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Trip Advisor Well Preserved
Oct 15, 2014 by: Karen M from Baltimore, Maryland
This a good place to check out. Best of all it is FREE. You can stroll all around the huge grounds that extend across the street to include servants quarters and a dairy. The house is beautiful and if you get the chance go when it is all dressed up for the holidays.

Trip Advisor Unknown but wonderful property in MD
Sep 30, 2014 by: Panner1995 from Baltimore, Maryland
My mom had found out about this historic site through her Historic Preservation magazine, and we decided to visit it. We were not disappointed. It is so interesting because a coworker of mine said that she lived in Towson for fourteen years and never visited, and a woman in our tour group said that she had lived in Towson since 1964, and this was her first visit. I wish more people knew what was in their backyard! This mansion was special because, as our tour guide Jack pointed out, it the only historic site not famous for a battle/war or anything other significant event. The house dates from the Revolutionary War. The tours normally last forty-five minutes, but our guide must have wanted to say more this day because ours lasted an hour and a half. It was a Sunday, and when our tour was done, it was around 330. The museum store closes at 4, and the cemetery is locked at 430. We wanted to go to the lower houses, and we were told that vehicles can go until 5, but the entrance was already closed at 440. I am not sure why. Overall though, it was a fascinating tour, and we learned a ton of fun information. The guide also recommended going back during Yuletide.

Trip Advisor A secret gem no more
Sep 12, 2014 by: EmEs from orlando
Because we are going to tell everyone we know about this marvelous National Park Service plantation. At the beginning of the week, we visited Monticello and Montpelier. But, this tourist site is right up there with the finest, in my opinion. Actually, I think, in some respects, this is even a better tour. First of all, we were surprised by the great number of original artifacts, including art, that remain in the home. Second of all, there is the best exhibit on slavery, pre and post Civil War, that we have ever seen. The National Park guide, Anokwale, gave a marvelous talk on what it was like for African Americans working the plantation during the time. So visit the home, then drive down the hill to the Lower House for the "workers" tour. It's a hands-on experience for children, about aged 9 and up, so I would suggest that as part of their experience. Actually, for children, the Lower House experience would probably be more interesting. Thirdly, there is no charge for this attraction, but a simple donation box in the lobby. This is a true gem and hopefully, a secret no more. Lastly, kudos to the National Park Service for having the courage to shine a light on slavery during the Civil War, and doing it in a thought-provoking way.

Trip Advisor Easy trip from Baltimore
Aug 24, 2014 by: Marcie81 from Burke, Virginia
We visited Fort Mchenry and found out about this place. Beautiful property and the tour price was free! The tour guide was very informative and answered questions easily. Most of the articles in the mansion are original and the rooms are set up to look like they would have back in the day. The tour lasted about 45 minutes. It is a large property and has lots of buildings to check out. Make sure to also visit the lower house (across the street). It looked like a new visitor center is being built. Not sure what that will do to entrance fees, but it will add extra parking. Lovely excurision if you are in the Baltimore/Towson area.

Trip Advisor Quiet and peaceful property of the National Park Service
Aug 23, 2014 by: Pcperrin from 
This is a national historic site that you would scarcely know was there if you weren't deliberately headed there, as it is unassumingly tucked away in a residential area. It is interesting to contrast the current state of peace and quiet with what must have been a hive of activity in its heyday, with a servants and slaves keeping the estate humming during its 250 year history. This site receives a tiny fraction of the visitors that the historic mansions of Monticello and Mount Vernon in Virginia, although both combined are still smaller in area than this mansion. There is no entrance fee. This makes it quite easy to enjoy roaming around the grounds. Many of the out buildings are locked, as is the cemetery, but make sure to visit the farm complex, which can be reached from the main site through a trail or you may choose to park in that area separately. There are many buildings to explore on the farm side. Also make sure to go into the outdoor "refrigerator", an interesting look at how food was preserved. Plenty of opportunities to learn and explore. It may not be worth a road trip in and of itself, but if you are in the Baltimore area, it is worth a visit.

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