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Trip Advisor Nice, but no penguins
Sep 01, 2014 by: HOCKPOOH from Boonton, New Jersey
We have been to many aquariums across the country, but can't remember going to any that did not have penguins. What's the deal here? Penguins are a major attraction. On the flip side, most of the aquariums we have been to, do not have dolphins, but this one does. So, it guess we'll call it even. Although, there isn't an actual dolphin show, they do perform some instructor guided tricks. We also enjoyed seeing many sharks, turtles, and other aquatic life.

Trip Advisor Great Attraction when no schools are visiting
Sep 01, 2014 by: Missy Marie N from Buffalo, New York
We went here on a Friday during a slew of school trips which really impeded our ability to enjoy the place. Our favorite parts were the shark exhibit, jellyfish exhibit, and the botanical garden area. It was a full day event with lots of walking. Aside from the kids yelling and getting in the way of the tanks, it was a nice place to visit. A must visit at least once when in Baltimore.

Trip Advisor WOW - don't miss!
Sep 01, 2014 by: sarahtg from Israel
Fabulous! Hadn't been in years and was as fascinated as the grandkids we took to see it. Be forewarned that you have to check your stroller at the entrance!

Trip Advisor Informative and Interesting
Sep 01, 2014 by: tmoonk from tmoonk
I heard from many people that had been to Baltimore how much they loved the National Aquarium. Our trip did not disappoint. The aquarium had a canny ability to be subtly educational during your tour there. I left with a different perspective on the state of our oceans and environment. If you have the time don't rush and really spend time gazing into the exhibits and reading about them. It may take twice as much time but you will get so much more out of it!

Trip Advisor Delightful visit!
Sep 01, 2014 by: MiMi143 from Isle of Palms, South Carolina
We had not been to the aquarium since it had opened when we took our two sons. We finally got back with our Granddaughter and we had a wonderful day enjoying the exhibits. We started at the Dolphin pool show which was wonderful. It is so special to watch what these creatures can do! We timed the rest of our day around the feeding time in the main tank, and then the Puffin feeding time. We were able to have plenty of time to enjoy the jelly fish, the sharks, the rain forest, turtles, etc. Our lunch in the jellyfish café was tasty and it was a lovely spot to take a rest. Watching other families juggling infants and toddlers was hard. I would definitely NOT recommend this venue for children under 9 or 10 as the younger attention spans would make for a very costly, and long day. We gave our Granddaughter a camera to use and at 11 she totally enjoyed snapping pictures and reading the information on the species. The staff was also very pleasant the friendly and kept visitors going "politely". They do have an option to pre-order tickets on line. We opted not to, but I could see where it might make sense on weekend visits when more families make plans.

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