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Trip Advisor Cute horses and appealing beaches
Apr 22, 2015 by: Mirmotta from Princeton, New Jersey
Stop at the visitors center for a short movie about the island and learn interesting facts related to the wild horses that live there. Tickets are good for 3 days, and the park is just a short drive from ocean city. Beaches and short trails are nice for guests of all ages.

Trip Advisor Love it and will be back
Apr 18, 2015 by: usumner from Milford, Delaware
During spring break, I took my daughter and niece to Assateague Island. unfortunately it rained and it was very cold for 2 days and they did not see any ponies. I went back the following week with my fiance, and we were able to see the ponies, deer, turtles and other interesting wildlife. I was also able to fly a kite on the beach for the first time. I will be going back this summer.

Trip Advisor Amazing!
Apr 15, 2015 by: sbidwell from Grayling, Michigan
We camped right on the beach, it just don't get any better than that! While we were swimming in the Atlantic Ocean, the wild horses came running along the beach playing in the wind and the water. It was quite the site!

Trip Advisor Beautiful!!
Apr 11, 2015 by: tania2001 from Maryland
Ponies are wild and free!! But don't get too close or you will be bitten or kicked - seen this happen when I was there and didn't feel bad for the person one bit! Rangers and signs clearly state to stay your distance, no petting, or feeding. Always respect wild life. The family enjoyed our time here. Pet friendly areas, great camping opportunities and welcome center is nice. Enjoy!

Trip Advisor Disappointed
Apr 08, 2015 by: damiengabriel from Allentown, Pennsylvania
It was raining in OC, not much we could do so we decided to check out Assateague. Very short drive. Was charged $15.00 to go and drive around and around with hopes of catching a glimpse. Walked down to the beach. On the way out, a car was stopped ahead of us. There in the far off distance was one lone horse. So, for $15. caught a glimpse of one but seen many, many piles of poop everywhere.

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