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Trip Advisor A fantastic, quiet place.
Nov 03, 2013 by: TheMoyers from Eastern PA
Go there if you want a quiet, relaxing place to visit. Not much to do except read, play games, visit with friends and look at the water and watermen. Perfect!

Trip Advisor Smith Island isn't for everyone, but it's still pretty cool
Oct 23, 2013 by: Kevin A from Baltimore, Maryland
Growing up in Maryland, I'd always wanted to visit this remote island in the middle of the Chesapeake Bay. With the advent of global warming, this place likely will vanish in time because nothing is more than about 3 feet above the water line. There is regular, if expensive, boat service out to the island from Cristfield ($25/round trip). It is a place out of time, surrounded by lush marshes, making it one of the top places in the world for harvesting soft shell crabs. Everyone on the island is somehow related to crab fishing or harvesting oysters. For tourists, there isn't a lot to do here in the 2.5 hours between boats, but it is an interesting throwback to a simpler life based on the water. A walk from Ewell to Rhodes Point takes you past marshes, many homes in disrepair, fighting off the ravages of the tides and weather. That said, it is eerily quiet, with herons and white ibis fishing in the marshes. We ate at the only place in town, Rukes, and had excellent crab cakes and soft shell crab sandwiches. Having spent many years on islands along the Maine coast, this was an excellent compliment to the hardiness of the Mainers, both eeking out a living from the sea. This place isn't for everyone, but is pretty cool nonetheless.

Trip Advisor Worth the trip! Buy a cake!
Oct 05, 2013 by: Roger M from Cincinnati
Great scenery, nice venue. You MUST eat at the family-style restuarant--super food! Nice Museum! Friendly people. Must ssee the Smith Isle Cake Factory & buy a unique 12 layer cake!

Trip Advisor Nice Visit
Sep 14, 2013 by: Joyce C from Bowie, Maryland
Started our trip from Crisfield on one of the Jason charter's. The boat ride over was very charming with a very nice captain and the grocery delivery! We arrived on the island about 40 minutes later. Not a whole lot to do here. We enjoyed the museum ($3) which was very informative. Had a nice lunch in Rukes across the street from the museum. Met John, who gave us a lot of town history. We walked the neighborhoods in Ewell. We came to the Smith Island Bakery and wanted to buy a cake, but the lady advised us to wait and buy it in Crisfield @ The Cove where they ship the cakes. That way we wouldn't have to carry it around with us. My advise is to buy the cake on the island if you can. The Cove wasn't open and we were told they don't sell cakes there. Overall, we enjoyed our day. My recommendation is not to take kids. They would be bored 10 minutes after arriving.

Trip Advisor Smith Island Tours
Aug 30, 2013 by: 14KDS29 from Wichita, Kansas, United States
Took a wonderful and interesting van tour driven by John, who was a great source of historical and present-day island info. Had delicious crab cakes at Ruke's. Time well spent!!!

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