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Trip Advisor Best Aquarium
Nov 24, 2014 by: UrbanLadya411 from Baltimore, Maryland
I travel all over the place and love visiting Aquariums, outside of the one in Monteray, California Aquarium I love Baltimore's one. Truly laid out very well and staff is always wonderful !

Trip Advisor Fun for the young and young at heart
Nov 24, 2014 by: Dramamonkey10 from Columbia, Maryland
First time visiting the National Aquarium in 20+ years - the last time I went, I was in Elementary school. It was fun to walk around and check out the exhibits - the (temporary) jellyfish exhibit was my favorite! While it was crowded (it was a Saturday afternoon, after all), we still got to see everything and found some cool spots to stop and watch the fish swim.

Trip Advisor Love this Aquarium
Nov 23, 2014 by: cjs17257 from Shippensburg, Pennsylvania
We go there every time we visit Inner Harbor. My husband accuses me of being on a 1st name basis with all the fish. The many, many tanks are beautiful and diversified. I particularly love the seahorses and even the jellyfish. So unique. I also love the ginormous wrap around tank with everything imaginable - including many types of sharks. Then there is the rain forest and the penguins. I have had a reef salt water aquarium for years. I always seem to have questions about my management. The staff are more than happy to discuss any and all inquiries. I know how expensive it is to maintain a salt water aquarium. I can't even imagine their overhead. To those that think this is a bit pricy I can only say that it is well worth every deserved penny.

Trip Advisor Rated one of the top Aquariums
Nov 20, 2014 by: Kenyetta J from 
Good experience. There are many varieties of sharks, which is really great to see in person. There is a dolphin watching area, but it doesn't have any shows. Wish there were more interactive things to take part in.

Trip Advisor Well worth it!
Nov 19, 2014 by: Travvllr from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Check while you are there: some Friday nights they reduce rates after 5PM. We were there on a Friday night, when the aquarium was open until 9PM. We felt it was ample time to see everything. the only disadvantage may be the rain forest, which is spectacular during the day, but there was a docent available to shine a light for us to see the birds. Can't wait to go back! Friendly staff, many surprises.

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