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Nov 12, 2014 by: GoBinWi from Mequon, Wisconsin
Who knew that you can go to a beach in MD and watch tons of Fossilized shark teeth, Stingray dental plates and other fossils just appear before your eyes thousands of years old just rl up in the tide... If you have not been I highly recommend. some days are better than others so be patient.

Trip Advisor Best park in Maryland
Nov 04, 2014 by: TryppAdams from Minneapolis, Minnesota
Having spent a week in Maryland seeing the sights, this is one of teh few spots where I felt like you got to take in a bit of nature and it's beauty. I arrived late and the 1.8 mile hike one way surprised me. The trail is pretty flat, but after a long hot and steamy Maryland day, I wasn't super excited for the hike. I arrived with enough time to spend about a half hour on the beach and enjoy the scenery. There isn't a ton of places to go from here and the beach to the left was closed, but the cliffs in the distance, the light house and the rig set up off shore were all interesting sights. If I had small children or didn't like hiking, this may be a long walk for the pay off. If you like the outdoors and enjoy the exercise, it's a great opportunity to stretch your legs and take in some of natures beauty.

Trip Advisor Nice little hike
Sep 02, 2014 by: Vega2003 from Staunton, Virginia
Yes, there is a little hike to get to the cliffs, and yes, it does go through a swampy area. However, the trail is nicely maintained, board walkway through the swampy part. There was a little bit of wildlife, snakes, frogs, and lizards. Once you get to the cliffs, if you plan on looking for shark teeth, etc, bring something to sift the sand with. If you want to get in the water, BRING WATER SHOES. There is a small sandy area you can relax on but there are large rocks, shells, and pieces of metal in the water. Our feet were cut up. Be aware there is nothing at the cliffs, ai: trash receptacles, water hydrant, or restrooms. They do have a few picnic tables and there is a portapotty on the trail. There are many resting areas along the trail with benches. Not a particularly tough trail but if you take your time, takes about 50 minutes to reach the cliffs.

Trip Advisor Very Disappointing!!
Aug 11, 2014 by: jdavismcclung from Frederick, Maryland
My review doesn't really describe too much that others haven't already complained about, but all I can say is this is definitely not a beach for small children. The 1.8 mile hike would be worth it if the beach and cliffs were an enjoyable outcome. We drove all the way from Frederick, MD (104 miles one way) for what the brochures and website falsely represented as an awesome experience. The beach was ridiculously small, overcrowded, and quite dirty. We shared the 200 foot stretch with probably 100 other people. The cliffs were off limits, a large research platform was insight right offshore, and even the boardwalk out to the center of the swamp along the way was rotted out and closed to passers by. The best part of the park is the children's playground made out of used tire shreds. Just sayin'... There is no quick escape route, so hopefully it doesn't rain while you're out there with your 2-year old either. Just sayin'... I've been to quite a few of MD's state parks over the years...many of which I've made return visits. This one, sadly, will NOT be one of them. My suggestion...get an inflatable pool from Wal-Mart. It's cleaner, and the beach surrounding it is larger than the one at Calvert Cliffs. Just sayin'...

Trip Advisor Nice trail & beach
Aug 11, 2014 by: AngelaMB12 from Hanover, Pennsylvania
I've been wanting to visit Calvert Cliffs SP for years. It is a very nice park (trash free, so make sure you bring trash bags to take your trash with you). My party of 5 had a 4.5 hour stay here. We first hiked the red trail to the beach. The trail is very flat, with great scenery. It is sandy in many spots with some boardwalk parts near the marshes. We saw blue heron, red tailed hawks, turtles, and evidence of beavers. The beach was very clean with tons of shells. The cliffs are nothing spectacular (might that might be our opinion since we'd been in Maine with huge rock cliffs earlier this summer). We (a 9 year old, 20-somethings, and 40-somethings) all had a fun time searching and sifting (we brought along a small shovel and a sifting screen) through sand and shells to find sharks teeth and fossils! There are no shower or even foot rinse off stations, which would have been nice after playing in the sand and surf. After our walk back to the parking area we enjoyed a picnic lunch at one of the many tables available. There is a large recycled tire park for children to play at, though we did not stop by.

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