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Trip Advisor Great for pics but not the soul.
Dec 16, 2013 by: Cumberland R from Cumberland, Maryland
I grew up going to the church did everything there but pastor. The church is beautiful but it is spiritually dead. The church has been infested with politics and caters "the word" to fit every person's beliefs. It is very beautiful and they do some good things in the community. They thrive on big social elaborate parties. Make sure to dress nice to fit in! Despite my feelings about what the church has become I pray for Emmanuel and hope it rediscovers the true meaning of church. There is absolutely no evidence that the tunnels was a part of anything that had to do with the underground railroad.The tunnels are fascinating and have some great history connected to them. Great spot for pics but not for your soul.

Trip Advisor Stunning
Nov 18, 2013 by: Michaela365 from Baltimore, Maryland
My experience of this building was overwhelming, coming from the UK and entering such a beautiful building made my visit more worth while. I also attended 'Pasta Mania' that evening was utterly outstanding, the food was to die for. I will be back.

Trip Advisor History everywhere
Oct 03, 2013 by: pictograms from 'the world
Between the Tiffany windows, the historical fort and the tunnels used for the underground railroad, the visit is worth the time. The church is still active, so plan to visit after service hours. A stop at the Parrish house is the place to start to get entrance to the church and its many sites. Take a few minutes in the Bishop's Garden to reflect upon all that has taken place in this historical site.

Trip Advisor Much more than Tiffany Glass!
Sep 02, 2013 by: ruthandvern from Wilton, California
When we got to Cumberland we stopped at the visitor center and one of the things we were told was this is another Episcopal church with Tiffany Windows. (We saw Trinity Episcopal in Buffalo, New York's windows previously). But as we studied the information about the church, and it's location within the Fort Cumberland's grounds, and it's intricate and deep connections to the Underground Railroad we were just awestruck at it's beauty and fullness of Spirit. The cooperation between escaped slave Samuel Denison and Rev. David Buel made this church part of the last stop for slaves moving north before hitting the Mason Dixon line. What a fascinating history. But then, there are the windows! When you enter the sanctuary and look around you have no problem identifying those exquisite Tiffany windows. The rear windows and the altar windows are more in his traditional style, but the Rizpah Window over the South Door goes more into an art deco design, unique and wonderful. The sanctuary itself is an architectural treat. Just a lovely experience to be in this holy building where great history was made.

Trip Advisor Must see in western Maryland. Art, history and more ...
Sep 26, 2012 by: Paul_from_VA from Virginia Beach, Virginia
We came to see the Tiffany stained glass windows. They are truly beautiful; but there is so much more. It's not only the Tiffany windows that are wonderful, but also the other stained glass and furnishings. We arrived after a Sunday service and the staff was very warm and friendly. They offered to show us around. (They have a wonderful self-guided walking tour brochure that you should use to see all the items.) Our "guide" even took us downstairs to the foundations, where Fort Cumberland stood in George Washington's day and where there are still parts of the tunnels for this final leg of the Civil War era Underground Railroad. It was awesome to be in a place where history intersected many times. The Church architecture is classic. The organ looks and sounds fabulous. The handmade needlepoint kneeler covers are a beautiful classic touch - and a testament to the involvement of the parishoners in keeping this Church beautiful and alive. Do not miss this if you are anywhere near Cumberland.

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