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Trip Advisor OMG! Such an amazing experience!
Apr 15, 2014 by: Bethany S from Boston, Massachusetts, United States
My husband and I recently traveled here for the day. We were interested in seeing the wild horses and enjoying some time on the beach. Right away, we saw baby deer hanging out at the edge of the woods. A little further down the road, we saw dozens of wild horses roaming the beach. The don't seem to mind people at all, they just seem to coexist with everything going on at the beach.

Trip Advisor My fav campground
Apr 07, 2014 by: Ambience B from Washington DC, District of Columbia
We camped at the backwater campsite... Kayaked our way to the campsite... Beautiful is the word! Honestly if you just want a great beach and serenity, you can get it closer to Outer Banks right here.. we have heard that the Maryland side is especially beautiful with the wild ponies and all... so if we want a beautiful quite beach in Mother Nature's lap- we just make our way to here rather than driving to Outer Banks.. Also OC is closeby, if we want a bit more activity at night.. so we get both options here.

Trip Advisor Early Season Camping at Assateague Island National Seashore
Apr 06, 2014 by: MTL-VA from Arlington, Virginia, United States
Nice, mostly quiet camping area especially early in the season. Temps down to the low 30s at night so if tent camping, bring a sleeping bag liner. Good thing about camping in April was that there were no mosquitoes yet...though with the marshy ponds throughout the island, I could see it could be bad in the summer. Alcohol is allowed, but this is not a "party" beach (with the exception of a large group on Saturday night, who did not "get the memo"). Most folks seemed to have come to fall asleep to the sound of the waves and wake up in time for the beautiful sunrise. Since it was early season, only Loop 1 was open at Oceanside, which was too bad since, as a tent camper, I would have preferred the "tents only" walk in campground (though most were on the sand and not necessarily flat)...if only to keep from having to hear the RV generators and music. Reservations are available mid-April thru mid-October; otherwise its first-come, first-served. Note that there is a $15 admission (good for one week) in addition to the campsite fee of $20/night ($25 in season). If you have a National Park Pass, you do not have to pay the admission. The bathrooms were very clean and spacious; didn't try the cold showers. There is also a convenient drinking water spigot, well-placed trash bins on each end of the loop, and a recycling center down the road. Bring cash for buying firewood along the way on Highway 611...prices ranged from $3.50-$20, and are on the honor system (read: you cannot get change). Be sure to grab some kindling-sized wood as well...I found that bringing along fire-starter sticks helps. Consider bringing: kite, binoculars (to see ponies on the far end of Chincoteague Bay), zoom lens camera, bicycle The drive to Assateague Lighthouse (which is actually an 1-1/2 hour drive south, and located on Chincoteague Island), was nothing to write home about. The lighthouse offers a nice view; entrance costs $5/adults and $3/children to climb the 100 or so spiral steps to the top. Ocean City, about 12 miles away, is a completely different scene full of bars, restaurants, beachwear shops and the like; there is a Wal-Mart Supercenter there in case you've forgotten anything, as well as all of the popular chain / fast-food restaurants. I did have a delicious blackened fish taco lunch at Hooked, a local place (casual, but with tablecloths), at 8003 Coastal Highway. Try the local Fin City Black IPA. Despite a clear weather forecast, be ready for rain...woken up by thunder and lightening the first night around 2am! The rest of the weekend was beautiful, though. Saw "wild" ponies, egrets, deer, rabbits, red-winged blackbirds, seagulls and horseshoe crab shells. Will definitely return...

Trip Advisor Gorgeous, clean, refreshing
Mar 23, 2014 by: Borioles97 from Delaware
It has been such a long hard winter that on a very gorgeous Saturday, we drove to Assateague from Ocean City. We parked and walked over the dunes and onto the spectacular beach. So clean and unspoiled. My husband and I walked for miles on the shoreline then over the dunes and across to the bay where we found more spectacular views. We spend hours just enjoying mother nature. What a great way to recover from winter. One word of warning, when coming over the bridge into Assateague State Park, the State Police had radar set up. Something we did not notice as we were enjoying the scenery. The speed limit decreases by 15 mph at the bottom of the bridge (we didn't notice that either). They pulled us over and ran all of our information over the computer and came back with what looked like a speeding ticket; we felt so lucky when he told us that it was only a warning because we were wearing our seatbelts.

Trip Advisor Favorite Place to go to the beach
Feb 09, 2014 by: samjanetrip from Utah
My husband and I went here on a recommendation from a friend to see the ponies. A year membership is only $30, and SO worth it. We've been back many times. The island is so versitile. We've been crabbing, and swimming in the ocean, all within like a 10 minute walk from each other on each side of the island. They also have crabbing and clamming classes that you can do for free. Be careful of leaving food out if you camp here, the horses are known for kicking open coolers, and know a bag of marshmellows when they see one.

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