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Trip Advisor Fun tubing & mountain coaster
Feb 24, 2015 by: brian k from Ocean City, Maryland
Most people probably know what they are getting into skiing-wise at wisp. Its not huge, but its fun. It had been a long time since I had been, and did the tubing area for the first time. It was a blast. They had a few issues with the lift carpet, but it was a great time. I highly recommend for kids and adults. Another first for me there was the mountain coaster. It was great--and a little less tame than I initially thought it would be. For $49 we could get 2 hours on the tubing hill, the moutain coaster (one ride) and ice skating. I felt that was a good deal. One thing new to note on the negative side is that they now charge for a lift ticket for the bunny slope. We thought that was sort of crazy, but maybe that's normal now.

Trip Advisor Mediocre at Best
Feb 21, 2015 by: kenjiprice from Baltimore, Maryland
Wisp Resort and Ski Area is located near Deep Creek Lake MD. It may be the only ski resort in MD. For skiing and snowboarding, the mountain has some nice runs and is adequate for beginner and intermediate skiers. What made the experience Poor for me was the hotel and food services at the lodge. First, I doubt if my dog would eat the food they were serving. All breakfast sandwiches, burgers, etc are generally precooked and stored in warm boxes. The morning potatoes we barely warm, boiled, cut, season with salt and pepper, and served by cafeteria personnel that care less about the food taste, presentation, and appeared to be 'going through the motions'. Hardly any of the employees ever smiled. The food at lunch was prepared with the same care: soggy french fries, pick your burger from a bin, pizza that has been on a carosol for too long... our event had catering from the same food service (horrible). Lasagna was soggy, beef was chewy, dry, and tasteless, deserts looked like they were bought from Costco a few weeks prior, vegetable soup was watery and again tasteless, the salad was ok until you used the dressing they provided. I'm quite certain, they could mess up water. It was almost like they went out of their way to make everything terrible. I did not see anyone from the staff eating the food cooked on the premises. Even the restaurant DC's was horrible. Their bar only served chicken wings on Thursday see we had chicken nugget meatball things. Horrible. The hotel is dated and dreary with a staff of unhappy people. I would never go there in the first place, but I was a much needed volunteer for a disabled skier event (which was a lot of fun and rewarding). Don't go to WISP Resort for lodging. Rent a house or get a hotel room somewhere else... its plain depressing there and you will thank me for steering you away!

Trip Advisor Wisp skiing
Feb 17, 2015 by: RMS7000 from Cary, North Carolina
I like Wisp because it is sort of laid-back. I dislike the slow lifts, but at least they have two main lifts side-by-side. Night skiing was a bit exciting since Wisp trail had several lights out.

Trip Advisor Overall a good experience, lifts need to be updated
Feb 03, 2015 by: 1901Traveler from Burke, Virginia
We really enjoyed our weekend at Wisp. The trails were not crowded and the staff across the board were friendly and accommodating. I do think they need to invest in upgrading the lifts as they are particularly slow. If they'd add a high speed quad, Wisp could easily be the premiere resort in the MD/VA/PA ski region.

Trip Advisor Night Snowboarding Was Great
Feb 01, 2015 by: Tana M from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
The lift lines during the day are absolutely insane, so we didn't even try to go until after 5:00pm. However, from 5:00 to 9:00 the lines diminished to little to no wait at all, and the trails were not crowded. We had plenty of room and did not feel crowded. The trails were nice and long, and they were clearly marked with signs. The little Yurts at the bottom of the hill are a great place to warm up or grab a snack. The snow was icy, but it wasn't Wisp's fault.

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