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Trip Advisor Nice but...
Apr 26, 2015 by: Darlene G from 
I am comparing the aquarium to the one in VA Beach. Yes it was nice but over priced. We go to the aquarium in VA BEACH every year, the exhibits are just as nice and I think there are more and the price is less.

Trip Advisor twin toddlers!
Apr 26, 2015 by: crayolabird from Columbia, Maryland
A friend of mine let me join her on her membership - I hadn't been in more than a decade. I was lucky because we chose to go on a Wednesday morning and there was only one school group that we saw - I've heard it can get very crowded and since we had to check our stroller, it could've been very challenging. BUT, it wasn't crowded and so my little boys got to wander around and see tons of fish and sharks, scuba divers and sting rays. We timed it right to arrive in the Australia exhibit right as they were feeding the sting rays - I HIGHLY recommend finding out when this is and catching it, it was amazing! Freaked my babies out a little but I loved it :) The jungle area was a little slippery and wet, so there was a lot of puddle splashing, but they saw birds and turtles and liked that. There is definitely a lot of walking, here. If I went again with my littles, I'd definitely do the dolphin side first (or just skip it) - since it's an out and back without a loop - we did sorta break down on the way back :) Then I would do the rest. While parts of it do feel very dated, the animals themselves are amazing and seem well cared for. I had a nice visit.

Trip Advisor Cool Place to Spend a Few Hours
Apr 26, 2015 by: Bikeman48088 from 
Visiting our daughter in Baltimore, we thought the Aquarium would be a good place to spend a cold November evening. We were glad that we did. The aquarium has a large number of interesting fish and other sea creatures, including a spectacular number of fascinating jellyfish. The main tank is full of sharks, stingrays and other tropical fish. There's a large dolphin tank as well as a host of other smaller tanks filled with exotic fish. The exhibit is easily walked, but does include some stairs. We all had a good time and would recommend it for a good family outing.

Trip Advisor Still a gem
Apr 26, 2015 by: Louise2900 from Baltimore, Maryland
I visited the National Aquarium about 30 years ago and it is still as amazing as ever. It features an incredable display of aquatic creatures and concise information is displayed for each exhibit. The staff is extremely helpful and informed. The only disturbing aspect is the individuals who take flash photos of the creatures, even though signs are readily posted asking people not to do so. I hope that any staff members reading this will take note and be more diligent in preventing this from occurring.

Trip Advisor One of the best aquariums I've visited
Apr 25, 2015 by: ParkTraveler from Lancaster, MA
The aquarium was great and provided a solid 3 to 4 hours of entertainment for my family that includes 2 young children. I found the staff to be less than helpful (except for the parrot exhibit staff as you walk in). The dolphin experience was also sub-par. Not much of a real show, just 10 minutes of the trainers having dolphins splash the crowd.

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