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Trip Advisor Concourse B women's restrooms just filthy
Apr 16, 2015 by: CEKing from 
Flew Sourhwest, CT to FL, connecting through Baltimore International Airport concourse B (mid-afternoon). Walked in and out, without using the ladies restroom facility! ... I literally gagged! Toilet paper and paper towels all over the floor, and virtually half the toilets not operational with big yellow 'out of order' stands across the toilets! Disgusting! I opted to wait to use the restroom on my flight out of Baltimore! ... Can't remember ever thinking a plane's restroom would be preferable to an airport's! Yikes!!!

Trip Advisor Convenient and Decent Price
Apr 15, 2015 by: canuckaye from Boston, Massachusetts
If you've ever stayed at an Aloft, you pretty much know what to expect... decent hotel with rooms that are larger than average size. Tips specific to this Aloft location: * If you plan on going downtown Baltimore, recommend taking Uber - it typically cost between $14- $18 one way and I've found regular taxi is more than that (downtown parking can almost cost as the uber fare) * There aren't any decent places to eat at within walking distance. If you want better choice of restaurants in walking distance, try the Arundel Mills location * Call the hotel directly to get the airport shuttle sent over to pick you up from BWI if needed General notes: * All Aloft hotels have a 'refresh' section where you can pick up quick food/snack items but doesn't serve to replace a regular 'sit down' meal * The bar/lounge area is decent and the music isn't too loud so you can have a decent conversation without yelling * During summer time, the price of the hotel seemed to be consistently lower than staying in the city, even when adding the cost of uber or a rental car.

Trip Advisor one night only
Apr 10, 2015 by: Dave I from Westover, Maryland
Preparing to fly out of BWI airport the next day and decided to stay overnight so we wouldn't have a 2 hour drive to airport. Hotel is close to the airport, but it lacked any customer service to warrant another visit in the future. Spend the extra $20 or $30 dollar's for a Hilton, Marietta or Holiday Inn. Arrived front desk asked our name, gave us one key card pointed to the elevator and told us nothing about our room. Had to park, word to the wise, get there early because we arrived Friday at 7 pm and I had to drive around 3 times before I found a parking spot. No WiFi, no breakfast and very noisy in hotel. Good things it's only one night. Room was satisfactory but lacked any comfort or atmosphere. Can't wait for tomorrow so I can get out of a hotel that has been one of my worst hotel stays.

Trip Advisor One Night - Not Good
Apr 08, 2015 by: JMB2U from Washington DC, District of Columbia
We stayed at Aloft with their stay and fly program which allowed us to park our car for a week there while we were on vacation. That part I loved. Very good price. What I didn't love was the dirty hotel - not revoltingly dirty - just dusty and unkept, scratched walls and damaged smoked glass windows. I also didn't like our room - the clocks were not set for daylight savings time. The labels on the phone were missing, so I didn't know which button to push for the front desk, etc. The bed was kind of uncomfortable but I understand that is subjective. But the worst thing was the paper thin walls and loud partiers that kept me up all night long, so I was so exhausted when we stayed at the hotel to avoid getting up at the crack of dawn and driving to BWI from Virginia. I should have stayed at home.

Trip Advisor Disappointing property - even for a low price near BWI!
Mar 31, 2015 by: SuzanneinMD from 
Hope that this isn't what the vision of W hotels [tag line] was because the Aloft is pretty terrible. They were completely out of towels [how does that happen] and it took 4 hours and 5 phone calls to the front desk to get dingy bath towels in the room. Hours later we got hand towels - never got wash cloths. The coin laundry was broken, so that feature not helpful. Fairly bizarre - was very hard to find parking! I do not want to be alone in the dark behind a hotel and have to park far away. I don't mean there were no good spots - I mean no spots! Circled twice and waited. Whole rooms seemed only vaguely clean - there was a bench that I refused to sit on. Wallpaper peeling off entire section of third floor wall. I heard from another guest that there had been a flood. I suppose unavoidable, but if it's going to look that bad, I might have put up a sign. Also insanely loud college sports team there - not hotel's fault, but when team is throwing things in front lobby, that's the hotel's fault. They should have called the police.

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