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Trip Advisor A Peek at the Chesapeake
Aug 02, 2013 by: Revele from 
This was our first time in this area. We absolutely loved it. Quaint and romantic,full of history and charm.We stayed on the North Shore. The homes were so well kept,and the coastal sections were very clean and appealing.There was a beach area available for swimming and recreation for the kids.Don't expect to go shopping on a Monday,most of the shops were closed. The eateries are open though,and what great food offerings . Everything you would have expected in a Maryland coastal community.The locals were pleasant as well as informative.You can see that they care for their town.We had reservations for a few days at the " Resort ",and that was a whole other experience.......You can read about it....

Trip Advisor Swimming!
Jul 25, 2013 by: eliana23 from YUMA
On a lovely evening when we had just planned to look at shells and wander, we all waded out and had a great time. Lovely sand feels great on the feet. Not very salty here with the confluence of the Susquehena River and the ocean, so my kids were happy. Mild waves if anything, not far from parking. One of our favorite parts of our trip.

Trip Advisor Awesome ride
Oct 01, 2012 by: Tere K from Clarksville, Tennessee
Nothing but great things to say! Road is awesome, tunnels great, view magnificent. We will plan another trip that we can take this. It is $16 but if you want to return it is only $5. Even on the over cast day it was beautiful.

Trip Advisor Numerous options
Sep 19, 2012 by: MLM-Madam from Martinez, California
The Chesapeake Bay extends far beyond what most tourists explore. Grab a map or better yet, a boat. I've explored as far North as Elkton down to Chesapeake Beach. Just love it.

Trip Advisor Sail or Power Boat Port of Call
Sep 04, 2012 by: Carey K from Annapolis, Maryland
If you are interested in a low-key but fun experience with the locals of the Chesapeake Bay we would recommend Swan Creek & Rock Hall, Maryland. If you are a boater and need a safe haven from storms or hurricanes, both offer a great spot to hole up. Rock Hall is on the Bay with a rock wall jetty to keep the swells to a tolerable level. If you're hiding out from a hurricane then around the back side is Swan Creek where you can tuck in deep into the creek for either a marina slip or good holding ground with adequate swing room; however, for a hurricane the slip may be the way to go. There are six marinas and these folks are quite accustomed to handling heavy weather, no matter what. For normal visits, Swan Creek's marinas are an easy walk to Rock Hall where the action is; if you're on the creek it will be peaceful but with plenty of amenities to take care of you, including several restaurants and bars and ships' stores, plus swimming pools if you like more of a club environment. The town of Rock Hall runs a shuttle back and forth every day and evening during the high season for only $1.00 per trip, and it is quite reliable. The folks at the marinas and in the marinas are very friendly, and dogs are allowed everywhere. The locals are welcoming also- they understand the value of visiting yachstmen and regular tourists and appreciate it as well. Rock Hall has a small main street with shops and restaurants, with most of them themed to the Bay and nautical interests. No pretense here, just a beautiful and friendly stopover.

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