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Trip Advisor Simply Amazing
Aug 18, 2014 by: Travler3896632 from Salisbury, Maryland
I lived down the street from this museum for several years. I have been there several times and even attended a wedding in the lobby. I can't even begin to describe how amazing the carvings are in this museum. There are some carvings that look so real that you would not be able to tell the difference between the actual bird and the carving if they were side by side. Every single feather is carved in detail. Simply amazing. Besides the world class carvings, there is a fantastic amount of history to learn here. The exhibits on duck hunting and carving are fantastic. Any hunter would love a visit to this museum. I highly recommend it to anyone who visits the Salisbury area. I believe it is the only must see attraction in Salisbury. This is a world class museum.

Trip Advisor Woodcarving at it's very best
Jul 08, 2014 by: ManicUSAVisitor from London, England
As a long time admirer and collector of woodcarving this museum is an absolute pleasure and although there a lot of decoys there also some splendid examples of other bird types. It is a case of the very best coming last as the earlier galleries concentrate mainly on decoys, and I skipped through these fairly quickly to get to the final gallery which has examples of bird carvings of the highest quality. I loved them.

Trip Advisor nice if you like decoy's
Jul 06, 2014 by: psychicmama from Salisbury, Maryland
A bit confused as to what this museum is. If you want to see ART (decoy type) of ducks, then go. The lake and park near-by is fun.

Trip Advisor If you like wild fowl art, this is the place
Apr 30, 2014 by: Robin P from Elkridge, Maryland
It was a great place to see once. I enjoyed the artistic renditions of the water fowl. It was pricy and not a very big place.

Trip Advisor Interesting history of bird hunting
Apr 25, 2014 by: Huhu2013 from Somerville, New Jersey
Yes, the carved birds are beautiful and amazing, and the ground and building are beautiful too. But what amazed me is the history of how people hunted birds in various ways, using decoy or not. It really shows how far we have come.

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