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Trip Advisor Not too shabby for a huge aquarium.
Jul 23, 2014 by: Natalie L from Vineland, New Jersey
My husband and I were excited to check out this aquarium. It was pretty cool. Our favorite part was probably the shark section...pretty amazing and a really cool variety! My only complaint is about how insanely crowded this place gets. It was hard for us to see what we wanted to see because there are just SOOOO many people here. Field trips, families, vacationers, couples like name it, they are here. I think it may have been more enjoyable if we picked a better time to come maybe? We went on a Monday during the day....not sure when a downtime would be...but overall, it was a pretty sweet experience.

Trip Advisor An Aquarium fit for the Smithsonian
Jul 23, 2014 by: Riley W from Littleton, Colorado
Especially with the new Blacktip Reef exhibit, the national aquarium is a great place to visit. I can't confirm if it's a must when in Baltimore, since I didn't spend much time in the city, i CAN confirm that it is the best aquarium I've been to yet. Not only are there dolphins (but no shows, fyi), there are also sharks, and many more. Even the way they display the animals is very unique and awesome.

Trip Advisor Disappointed again. Jellies were cool though.
Jul 23, 2014 by: TravellingCarolJ from Boiling Springs, Pennsylvania
Buy military discount ahead of time through MWR as they don't honor military discount at window any more. Sad. Too pricey for what you get. Lots of room to put displays on walls etc but a lot of empty areas. Been three times now and just ok

Trip Advisor Awesome place!
Jul 23, 2014 by: KaryIN from Demotte, Indiana
Spent a few hours at the aquarium, had a large variety of fish and other animals. Shark tank was cool and the jelly fish exhibit was really neat. If you have the time I recommend doing the SpongeBob 4D movie, its only about 10 minutes but its very cool, especially for kids! The new black tip reef was really neat also.

Trip Advisor Not my cup of tea
Jul 23, 2014 by: Heather H from Jeffersonville, Pennsylvania, United States
I can see the advantages of the aquarium for families with children but for my husband and I it was completely overrated, we paid 70 dollars to get in to the aquarium to stand inline to try to see the fish, we were pushed along fairly quickly with out anytime to actually take in anything, the aquarium is set up nicely with each floor dedicated to an separate part of the world I guess you would call it. It seemed extremely overrated for the price we paid we missed the dolphin show which was our fault not anyone's else but the next show wasn't for another 3 hours and the dolphins were the last part of the aquarium so we really didn't want to stand around for 3 hours to wait for it. I felt that it was worth the one trip to check it out but I wouldn't be back, I've been to better aquariums.

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