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Trip Advisor Jefferson Patterson Park, Museum and Experience
Nov 27, 2014 by: JohnBCowgill from Washington DC, District of Columbia
You go up and down Maryland Route 4 constantly, and you see the signs to the park. You decide to make a detour. You arrive at the entrance and you go through a forest. You park by the Visitor Center, and you enter inside. It is small in size, but there is much to see to include the replication of former state senator Louie Goldstein's Annapolis office. You are impressed with the office, but you have not seen anything yet. The outside is amazing as you get a great view of the Patuxent River. You realize that this was the site of a battle during the War of 1812. You take the walk to the replica Indian Village. You then have the Patterson Estate (not open for inside tours) and you have to see the beach house. There is plenty of places to walk around so give yourself time to come here. The only downside is that the Visitor Center is not open all year round.

Trip Advisor Maryland history, hiking/walking trails, and archeology treasures at Jefferson Patterson Park & Museum
Oct 03, 2014 by: shaluhe from Churchton, Maryland
We spent the morning hiking the Woodland Trail and the Point Trail along the Patuxent River, and checking out the exhibits in the excellent Visitor's Center. The Woodland Trail has 2-3 benches and a few informative markers; it also has a couple of steep but short climbs and while it's in need of a little clearing of fallen branches, it still provided us with a pleasurable half-mile hike through the woods. The Point Trail provided an easy 1.7 mile walk with a short portion along the water's edge. Actually, we had to wade in the water along the shore part of the trail for about 40 yards as there was an unusually high tide (and that portion of the river is tidal)! The Visitor Center staff obviously didn't realize the shore portion of the trail was under water, or I'm sure they would have told us to avoid that part of the Point Trail. No matter to us, however, as wading in the clear water over white sand at the edge of a marsh was actually fun! The Visitor's Center exhibits display evidence of human life on the property, from over 9,000 years ago to the present, and it explains the science of archeology. There are archeological exhibits not only from the park property itself but from every county in Maryland, a short introductory film, an adorable well-appointed children's discovery room, and a gift shop. We didn't have time to see everything at the Jefferson Patterson Park. We definitely will return to visit the museum and the Archeology Conservation Lab (that gives tours once a month), do more hiking, and explore the Woodland Indian Village.

Trip Advisor Beautiful nature!!
Jul 22, 2014 by: Arubagirl2002 from Lusby, Maryland
My husband and I haven't been to the park in years. (Not sure why.) We went there this past weekend and renewed our love for it. The paths were great - especially the one that runs parallel with the Patuxent River. It is pet friendly - as long as your dog is leashed. (Please remember to pick up your darling's droppings - there were piles some places where rude people didn't.)

Trip Advisor 1812 Fair and Reenactment
Jun 23, 2014 by: MajorComment from McLean, Virginia
We visited Jefferson Patterson Park & Museum for the 1812 Fair and Reenactment. The park has a beautiful setting on extensive grounds along the Patuxent River and St. Leonard Creek. In a single visit, we could see only some of the many features offered by the park and museum. You would need to visit several times to take it all in. REENACTMENTS: Major activities of the War of 1812 reenactment were simulated sea and land battles. The tall ships battle was very difficult to see because the cleared area along the shoreline is much too small to accommodate the large crowd of spectators. Viewing was much easier to see the American and British land forces' encampments, marching, drilling and engagements. The reenactors were excellent. 1812 FAIR: The 1812 Fair was conducted by exhibitors under canopies on the large lawn near the park's permanent pavilion. Only about half the exhibitors were in costume displaying goods or demonstrating crafts from the 1812 period. Modern exhibitors offered history books, ice cream and other information or goods. Not to take anything away from the modern exhibits, but the feel of the 1812 Fair would have been better if the 1812-period exhibitors and demonstrators (woodworker, blacksmith, sutler...) had been arranged near each other. Instead, 1812-period and modern exhibits were mixed together. US MARINES EXHIBIT: I particularly enjoyed the exhibit of U.S. Marines uniforms and equipment of 1812 and modern issue. It was a museum-quality display well organized on the lawn under a triple-size canopy. The docent was engaging and informative. Well done!

Trip Advisor 1812 Reenactment was fine
Jun 22, 2014 by: jxx9595 from Washington, DC
We came for the 1812 fair and reenactment and had a fine time. Everything was beautifully organized, with easy parking, things for kids, food for sale (decent, if overpriced as is usual at fairs), and the setting was wonderful. There's more to do in the park that we didn't have time for. Not sure there would have been food but for the event so prepare accordingly.

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