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Trip Advisor zhidden gem
Apr 15, 2014 by: 1vacay2 from Towson, Maryland
The area is beautiful. The house and gardens are well worth the visit. You can tour everything with the assistance of a Ranger, or you can take your time and go through house, gardens, slave quarters on your own. Either way, go! The admission is nominal. If you want lunch, you are 10 minutes from the heart of Towson.

Trip Advisor An Awesome Daytrip Right Outside of Baltimore!
Apr 06, 2014 by: Pennsylvaniamom77 from Pennsylvania, USA
The Hampton National Historic Site in Towson, Maryland, is right off of I-695 just north of Baltimore. It is a magnificent colonial-era Georgian mansion settled on several quiet acres of landscaped gardens and ancient trees, right next to modern-day life. We toured the mansion on a Saturday afternoon in April, and there were only 3 of us in the group, so we got a very thorough and most enjoyable tour of the mansion from one of the docents. You will get to see the first two floors of the mansion and hear the history of the family that owned it for 200 years, before it was donated to the National Park Service, who managed to save it from ruin. Each of the rooms is decorated by original furniture and items that the actual Ridgely family had owned and used. Some of the rooms are sumptuous and alive with color, while others are more spartan and void of loud adornments. You may walk the grounds at your leisure; explore the farmhouse and outbuildings across the street; walk down the steep steps into the ice house that allowed the Ridgelys to enjoy cold foods all summer long; visit the dairy with its natural spring, and tour the workers' quarters that were decorated on the outside to resemble a quaint French village so that they looked pleasing to the family in the mansion on the hill. All of this is free! What a great way to learn some American history, appreciate 18th century architecture, and spend time with your family!

Trip Advisor Such a beautiful and impressive place!
Jan 14, 2014 by: RJSSY from Silver Spring, MD
The house is incredible. It is furnished with the originals that were there. It is amazingly beautiful. The tour leader was extremely knowledgeable and answered all our questions--and he was a volunteer! After the very detailed tour, we explored the grounds. Although just a quarter mile north of the Baltimore Beltway (695), Hampton is a world unto itself. The grounds were very attractive, even in January, and the old, twisted trees a photographer's dream. The original owners had created an arboretum. There is an extremely old and contorted Lebanon cedar there that is quite interesting. Such a great experience. Truly a hidden treasure that needs to be discovered.

Trip Advisor Enjoyed a lot
Sep 21, 2013 by: franz m from home
I hade a spare afternoon and I decided to give #1 attraction in Towson a try. At 1 PM a very nice and helpful park ranger guided me (I was all alone) through Hampton mansion rooms (look for the small Pisa tower souvenir!) and then outside to visit the ice house. I walked solo to the cemetery enjoying birds, squirrels and fresh air hay parfumed. Well worth the visit, all considering that's free. Only regret is noise: Hampton National Historic Site is sitting next to Interstate 695 so you can't pretend to be back in 1800 P.S. A new visitor center is being built.

Trip Advisor Worst tour of my life! MUST READ REVIEW!!!!
Sep 07, 2013 by: Chuck S from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Tour would've been better if it was self guided. Tour guide was very strict on making everyone stay within five feet of her and veiwing areas were very hot and small. If someone tried to look in another room or stand in the doorway of the room she was talking about she would yell at them and make everyone stand extremely close to one another! It took 30min to get through 3 small, tiny rooms and we had not even got to the second floor yet!!! If you take the tour be prepared to be bored to death. Also don't try to leave the tour because the tour guide will not let you. This was one hour of my life I will never get back!

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