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Trip Advisor Business Hotel
Mar 27, 2015 by: GreenEyedGirlVA from Chesapeake, Virginia
This hotel is under renovations. The rooms are all done. The rooms have been totally upgraded to make it perfect for the business traveler. The rooms have the upgraded headboards with the lights, USB ports and outlets. The room also comes with a table that works perfect to use a laptop on the couch or on the bed. Due to the current renovations, the hotel has temporarily moved the front desk, but it is easily labeled. One odd thing, was the parking lot, it is on two levels due to the hill, so I had to haul my luggage up steps. The website also stated there was a $15 parking fee, and signs in the hotel said to take your key after check out to get out of the parking lot. But due to the renovations (I assume) The gates were up and there were no charges for parking. The hotel itself is great, and it is convenient to a business park area, but there is nothing else near it. You have to drive for at least a mile for food.

Trip Advisor Godd hotel for business travel - new rooms!
Mar 26, 2015 by: souperhoop from Atlanta, Georgia
Stayed here on business a few days in March 2015. The lobby was undergoing renovations, but the rooms have already been done and they were excellent. Kind of a loft feel with wood veneer floors. Very comfortable.

Trip Advisor Nice hotel but lacking in service
Mar 22, 2015 by: mgomeza from 
One big warning, breakfast is NOT FREE!! Ok stayed her with a large group of college students and adults for a Sporting event, there was a lot of construction going on as mentioned, check in/out was in the gift shop area not a lobby. Really liked the rooms very modern but comfortable, all amenities included plus a nice huge tv and comfy bed. That being said, what was lacking was unfortunately in customer service, especially in bar/ restaurant. Went down to the bar every night We were there, is it very large with lots of seating but bartenders will ignore u for a good while before getting your drink order and then are not very friendly or congenial when u order or pay. They were very busy 2 of the 3 nights and still only had about 3 people working. Breakfast buffet is not free as stated on this site it is actually about $18 fairly nice buffet choices but pricey for a breakfast. We were able to take a small shuttle to a downtown Bethesda area with lots of restaurants and shops (have to walk around the corner from where you're dropped off) so that was nice as there is nothing interesting directly next to the hotel.

Trip Advisor Under renovation - A-Loft knock-off
Mar 21, 2015 by: Andy E from Las Vegas, Nevada
Stayed for two nights for business meetings in Chevy Chase. The entire hotel is going through renovations... judging by the room redesign, the goal is to be a more muted version of an A-Loft. Not terribly original. The main floor was loud and chaotic, as the front desk is currently the focus of the remodeling. Somehow, the hotel double-billed my credit card for the stay. Hope they'll fix that, shortly. Hope they will do something with the exterior. It looks ancient.

Trip Advisor So far, not so good.
Mar 20, 2015 by: jeweber02 from Las Cruces, New Mexico
After reading the reviews, I was ready for the ultra modern rooms. I understand the concerns people had about the rooms and lack of furniture. My only complaint is lack of drawers and no desk. Love the TV though. My biggest problems are facilities related. After a terrible night's sleep, I wanted coffee and a hot shower. Got neither. The coffee maker leaked but that was ok because the sink water was brown. The shower water was brown and cold. When it finally warmed up, it slowed to a drip so I could barely get a shower. Went downstairs for coffee and that was a very slow process. Hopefully, an engineer will be here later to fix things but this is not a good start.

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