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Trip Advisor A train through the leaves
Oct 27, 2014 by: crookedhalo from Southern Maryland
The train was very nice and made for an enjoyable trip up the mountain. It would be nice if they would develop the turn around area in Frostburg a bit more - it's a lost opportunity. Many who were with us did not go up to the shopping district because if you wanted to watch the train turn around, it didn't leave a lot of time to explore Frostburg proper.

Trip Advisor Great way to bike the Great SAllegheney Passage
Oct 23, 2014 by: kod from cherry hill
The train was jammed on a Friday. We were put in the last car with our bikes placed next door. The views were fine and the narration interesting. The seats were very comfortable. The best part is that the train take you 15 miles uphill. We got off and biked another 10 miles uphill through 2 tunnels and the Mason Dixon line. There were some spectacular vistas. From the top we had a glorious 25 downhill ride with minimal effort with beautiful scenery. This is a special experience for the bicyclist.

Trip Advisor Fun for children at Christmas
Oct 22, 2014 by: samsmom020108 from Westminster, Maryland
We've been doing the North Pole express (I think they renamed it this year to something else) every year with my son since he was 3. For him, it's simply magical. Although the train cars are circa 1970-80s, they are roomy and comfortable and there is no match for when the historic engine comes barreling down the tracks towards all the excited, waiting kiddos. There is a snack car and my son loves to get a hot dog and popcorn, no matter if he's hungry or not, because now it's a family tradition. We love this one because there is a destination. Passengers get off at another station, decorated for Christmas, and get in a line to sit on Santa's lap. The line is long, but they have it down and it moves quickly. The children are so excited that they don't mind waiting and there's cookies and hot chocolate so that also keeps them busy.

Trip Advisor A unique experience
Oct 20, 2014 by: John S from King George, Virginia
We took the Murder Mystery trip on the WMSR. Because we did not book more than a month in advance, we could not get seats in the dining car. It turns out that the Parlor Car was roomier and very enjoyable. The one huge piece of advice I would give is to bring cash. There is wine and beer available. Several people brought food and drinks with them. The Murder Mystery was a fun play with the actors interacting with the guests. The crew was very helpful and accommodating. The train run leaves from Cumberland MD and travels for an hour to Frostburg MD, the end of the rail line. During the 45 minute layover, the train detaches from the passenger cars, drives onto the turntable and reverses direction. This was interesting to watch. I also had the opportunity to place pennies on the tracks to make souvenir flattened pennies. During the layover, the play continues in the Frostburg train station. After the layover, everyone re-boards the train for the trip back to Cumberland and to enjoy the conclusion of the Murder Mystery. I would recommend this trip for families with older children. Next time I would try to take a trip during the daylight to enjoy more of the fall foliage.

Trip Advisor Fall foliage was fantastic!
Oct 18, 2014 by: John K from Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania
Excellent narrated trip from Cumberland to Frostburg and return. Although it was misty and spots of fog, the trip was very enjoyable. The conductors were very friendly and helpful and informative.

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