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Trip Advisor A gem of a tourist attraction.
Dec 15, 2014 by: Sean H from Centreville, Virginia, United States
In the interest of full disclosure, let me say that I do a great deal of photography for the WMSR, and so my opinion might be a little biased. Now that's out of the way. SO, where does one start? The WMSR is a top notch tourist railroad and is a fanastic way to spend a day or even a weekend in Cumberland. They have a little something for everyone from the kids to the adults, and lets face it, even an adult can quickly get enamored by the sight of a working steam locomotive, it reminds us all of our childhoods. Christmas trains with Santa Claus, murder mysteries, dinner trains, and everything in between. They work with professional charter organizers to do photography trips and the like. The station at both ends is great, and Frostburg is a great stop for a quick lunch while the train gets turned around. These guys have lots of big plans, and in a few years will have two very large steam engines in active service. Having the Allegheny Highlands Trail parallel the railroad between Cumberland and Frostburg is also a pretty nice side attraction, you can load your bike on the train and then rid it down hill to Cumberland. It's right in your backyard and it draws people in by the thousands.

Dec 15, 2014 by: Cocheese49 from Tracys Landing, Maryland
DO NOT SPEND YOUR MONEY ON THIS. AVOID AT ALL COST My family had spent 2 months looking forward to this. We arrived at the train station completely dressed for the holiday including matching pajamas for the kids and festive hats for the adults. For many of us this was the first time on a train. My 6 year old nephew was the most excited but by the end of the ride he was completely disappointed and confused. Issue 1 : The staff was not dressed for the holidays like one would expect. After all it is a North pole adventure. Instead they were all mostly wearing black t shirts and jeans. Issue 2: Stringing 2 strands of lights through a train car does not justify decorations. Issue 3: We arrived to a magnificent North Pole located in the middle of an un-decorated and very occupied parking lot filled with magical chevy's and dodges. There were zero exterior decorations on a ratty old train depot that we were ushered into through a small entrance with a taped note on the door pointing us in the direction of Santa. Issue 4: There was literally a 5ft tall prelit christmas tree laying in the corner not even plugged in. Issue 6 : There was no snow or even the slightest hint of decorative snow. I guess global warming has hit the north pole pretty hard. Just down the road they were blowing snow and I know that there is no reason other than being cheap for them not to do the same. Issue 7: This is the best part. They gave our kids black bags stuffed with coal and a pencil that read " Bah Humbug "! Freaking seriously ? Next they proceeded to charge us $12 for pictures. Guess that was not included in the package either? You know what they did include, A tiny little machine processed cup of chalky hot chocolate and some nasty cookies. Needless to say this North Pole adventure is a complete scam. DO NOT SPEND YOUR MONEY ON THIS. AVOID AT ALL COST. Just a little more info. The train car in front of us stunk of Urine BAD. Just walking through the cars was enough to make you nauseous.

Trip Advisor A nice afternoon
Dec 07, 2014 by: splendidcheddar from Cumberland, MD
Rode the railroad with friends and family in the Fall. The scenery was beautiful, and we lucked out with premium coach seating (or we would have waited in line a LOOOONG time to board). Word of caution: we had half-price vouchers that made the ride a reasonable price, otherwise, I would have skipped it. The staff on the train was very nice, and running commentary over the loudspeakers gave you and idea of when to look where, and what you were looking at. They also had a dining car with reasonably priced snacks. All the kids that came along with us enjoyed it, but a family member observed that we have all paid substantially less to travel much farther, much faster. This isn't about travel, though, it's about an experience that doesn't really exist much anymore. The stopover in Frostburg is just long enough to browse town with...I like Main Street Books on and the Princess Restaurant, both on Main, but the Princess isn't open Sundays.

Trip Advisor What a travel back in time.
Dec 01, 2014 by: Alan F from 
The Christmas season Train is awesome. The lights along the tour and hot chocolate and cookies at the switch over on the way back. The Murder Mystery Dinner is fascinating and captures your attention all the way through

Trip Advisor Great for Train Lovers!
Nov 30, 2014 by: Laura P from 
I went on this train ride because my husband and son love trains. We purchased the first class tickets so we could pick our seats and sit together on the train. The seats are a little bit nicer than just regular coach seats. This was advertised as a Santa Ride but Santa walked around once and handed out a mini candy cane. That was the extent of the Santa experience. The best part of the train ride is when you get to Frostburg and they put the engine on the Turnaround. It is an amazing and unique experience. My daughter and I braved the many steps and very steep hill to visit Frostburg's Main street. Missed opportunity on their part; all that is up there are some restaurants which only a handful were actually opened and a museum in an old hotel which was entertaining for 15 or so minutes. At least it was free. All in all a fun day to spend with your family.

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