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Trip Advisor Truth about Edward Chapman
Jul 28, 2014 by: Edward K from Cumberland, Maryland
The late Rev Chapman was a man who had issues with people. His issues caused a big decline of this nice historical church from 1985 until his death of February 2014. His problems led to mass lost of donations and members who had been their since they were children. It was never politics of Rev Chapman but his issue with people who were nice and welcoming but he had a big problem. The people who kept him church are also to be blamed for most of the problems. Rev Chapman slandered people and wanted fights more then keeping his flock from leaving. In 1988 he and some people ordered a body moved so his biggest supporters dead relative could be buried and the body was removed but was chopped in half and tried to blame a father of the head of some historic cemetery group for it and the States Attorney investigated and found that father not liable and almost prosecuted Rev Chapman. When word hit it was the head of Emmanuel Episcopal Church many others withdrew after trying to get the Diocese of Baltimore to remove him as a Rev of Emmanuel for the disgusting criminal action of disturbing the dead by desecrating a dead body. Nothing was ever done but the damage had already damaged his church and many donors left. Rev Chapman was a miserable man who should of transferred to another diocese but instead died in his church he presided for almost 19 years. This is not a bad church and has great historical value but it did have a dark side and must be told. I hope the next Rev has a mind to say enough is enough and people can get over it.

Trip Advisor Amazing
Jun 14, 2014 by: Jackie B from Sitka
I was born and raised in Cumberland, but it wasn't until I was back to visit that I attended Heritage Days and decided to take "the tour" of the church. This is an amazingly beautiful and painful experience. In the sanctuary you see amazing stained glass by Louis Comfort Tiffany as well as an alter that he designed and executed. In the basement if the church you see the tunnels that were multi purpose, but this is part of the Underground Railroad where slaves waited to make their way to freedom. A tour worth taking.

Trip Advisor Beautiful Church both physically and spritually
Apr 22, 2014 by: Jamie W from Cumberland, Maryland
My family are fairly new members of this church. We started attending regularly 2 years ago. I was very hesitant in joining a new church as we have had some bad experiences with other churches. From the beginning the clergy and other church members have been nothing but welcoming and loving. The building is beautiful, the music is beautiful and all the members are beautiful. The Sunday school teachers are the best. If you are just passing through or are looking for new church home Emmanuel is a great Church to worship.

Trip Advisor Beautiful Easter Service
Apr 20, 2014 by: ettavau from New Kent, Virginia
After seeing this magnificent church on the hill a few months ago, we decided we wanted to attend a worship service there and this morning, Easter 2014, we did just that. The building itself is so beautiful. When we entered the sanctuary, there was no doubt we were in church. The music was so moving, as was the service. The Bishop noticed us in the congregation and approached us and asked our names. He made a point to invite us to the social and egg hunt afterwards. While we're United Methodist, we enjoy visiting churches of other denominations. This was our 2nd visit to an Episcopal Church and found the traditional worship service to be reverent and meaningful. Oh, and the music was extraordinary. We want to go back and take the tour of the facility at some point. The church and gardens are just beautiful.

Trip Advisor Great for pics but not the soul.
Dec 16, 2013 by: Cumberland R from Cumberland, Maryland
I grew up going to the church did everything there but pastor. The church is beautiful but it is spiritually dead. The church has been infested with politics and caters "the word" to fit every person's beliefs. It is very beautiful and they do some good things in the community. They thrive on big social elaborate parties. Make sure to dress nice to fit in! Despite my feelings about what the church has become I pray for Emmanuel and hope it rediscovers the true meaning of church. There is absolutely no evidence that the tunnels was a part of anything that had to do with the underground railroad.The tunnels are fascinating and have some great history connected to them. Great spot for pics but not for your soul.

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