reak like I pulled them out of a sewage treatment plant. I woke up around 3 and was just gagging, and deciding to almost go sleep in my car. I could keep decribing more and more of this foul and awful experience. Don't stay here. 65 bucks is insulting for this place. A homeless man wouldn't stay here for free.

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