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Trip Advisor Wonderful experience
Mar 03, 2014 by: Clife11 from DORCHESTER
This museum is amazing! The figures are very accurate & some even feel somewhat alive. Though the museum is in need of extreme renovations, that does not take away from the power it has. The exhibits are well put together & the museum as a whole is very informative. This was my third trip to Baltimore and my third trip to the museum. I enjoy it a little more each time I go.

Trip Advisor Come, You Won't Be Disappointed!!!
Feb 23, 2014 by: NJM0Mof1 from Central NJ
Let me adequately set the scene…the neighborhood is not desirable, when you first enter the building it is dingy – now move past this and experience what this place has to offer. Walk through those double doors and be prepared to absorb, learn and be filled with mixed emotions. I took my kid and agree that this place is not recommended for anyone younger than 10; possibly even 12 years of age as it depicts history without any soft touches or gloss overs. You start with the slave ship and progress through the hardships, challenges and successes of what African descendants had to endure and live through in order to become today’s Americans. All I can say is thank you for creating such a special place and I look forward to coming back.

Trip Advisor A Spiritual Journey...
Feb 08, 2014 by: DeMartinaYTia from Baltimore, Maryland
I studied Black History in College and thought that I knew it well. I walked into the Museum and the story began... As my eyes focused on realistic life size figures with faces full of expression, I felt like I had drifted back into a time that did not seem possible. Humans in chains... I had read about slavery but, I had never felt like a slave. The feelings were overwhelming. I had blocked everyone and everything out of my mind and had been taken on what I call a "Spiritual Journey". From slavery to the fight for civil rights and ending with the current time period. Each exhibit told a story and I was an active character in each story. ...faces that I had seen in history books to faces that I know personally were frozen in some past event that I had been given an opportunity to share. I walked out of that museum proud, strong minded, motivated and determined to make a positive change. I had been in the presence of dozens of strong minded, brave and highly intelligent persons of African American Heritage all within a few hours. There is a saying about walking a mile in someone else's moccasins. You truly do not know about something until you have experienced it... I highly respect and appreciate Mrs. Joanne Martin PHD. and her husband for keeping our history alive and making it possible for me to EXPERIENCE a time before I was born. This museum is extraordinary!!!

Trip Advisor Worth the trip, not for children
Jan 20, 2014 by: Heidi_Walker from Baldwin, Maryland
We took our children to see this exhibit on Martin Luther King day. It's worth the trip and full of history that we should not gloss over or sweep under the rug. Parts of it are ugly, and in order to understand our history, we need to face it. However, this is not for young children. While some of the exhibits of politicians, inventors, and cultural figures are G-rated, you must walk through some of the most graphic depictions of atrocities in order to get to them. These exhibits are too graphic for young children, and I believe the museum should be more upfront about just how graphic they are. I would recommend a minimum age of 10 before children have the maturity to understand and process what they are seeing.

Trip Advisor Historical Honesty is some times unpleasant, but worth seeing
Dec 15, 2013 by: KnitsbyConnie from MA
There are wax museums and then there are WAX Museums. I've been to the polished max museums where is purely for entertainment purposes. But this is a WAX museum of historical educational purposes. To see the items in life size perspective and hear and read about the historical background of the wax figures was an eye opener. There is 1 exhibit I just could not go see. Not because of anything I had heard, but the subject matter was more than I could take in 1 visit at this museum.

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