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Trip Advisor A great way to spend a low key day.
Aug 18, 2014 by: Tamara S from Richmond, Kentucky
I took my elderly mom and dad on this 32 mile, 3 1\2 hour trip and they loved it (one hour there, 11\2 hour layover at Frostburg, and one hour back). The scenery was beautiful and the carts were maintained well. There are restrooms and snacks available on board. There is a good commentator on the train and while I really enjoyed it, I would have loved more. However, some folks were really loud and you couldn't hear everything so the volume on the speakers needs to be turned up. Overall, I enjoyed the scenery, commentary, and time in Frostburg.

Trip Advisor scenic railroad
Aug 18, 2014 by: KATHY1055 from Baltimore, Maryland
It was a nice ride and the food was very good. but I think they should have a car for children because they were a little loud and we didn't get to hear any of the information they were saying over the speaker.

Trip Advisor Murder Mystery...Not worth it. Case closed.
Aug 11, 2014 by: Tom D from Catonsville, Maryland
Let me break a few things down. My wife and I visited Frostburg/Cumberland for a quick weekend getaway that was within driving distance of Baltimore. After looking for something off the beaten path, we decided to try the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad. They offered a train ride from Cumberland to Frostburg that included dinner and a murder mystery show. I'll break down the elements so you can decide what is most important for you. 1. The train ride- The ride itself was very nice. Rolling mountains stream past the windows. Farms filled with cows and lush fields graced the landscape in early August. You also travel through a short tunnel and at some points are embraced on both sides by rock where the tracks were blasted through the mountainside. Pretty nice. There is definitely a "scenic" side to the train. See if you can get a seat on that side, as you enjoy views on both the way toward Frostburg and on the way back to Cumberland. When reserving tickets on the website, this means you will want to select seats on the left side of the seating diagram. For the record, my wife and I were on the "non-scenic" side, and it was still nice. If you are into trains, check it out. Watching them turn this gigantic diesel engine around on the turntable was a sight to behold. I Might go back someday to see the steam engine, which is obviously cooler but looks like it only runs during the day. 2. Dinnner: Nothing special. We both ordered the salmon. It was a bit overcooked but not intolerable. Green beans were also overcooked, but at least they were fresh rather than canned. I think the overcooked element might have been that all food was prepared prior boarding the train and just kept warm until it was time to serve. Quality comparable to a wedding reception. 3. Service: The wait staff was working very hard, so I applaud them for their effort. Not the easiest place to serve a meal. They were all extremely friendly. At the Frostburg (where they turn the engine around and you have abrief dismount) one employee let my pregnant wife back onto the train to use the restroom so she would not have to wait in the long line in the train depot. 4. Murder Mystery Show: Really bad. I went into this anticipating hammy local theater, and promised myself that even if it wasn't great I was going for the experience and I would have a good time. With that, I would have been happy. This was just bad. There were 5 performers. Three of them seemed to have learned their lines and were putting forth some effort. The other two did not seem to have learned their lines and just weren't very good. Not sure it was a lack of effort or just bad acting. Which one would be worse? The performers were all talking over each other, there was no distinct plot, and I found myself enjoying the train ride most during the moments they were not performing. DISCLAIMER: If you look at the Murder Mystery website, you'll notice they have several troops that rotate through for performances. So, I can only speak to the performance I saw. I was called Mission: Murder! Do some research, find out the group that performs this show, and avoid it. Maybe you'll have better luck. So, the train ride itself was great. Probably definitely worth the price of an afternoon ride. Dinner and the show were not very good. Not, in my opinion, worth the price of admission. Anyway, that's my review.

Trip Advisor Forest and Mould
Aug 08, 2014 by: travelingFelix from Leesburg, Virginia
Scenic is a misnomer - you mostly see trees. The "regular " cars are unrestored mouldy units with ripped dirty covers that will transport you back to 70's New York subways without the artistic graffiti. Frost burg is a dump and you will have to scout for a decent place to eat. My wife gave me a taste of my future afterlife in hell by complaining about everything.

Trip Advisor Awesome train ride
Jul 28, 2014 by: Natalie M from Cooksville, Maryland
We loved it. We booked two seats in the Parlor car; AC, big comfortable leather seats facing the window and a cash bar that serves beer, soda and wine from a local winery. You can buy snacks in the snack car. It was very relaxing and the country side was beautiful. The train travels from Cumberland to Frostburg and takes about an hour. You get off of the train in Frostburg and have 90 minutes to walk around and get something to eat. Two important things: one is that in order to get up to the town you walk up 88 stairs or up a very steep hill. There is a trolley so make sure you find it if you need it. The second, is there is not much to do in Frostburg. We were there on a Saturday afternoon and there was not much open, so do not elect to eat lunch on the train (which you can book when you buy your tickets) plan on eating in Frostburg. We ate at the Princess Cafe, so-so food but the best coconut cream pie! You can buy your tickets ahead of time on the Web and it will tell you about parking and arrival times. We arrived the 45 minutes ahead of time as instructed; we got our tickets and went and got a cup of coffee in the down town area; again no shops were open to visit. There was a farmers market by the train. Enjoy! I can see how this would be breath taking in the fall.

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