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Trip Advisor Compared to the many other museums we've seen, this is good not great
Apr 14, 2015 by: Kay M from Augusta, GA
There is pretty standard stuff in this museum, and it is worth a visit; however, I preferred the Walters Museum. The European collection was impressive, but I was a little disappointed in the American wing. Still it is an important museum for the city, and you should go.

Trip Advisor This museum is amazing!
Apr 10, 2015 by: Jennifer B from Minneapolis, Minnesota
I truly loved the displays and must extend my delight to the curator/director for the choice, layout, and delivery of artistic touch put into displaying the work. I do not review things often enough, but this museum is worth visiting!!!

Trip Advisor Great museum!
Apr 09, 2015 by: jkumpon from Upstate NY
We thoroughly enjoyed our day at this museum. We especially loved their modern and contemporary wings, as they had a large Andy Warhol exhibit and many Matisse paintings. A great experience!

Trip Advisor Somewhat pricey
Apr 08, 2015 by: Supertough1 from Cleveland, Ohio
Loved most of its collection: especially the apparent fact that most of it had been acquired through the legal means, meaning the likelihood of returning the artifacts to the countries of origin is low.

Trip Advisor So many beautiful Matisse paintings
Apr 07, 2015 by: finerdiner from Connecticut
The Cone collection is world class! The Matisse paintings are fabulous! Cannot wait for the new African exhibit to open. Gabrielle's restaurant makes the best crabcakes!

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