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Trip Advisor Great Place For A Kids Party or To Tire Your Kids Out For The Day
Apr 13, 2015 by: MammaD123 from Frederick, Maryland
I have taken my son to Adventure Park USA twice. Once last summer because we purchased tickets at a 50% discount and then again for his Birthday Party. We had a blast both times! When we went the first time, in the summer, all the water rides were open. We spent hours having fun! He was a sleep in the back seat before we hit the highway. More recently we had his Birthday Party. What a great deal it was and what fun! I've never spent better money on a birthday party and all the kids (and parents) loved it! We got the ultimate party package and the party hostess was great and recognized that some of the children were too small for some of the rides and recommended a less expensive package for those children. Apparently you don't have to buy the same level package for all of your guests. It saved me a great deal of money. I fed 25 people (adults and children) pizza, drinks, cake and ice cream and everyone got to enjoy the park's attractions for less than $300! What a bargain. The best thing, I didn't have to do a darn thing, they did it ALL. No stress. I have spent tons more for other parties and was a mad woman with the planning, organizing and then clean up. I will never do that again. The only thing I guess I didn't think about was tipping. When the bill was brought to me I just assumed since I purchased a package all fees were included. When I saw a blank tip line on the bill, I was left guessing how much to tip and what to tip on. I wasn't going to tip on the total package as, in the end, the hostess really didn't do much and a majority of the package price was for the attractions. We had about a whole 10 minutes of her time. I guessed how much of what I was paying was for food and drink and tipped on that amount. A good deal since, as I said, she didn't do much. I would recommend on scheduling the earliest time slot for your party in the party room. They don't schedule any leeway time in between parties so you have the party room for a full hour and then there is another family hovering at the door waiting for you to leave. We used the full allotted hour and the room still needed to be cleaned up before the next party could enter the room. They were obnoxiously complaining and it was a bit annoying, but I wasn't being rushed. The party room has doors, just shut it and enjoy your party until the end. All the kids went home happy and exhausted and my house stayed cleaned and chaos free.

Trip Advisor Local Good Fun
Feb 19, 2015 by: VMSansone from New Market, Maryland
This park is about 3 miles away. It is pretty good fun for the money. I wish that they would finally get their water park approved and opened, it would be a HUGE thing for this area! On the downside, the Food is not good and as with most parks it is not cheap.

Trip Advisor Great local spot for young ones. Pretty fun for adults too.
Jan 06, 2015 by: Amanda H from Westminster, Maryland
We've gone several times and will go again. :) Pros: 1.) Decent sized "Gold Rush" soft climb area for young ones. Children over 48" are not permitted in this area, which is GREAT. You can purchase a wrist-band for $3.50 (a la carte) or you can buy the wrist band it in a package deal that includes more of the attractions. Young children enjoy this area for a looooong time before tiring of it. 2.) Moon bounces are only operated under staff supervision, for safety. The staff also limit the number of kids who can jump at one time, for safety. 3.) For New Market, this place offers a WIDE array of attractions, from Go-Karts (sized for youth and adult), mini-rides for kids, bumper boats, a small (but really fun) roller coaster over 48", outdoor mini-golf, high ropes (in door), and video games. CONS: 1.) As a couple of previous reviewers noted, some of the outdoor attractions will close without notice. Sometimes it is clearly due to weather (for safety reasons). Other times, it seems they close the areas due to light crowd -- and they repurpose the staff for another area.

Trip Advisor Okay
Dec 13, 2014 by: Haleigh R from Baltimore
It's been a few years since my family and I were last here so maybe its changed up a little bit! Last time we went it seemed like there was barely anyone else was there and most of the outdoor rides weren't on.

Trip Advisor Halloween Party
Nov 08, 2014 by: LW181421 from Sykesville, Maryland
Adventure Park advertised a Halloween Party on their billboard along Route 70 in Maryland. I was lucky to have my granddaughter that weekend. I purchased tickets online (What a great way to save money). We arrived and got wrist bands. The weather was excellent and all of the outside attractions were up and running. There was all you can eat food. Pretty good too. There were many Disney Characters there. They had a DJ inside playing music. They had dancing and a costume contest. They had the children go trick or treating to all the characters giving out candy. We were there for 3 1/2 hours. My granddaughter had a blast. I enjoyed watching her and all the other children have a blast. It was a wonderful evening and a unique way to celebrate the this holiday. We had been there for the Christmas lights last year and that is also a great evening. I would highly recommend this park to all parents with children.

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