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Trip Advisor What a waste of time and money
Dec 24, 2013 by: PAnderson12 from Bel Air, Maryland
We went to Applewood Farm on December 14 th 2013 to buy a tree. No lights No signs .. It looked really desolate, not like what we remembered before There were no lights ,no signs and no real trees to cut down only precut ones. They told us that the precut trees were just cut a week ago , but when we got it home and put it up , all the needles fell off in 4 days so we had to purchase another the following weekend . We will not be back!!

Trip Advisor Hope you're not there for the holiday lights.
Dec 21, 2013 by: Charmagne W from Abingdon, Maryland
Two weeks ago, my family and I went to Applewood Farms. I was excited that Harford County had an attraction for Christmas lights, instead of driving out to Baltimore or to Hershey. The kids were excited that there was a petting zoo and an opportunity to see trains and stop for hot cocoa along what was advertised as a "mile long." First of all, it's no where near a mile long. The "stop" half-way for refreshments and train display was in an unlit, unheated building. There was no indication that it was open, and in fact the only sign stated, that the path from the (unlit) lot was for vehicles only. Let me be clear - there was no lighting in the lot, the pathway, or the building. The small building housed two train displays, but only one train out of everything was operating. The "petting zoo" (which was mentioned upon our arrival), I could only discern through a hole in a wall which looked down upon 2 donkeys. I don't know if there was anything else, because the grounds around the building were UNLIT. We entered through a blanket hanging in a doorway - No smell of baked goods, no warmth, no cheer, unfortunate employees bundled up against the cold, teenagers sitting in the ticket booth upon entrance (who told us they were only sitting to have a seat), because all the other attractions were closed. We walked to the train display - to watch one train chugging. Looked at the greens for $4/bag (free anywhere else). And then hurried out to warm up in the car. We thought, this can't be "halfway" because there was only one light display, and we set off to look at the lights. But it was. The road had another 3 lit up displays and that's it. I couldn't believe it. I was beyond disappointed because this was not only for Christmas, but also for the kids to enjoy and for a family event for my youngest son's birthday.

Trip Advisor Warning not what is posted online.
Dec 08, 2013 by: dman728 from Havre de Grace, Maryland
Went to applewood farm yesterday hoping to find or Christmas tree and cut it down as a family. To bad my family does not live in a Church or school. Lol the only trees available to cut down were 20 ft tall. What normal home can house that. We made the drive almost an hour and we're very disappointed we wound up buying a pre cut down tree who knows how old. For $65 an 9 ft tree how ridiculous. And they also charge $2 to drill and $2 to shake the tree.i would never go back save your money and support your local lions club and buy a tree for $40. Hope this helps merry Christmas

Trip Advisor Bright Lights - Please don"t waste your money
Dec 08, 2013 by: Marta I from Joppa, Maryland
We took our daughter and grand children last night for the bright light ride. I paid $10.00 for her car and $10.00 for ours. This was a total waste of money and time. A few light decorations, that was it. It was very dark where we parked, there was a huge log right beside my door when I got out of the car. The barn was nothing to brag about. We do like trains, we were not impressed by theirs. I am from Harford County and I would be embarassed for people outside the county to think this is what entertains us here. I can't speak for the other events there, but I do hope they discontinue the night ride.

Trip Advisor Drove a LONG way ... not what we thought. Not a total loss, though!
Dec 28, 2012 by: Barb R from Rockville, Maryland, United States
My husband and I wanted to take our three grandkids (7, 5 and 5) on a Sunday Christmas outing and, after looking around, I thought Applewood Farm looked like just the thing. The drive from Rockville, MD was longer than I would have liked, but with the train, petting zoo, maze, and the other attractions I read about, I assumed it would be a whole day's worth of fun. Luckily, the day dawned overcast and cold but clear, not rainy as they said, so we packed the kids and took off -- when we arrived it looked like there were a lot of cars, so we were excited ... until we got out and the "pedal cars" they had mentioned on the site came into view ... there on a small blacktop, sat a few old metal toy cars on which very small children could sit. I had a sinking feeling, but was determined to stay positive. All in all, my husband and I felt a bit duped --- they advertised a Santa's Workshop which proved to be a collection of several figures behind a chickenwire net, their train ride (which we knew cost $4 per person extra) took us on a very non-exciting tour through some underbrush, and the kids had their faces painted by a young woman for free (we tipped her) who we can't say for sure really wouldn't rather have been somewhere else. The thing that saved the whole day was the playground -- the kids played on this more than on anything else. We were happy to see them having a great time, but there are playgrounds a whole lot closer to home!! All this said, the people who were running the train were very friendly and sincerely hoped we had a good time. The folks inside the barn were not as much so, but since there wasn't much in there, we didn't have to mingle much. (The store is VERY small with a very limited stock of mostly farm-related -- i.e., John Deere, etc. -- playthings). I don't like to leave negative reviews, so I will say this: If Applewood Farms were within a 45-minute drive radius, I might visit annually. However, I wouldn't make this trek again! (The admission was free, by the way, which was a good thing!)

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