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Trip Advisor First class collection, well displayed
Feb 27, 2015 by: Henry T from Washington, DC
Varied collection with some very interesting exhibits. See the Cone sisters Impressionists, see the Lalique hood ornaments !!!

Trip Advisor Perfect way to spend an afternoon
Feb 26, 2015 by: Kiki C from Baltimore, Maryland, United States
The BMA is one of my favorite locations in Baltimore. I go to college in Baltimore and spend lots of my Sunday afternoons wandering the museum. Even though I've been multiple times, I always see new pieces each time I go. There's such a variety, too--from Picasso, to Monet, to Mondrian, to more modern artists with temporary installations. The employees are welcoming and the museum is set up in such a way that it's easy to navigate. Definitely would recommend for anyone who is interested in art!

Trip Advisor An absolute jewel.
Feb 25, 2015 by: Cynthia F from Dallas, Texas
This museum was an absolute jewel. Go. The artwork is amazing, and there are some real surprises here - thanks to the wealth that was once in Baltimore. There were many great benefactors of the arts many years ago. The city benefits from those generous donors still today. That is not to say that those with wealth no longer contribute in this city, it is simply to note what most people don't realize - that this was once a city of great wealth from banking, shipping, and industry of many kinds. Perhaps it will be again. Go. Visit this museum. If you can visit without small children - do. You will have time to truly enjoy some spectacular pieces of art. One surprise was the ancient mosaic flooring that is displayed on the walls here. Very few museums can host this kind of ancient art work. There is also a very nice sculpture garden outside. You will enjoy this museum.

Trip Advisor American Collection Now Reorganized
Feb 21, 2015 by: mrsagf from washington dc
This is one of the nation's great art museums (Cone Collection, Matisse, etc.) and is FREE. It has a good gift shop and a good-but-not-great restaurant, Gertrude's. There is pay parking on the street and in the nearby Johns Hopkins underground parking garage. Much of the museum is being renovated and will reopen in 2015, according to the floor plan we were handed. But the big news is that they have finished with reorganizing the American collection, and it is amazing. Aside from the high quality of the collection, this is an example of how editing from among many choices, mixing media and organizing well can stimulate but not overwhelm the visitor.

Trip Advisor Excellent museum shame about the staff
Feb 13, 2015 by: Donna M from United Kingdom
This is a fantastic museum with an excellent collection of art however the rudeness of one female security guard ruined the visit for me sadly. She barked "no photography" and glared at me! No photography is absolutely fine by me had I known in advance but on the website it states other wise and there was not any signs to indicate either so I was just innocently about to take a photo on my phone. Most disappointingly her manner was so very hostile,I know the museum is free but I would expect visitors to get treated with a bit better decorum than I did.

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