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Trip Advisor Wonderful, Different Museum Experience
Jul 28, 2014 by: bagnato1 from Olney, Maryland
Open your mind and come to this extraordinary museum, with (as the name says) visionary, creative work...and more than a few displays that are just plan fun (including the amazing moving wood creations in the Annex building). Topping it off...maybe one of the wildest, kitzchiest gift shops you'll ever experience.

Trip Advisor An interesting twist on art.
Jul 26, 2014 by: Jaedee42 from 
I'm not an art person but I went to check it out. It is not the best location because it is located on the other side of the inner harbor. It is not a bad walk on a nice day. It has very nice exhibits and nice staff members. No photography inside.

Trip Advisor Art of a different color
Jul 26, 2014 by: Earl W from Placitas, New Mexico, USA
"Visionary art" is created by self-taught, often differently abled artists. Many have brain or psychiatric issues, but the art in this museum is wonderful. It is amazing to see what other people see around them. If you're in the Baltimore Inner Harbor area this is a must see.

Trip Advisor My favorite alternative museum
Jul 26, 2014 by: 2trvel from Washington DC
We take all of our out of town visitors here and are never disappointed by their reactions. The museum is a treasure trove of people's passions, quirks, obsessions, and fantasies - the strange, the beautiful, the darkness in us all that gets expressed in wonderfully ingenious folk art. Day of the Dead figures on a carousel. A model of the Lusitania made of made of 200,000 toothpicks. A car that has been mosaiced into a religious shrine. You will laugh, gasp, and be wonderstruck by all the ways that human beings express themselves visually. VAM is unique in the country so far as we know. And yes, it's a great place to take kids - and a stimulus to your own creativity. If you go to one museum in Baltimore, this is it. Nice gift shop too. And a very reasonable cafe for lunch on the top floor - it used to be a fine restaurant, but they seem to have scaled it back, which is a shame. Paid parking is just outside. We've never had a problem finding a space.

Trip Advisor "Visionary" as in "the artists were having strange visions"
Jul 25, 2014 by: ImaPickyTraveller from Memphis
If you're a fan of "folk art" and people who make art out of junk, you'll love this. If you're into more "serious" art, this probably isn't for you. I'll leave it at that.

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