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Trip Advisor Extraordinary place host and honor artists
Dec 13, 2014 by: Neetu D from Baltimore, Maryland
One of a kind place which allows artistic experience in a unique building. It takes expression to the 10th.

Trip Advisor A wondrous place of incredible unpretentious unstoppable art
Dec 09, 2014 by: Musicmaster from Minneapolis
I love MOMA, Getty, Hirshhorn, DAM, Whitney, National Gallery, etc., and yes, those quirky pop cultural fun-seums like the SPAM Museum and the Museum of Questionable Medical Devices (those latter two in twice-blessed Minnesota), BUT they are none of them as homespun, brilliant and fun (and yes, manic, eccentric and often quietly disturbing) as The American Visionary Art Museum. While not a mainstream collection of art, all the galleries have broad and easily-accessible appeal, with well-curated overviews of some of America's most talented and, yes, visionary outsiders. I've been collecting stuff like this for decades and to see such things mounted with all the whistles and bells of a Sargent restropsective at the Guggenheim is a thrill. And an unexpected joy. Wow. Paolo Soleri! Harvey Finster! And a blown-up comic about Philip K. Dick by R. Crumb framed by a collection of Dick's books lent by a giftshop employee is something else! I see it as the first step to building one of the best collections/archives in the world that should and someday will contain the hundreds or equally-visionary others who make art because they must, as therapy or explanation or, lord knows, for the voices in their heads. Richard Shaver's rock paintings should be here, and the endless pages of raw underground opinions from Jack Saunders, assembling magazines, the paintings of Al Ackerman, etc. There are lots of smaller collections of this stuff here and there (and a larger folk art collection at the Smithsonian), but I hope this great Baltimore attraction will someday be the go-to clearing house for most of the outsider geniuses who never got (or wanted to get) into the private club and commerce of Art. Sorry if I'm repeating myself here. It's the coffee and my exictement. Hey, TripAdvisor - can I give Ten Stars just this once?

Trip Advisor Very interesting
Dec 06, 2014 by: invenereal from United States
Modern art museum. Always something new and unique. Not too crowded. Just a short walk from Harbor Place. Parking is fairly convenient.

Trip Advisor A must when you are in Baltimore
Dec 05, 2014 by: Judy C from Baltimore, Maryland
This is a must see when you are in Baltimore. A place where most artists are welcome. Take a cab, its a long walk from the Inner Harbor. But it is worth it.

Trip Advisor Unique art
Dec 05, 2014 by: Kerrie L from Canton, Georgia
Very cool art museum with things you don't see in your average museum. There were Very interesting and entertaining artists under one roof. It was a fantastic way to spend a rainy day. Added bonus at the end: quaint, retro museum shop to top off your visit! That in itself was worth the trip.

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