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Trip Advisor Great Sailing adventure
Aug 20, 2014 by: Bill M from Tempe, Arizona
This is a 2 hour sail out of Annapolis harbor. The boat is a beautiful modern "stay sail" schooner of classic design. The crew was great, and the captain was very patient with letting the little kids steer and answering all my questions. They serve free soft drinks and snacks and sell craft beer and wine on board. No handicap facilities per se, but we watched the crew help a woman who left in a wheel chair off the boat at the end of the cruise before ours. No sure they can take everyone. but ask before you decide not to go.

Trip Advisor Beautiful evening on the water enjoying the races
Aug 19, 2014 by: Deborah M from Maryland
My family (husband, 10 yr old daughter, and myself) enjoyed a lovely evening on the Woodwind! We went on a Wednesday night so we got to enjoy the weekly Annapolis sail boat races. It was perfect weather and we couldn't have asked for a better crew!! Everyone was very friendly and made it a very memorable experience. I look forward to doing this again!

Trip Advisor Good Cruise, Bad Customer Service
Aug 16, 2014 by: PinUpBoy from Washington DC, District of Columbia
The tour itself was enjoyable offering relaxing views of the bay and environs. Onboard service was excellent! Be careful especially mindful when you book tickets, however. There are actually two boats, not one as the website leads a person to believe, so some groups were literally split between vessels. The downright hostile customer service agent seemed gleeful at passenger difficulties and more interested in taking money rather than accommodating or issuing refunds. A little empathy could go along way for guests ... guess they figure they will only see you once so take the tourists cash and run!

Trip Advisor Great sailing experience if you're not a sailor
Aug 13, 2014 by: ExpIntlTraveller from Perth
Beautiful setting, beautiful boat! What more could you want - a very relaxed and enjoyable cruise around, and the crew worked hard to be helpful without being intrusive. Clearly a very professional setup....and therein lies the rub as the saying goes......just a tad to clinical for my liking, but then I'm a fussy old codger. Seriously, if you enjoy getting out on the water without getting wet or dirty or having to work, this would have to be one of the best ways of doing it - good for older kids (8+) too - the pirate adventure seemed to suit younger ones...

Trip Advisor Very cool sunset cruise on a summer night
Aug 06, 2014 by: mksymes from Washington DC, District of Columbia
The reviews don't lie - this is one of the coolest things to do in Annapolis. The crew are super fun and entertaining, but aren't intrusive and let you kind of enjoy your own company. They run a very professional operation and everything felt very safe. Being out on the water in a sailboat on a sunny summer evening with a glass of wine in your hand? Doesn't get much better than that. Oh - and they let people help hoist the sails and steer the ship. Overall a very fun, relaxed couple hours. Well worth the $40 price tag.

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