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Trip Advisor Wonderful Museum
Nov 20, 2014 by: maurren from Alnwick, United Kingdom
You need a day - fantastic area -Mount Vernon - just so much to see - very easy to get to on the circulator free bus

Trip Advisor A must visit if when in Baltimore
Nov 16, 2014 by: Shawn C from Pennsylvania
This is one of the best "finds" in Baltimore. This museum rich in art and artifacts spanning thousands of years worth of human history, A first rate museum like this, especially located in the downtown of a major city, would easily come with a $15 - $20 adult admission price tag. Remarkably, there is no admission to the museum to view 90% of its wonderful and priceless exhibits which you could easily spend 4 or 5 hours to view. There is a nominal fee to view some rotating special exhibits. Will very likely come back to see their new exhibit on my next Baltimore trip. Located just a 10 minute walk from the inner harbor waterfront, this is truly one of the rare must see attractions that you will rarely find.

Trip Advisor Gorgeous museum
Nov 15, 2014 by: Rebecca S from Portland, Oregon, United States
Absolutely beautiful museum with great exhibits that flow nicely through the property. Was only able to spend a short time in the museum but I would plan for at least a couple of hours to be able to take it all in.

Trip Advisor Baltimore Treasure Chest
Nov 15, 2014 by: RGSOUNDF from Hamilton, NJ
To be in Baltimore and skip the Walters Museum is to miss on one of the greatest jewels in the crown of that once upon a time great American city. The museum is housed a rather newer construction dating back to 1905-1909, there are also newer additions from the 1970s. A very as important as common question is often asked, what museum should be visited if there is no option of visiting both - Walters Art Museum or Baltimore Museum of Art. It does depend on one's interests and likes. Walters offers some interesting artifacts of the Medieval art and life, there is a fascinating lineup of Roman and Greek statues and sculptures, and authentic at at that (not copies). The ancient Sumerian and Egyptian world is represented too. The European art collection is not as extensive, specifically the XIXth century West European paintings are limited to a few bits and pieces; there are a couple of Sisleys, one little charming Jean BĂ©raud, Cafe-Conc' by Edouard Manet, some Monet, some Pissarro. Several very good paintings by Eugene Delacroix are on display too. All of the above, however, is on a small scale. If compared to similar museums, originated by private collections of the Gilded Age millionaires (Frick in NYC, Isabelle Gardner in Boston), Walters Museum boasts intelligently-arranged visibility of the artworks and ease of access. Last but not least important is the free admission (compared to, for example, the 'suggested' $50 fee at the Met for two people). Two hours is the minimum amount of time one would need, even for a perfunctory visit. Highly recommended.

Trip Advisor Very Interesting Museum
Nov 14, 2014 by: Joan M from Berlin, Maryland
Our hotel, The Embassy Suites, was within walking distance to the Walters Art Museum. One afternoon I was looking for something to do and my brother told me that they had this wonderful museum in the Mount Vernon neighborhood close to our hotel. What a delightful museum with an impressive collection of world art including works from Egyptian & Roman times to Medieval and 20th Century times.

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