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Trip Advisor RUUUNNNN!!!
Nov 11, 2014 by: TheBossLady82 from 
RUN!! DO NOT STAY HERE!! All bad, nothing good about this place. Your better off sleeping outside or in your car. No one was around when I checked in and I couldn't find my key. They claimed it would be in the lobby but WHAT LOBBY!!!

Jul 19, 2014 by: Pachini37 from Cozumel, México
Hi Im a regular traveler... I been in differents parts of the world, EUROPE, USA, hotel, guest houses, hostals, but this was the most awful hotel so far as atraveler, nobody was there for any questions or doubts, your keys was in an envelope, the air conditioned was broke and make sounds really lud, never clean the room and the worst part, the Hotel Charge me twice, there they charge to the credit card of my best friend and also they charge the credit card that i put as a reference, even I talk before with the manager and tell her that im gona pay in cash at the Hotel,.... Really bad experience, not recomended at all...

Trip Advisor HORRIBLE hotel & HORRIBLE owners!
Jun 03, 2014 by: Martha B from Happy Valley, Oregon
I took my son to JHU for college & wanted to stay somewhere we could hopefully get some input from the locals, like a B&B. Boy, was that a bad choice. We never saw a single person there, including on the check in. The place was no where near a 3-star hotel, with poop on the toilet seat & the "guest services" room was a closet with a chair & some books in it. I called the number I had & asked where we were to go for breakfast & she said breakfast was closed on Monday, and she left it on the nightstand. Our "breakfast" was one hard-boiled egg & one banana on the night stand left before we arrived. There were 2 of us & no sort of drink for the day-old "food". I told her I wanted to check out & she said she wished she would have known we didn't want to stay because they were sold out. Unless their other guests had no cars & were invisible, they did not have any other guests. She kept yelling at me & then hung up. We left after the first night & now that she won't answer the phone when travelocity calls, they cannot refund any money. Horrible experience & horrible people who own & run this hotel. Basically they advertise a 3-star B&B that is nonrefundable so they just collect money because no one will actually stay there.

Trip Advisor Better Than I Expected
May 28, 2014 by: 2DCabin from Savannah, Georgia
We needed to go to Baltimore at the last minute over the Memorial Holiday to drop our son off at JHU for Summer Session and this hotel is not only close to the Homewood Campus but was one of the few hotels left in the area to stay. However we were apprehensive to commit after reading reviews from others but then I thought, "Why not," just to know if I should believe everything I read,... and I'm glad I didn't. This is a fine place to stay and better than some of the negative reviews posted; Small TV's -Yes.. Need of renovation maybe here and there - Yes, Self check in - Yes. Spartan breakfast - Yes. However, those are small distractions compared to what it does offer: Free onsite parking - Yes. Location in the heart of Mt. Vernon shopping, antiquing, dining, clubs - Yes. Friendly owner - Yes, (both mornings while we were getting ready she delivered us coffee with a "Hello and good morning" from the first floor breakfast area where she was to our room on the second floor.) There's even a reasonable and tasty lunch time Indian restaurant curry buffet to the right of the front door. Come on people, if you want the Four Seasons of Baltimore hotel experience then book a room at the Four Seasons.of Baltimore Hotel because all and all our stay was a good experience and we'd recommend this hotel as well as look forward to staying again.

May 23, 2014 by: Jake S from 
We arrived after a long bus trip to the most disgusting hotel I have ever seen. We were greeted by the "Manager" to collect the keys. Not feeling welcomed at all, the "lobby" on the left seemed nice but was a very false representation of the establishment. After lugging our bags up creaky stairs (with cockroaches on it! See pictures) TO THE FOURTH FLOOR (NO ELEVATOR) we entered our room that looked like a scene from Dracula complete with faded old creepy pictures, exposed hanging wires and a window sill that was falling apart. There was an old square fan on a seat making a racket and it was reading 85 degrees on the airconditioner panel I picked up the phone, pressing something like "Reception" to talk to someone about cooling the room as the aircon wasn't working to which it was constantly engaged. I couldn't get the "free wifi" signal to look up the number of someone to contact either. After a regroup, we walked back down four floors to call the "manager" about the room situation, noticing that my mothers room had an airconditioner unit stuck with duct tape to the window amongst broken venetians. The cupboard was also filled with junk/fittings and dust, the room was well.... I want to know how many people have died in there? We grabbed our bags wanting to leave even though we were exhausted and sweating. I informed the manager we wanted to leave and she yelled at me on the phone, refusing to meet face to face to discuss our concerns and our cancellation. I requested politely that she refund and not charge us as we won't be staying to which she threatened that we would not be able to find another place for the same price. We were being charged $249/night per room (2) and the Holiday Inn was $ she LIED! She responded that it was up to the "Boss," however conveniently when I asked to talk to the boss he was "on vacation." I repeatedly tried to talk to the appropriate person to ensure no-charge however she was becoming more and more hostile on the phone and eventually the phone call ended with "Drop the keys in the box goodbye." We later found out that this place was on a show called: HOTEL IMPOSSIBLE. The owners have obviously ignored everything they have advised and learned NOTHING. Also note them receiving some sort of award in 2003 on their brochure (before these owners obviously had it?) We spoke to "Sue" who was a "manager" however she is listed as being a co-owner with her husband...another lie. NEVER EVER STAY HERE....and have a laugh at our photos (keeping in mind it is also 80 degrees in there!)

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