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Trip Advisor Beautiful historic site!
Sep 17, 2014 by: travelexplorer27 from Salisbury
We visited the Sotterly Historic Plantation and what a wonderful experience. This plantation was in operation from 1910 until 1960 and you will see the farm from the owners eyesYou get your tickets to tour the home at the Gift Shop (near the parking lot). We walked over to the beautiful home and had a wonderful young male docent who took us on a tour of the home. The rooms are beautiful and the stairway a true work of art. After the tour, we had plenty of time to walk the grounds. First, we walked down to the river and saw the front of the home - what a stark contrast. We visited all the "outbuildings" and the garden. What a truly enjoyable experience to imagine yourself living there during those long ago days.

Trip Advisor A must see!
Jun 30, 2014 by: BeckyinWashington from Kennewick, Washington
What a wonderful piece of history! You can almost imagine what life must have been like as you explore the house and grounds. The slave cabin was a real eye-opener.

Trip Advisor Historic time travel
Jun 30, 2014 by: Elvin B from Lititz, Pennsylvania
Beautiful gardens of period herbs shrubs and flowers. The history of a plantation from both a planters viewpoint and the slave's as well buildings were well preserved and refurbished. The naration on the walk through is from the different views of those who worked and lived on the plantation through a period before even Mount Vernon to the mid 20th century,describing each owner and their contribution to keep the plantation working. A great look at the doings through American history. It is sometimes confusing to know which family was living at which period of time and what artifacts are from that period.

Trip Advisor Interesting history!
Feb 12, 2014 by: Gary G from Great Mills, Maryland, United States
It is an old plantation in Southern Maryland. The public tour was nice, grounds are beautiful and well kept. Even has an old slave quarters showing the disparity between them and the owners. That part was informative but sad.

Trip Advisor RIP of Wine Fest
Oct 08, 2013 by: LongsPeak2121 from Lexington Park, Maryland
Well you missed NOTHING by not going to the Sotterley Wine fest. Grossly overpriced. 25 dollars PER person to get in. ($20.00 in advance) That got you a glass and a FEW, very few, tastings. Why, you ask, so few tasting with so many wineries? Well all the "premium wines" cost a dollar to taste. I guess Maryland has a law that wine sellers have to charge for a tasting of wine that costs over 20.00 a bottle. So of course most of the wines we tasted were like drinking something you would wash out your paint brushes with. The venue itself sucked...they cut down all the ancient trees that surrounded the old plantation because they were "afraid" after the storm Sandy that they would fall on the house. WTF?? Those trees have been there for 2 hundred years. So no shade, it was HOT and miserable. THEN to add insult to injury, you had to pay to PARK, and the food vendors were not selling water, one had to walk across a sweltering football sized field to get that! I will NEVER attend this event again.

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