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Trip Advisor This mall is so convenient.
Jul 24, 2014 by: Lynn R from Euclid, Ohio
This mall is so convenient, literally only 2 minutes away. Large selection of stores. Had to go there to pick up last minute gift from Things Remembered. Shopped at Safeway to pick up flowers and snacks.

Trip Advisor Outlet stores!
Jul 18, 2014 by: James V from Maryland Heights, Missouri
Hey. I never new this mall was full of outlet stores. A ton of shops. We went into the bookstore, bass pro, food court, tobacco leaf, banana republic, off broadway, bed bath & Beyond, and looked in a ton more. I bought a pair of men's new Balance for ten bucks! What?!! So, After we win at live Casino, we stroll into the mall, then back to the car.

Trip Advisor Enormous
Jul 01, 2014 by: Caitlin S from New York City, New York
Living in an urban area, gigantic shopping malls the size of a small town are something of a novelty to me -- and Arundel Mills certainly fits the bill. What with all the stores, eateries, and activities (my friends and I met up here and saw a movie in the cute Ancient Egypt-themed Cinemark there) you could probably spend a day here (if, you know, you wanted to spend all day in a shopping mall). It appears to only be accessible by car and some local bus lines, which is its major drawback.

Trip Advisor Not Just the Mall, but the LEGO Store...
Jun 23, 2014 by: JeffA0023 from New Cumberland, Pennsylvania
I'm not a mall person but must say that Arundel Mills was more of an experience than a shopping spree. We live outside of the Harrisburg, Pennsylvania area and I wanted to take my son and his friend (14 years of age) to a LEGO Store for a "Pick A Brick." If you are a LEGO fan this need not be explained; but if not, it is a location where you can fill a certain sized container with pieces that you want (color; shape, odds and ends etc...) for x amount of dollars instead of buying a kit. A year ago we had gone to the King of Prussia Mall LEGO Store in Pennsylvania which was very nice (and I do give good reviews to that mall); but, from our location we have to pay the Pennsylvania Turnpike in order to get there and back. When I made a general search of nearby LEGO Stores and found the Arundel Mills location I didn't hesitate to tell the boys we were heading there the following week. NOW!!! This applies to the Mall as well as the Store... We went on a Monday (my day off) and the place was practically empty!!! I asked a clerk a the woman's Coach Factory Outlet why no crowd... "It's Monday." Enjoy the experience...WE did.

Trip Advisor Excellent Staff for Building Young Minds
Jun 17, 2014 by: AlysiaDP from 
My 11, 7, & 3 year old boys and I ventured to the Lego store to get some bricks for a creation. They were drawn by the 'bricks by the bucket' wall. We were slightly disappointed in the number of bricks to choose from, but didn't expect them to have the entire lego lineup. (That would be awesome.)... Nevertheless, all of the staff we interacted with were very patient with my boys. (I tried to let them be in charge of explaining what they wanted and asking the employees for help.) When they filled buckets with bricks, the staff politely inquired what kind of bricks they were interested in and then made sure they filled as many nooks and crannies of the bucket as possible. We all had fun building a Mini-figure and looking at the walls of built legos and box sets. THey also have a great selection of legos right in the middle of the store designed for kids to play with. It seemed like the prices were no worse than the regular prices for lego sets at department and toy stores. They had the best selection of new sets I've seen outside of Legoland. (Which is probably to be expected, its a store devoted entirely to lego.) If you want an outing for lego engineers for a couple of hours, I'd totally recommend the visit. If you're already shopping the outlets, and you dragged your children along, they'd probably love the opportunity to be 'shoppers' for a while instead of you. I can't say enough about how friendly the staff was.

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