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Trip Advisor Fantastic place to bring kids!
Sep 29, 2014 by: Stacey H from Massapequa, New York, United States
You can spend hours in this science center. My daughter is 10 and we all had a wonderful time. I think we were there 4 hours and wish we had more time to spend there. There are demonstrations in the lobby that were quick and fun as you walk around the place. Just wonderful.

Sep 16, 2014 by: Jessie Z from Baltimore, Maryland
This place is seriously awesome. GREAT place to take your kids. There are a million things to do. A ton of different activities. Everything is educational but it is not the boring educational stuff (I am a kid at heart), it is really fun. I would definitely recommend and definitely go back.

Trip Advisor Lot more stuff than I remembered
Sep 09, 2014 by: dagatorman from Baltimore, Maryland, USA
yes, I have not been here in a long while.... So I noticed that there are more stuff here than what I remembered them having. My son had a blast doing all the interactive stuff.. IMAX is a must...It was during the summer months so they had exploding trash can experiment and bubble for kids to play with, and the hurricane box cost me $2 but it was fun. We got the membership.. it's well worth it and pays for itself after just 2 visits.

Trip Advisor This museum is geared to kids
Aug 27, 2014 by: Entlebuch from Memphis, Tennessee
We have a bunch of grandchildren in various parts of the US and have visited children's museums in at least 10 different cities. This museum has great potential (it could be excellent) but it is very disappointing that so many of the educational exhibits are non-functional. The many exhibits and hands-on activities that are not working properly should be removed if they are not going to be properly maintained. Instead of getting kids excited about science and the cool things that exist in this world the non-functional displays create frustration and/or disinterest. The science museum in Baltimore is in a beautiful building and we have visited several times but most of the activities available to kids have never worked. I understand that kids inflict a lot of wear and tear on the hands-on activities, but I believe that the entrance fees to this museum are hefty enough that that they should be able to maintain the displays. For example, there is a display where kids are supposed to identify characteristic smells but it is obvious that the necessary scents are rarely if ever loaded. We bought an annual membership to the museum for our grandkids and have visited several times. The scents have never been detectable by anyone in our large group. How hard can it be to recharge this display. Sadly, this lack of attention to maintaining functioning displays is evident in many many exhibits. it is frustrating that this museum has so many beautifully conceived but poorly executed (i.e. non-functional) displays.

Trip Advisor Spectactular, hands on, and interacting exhibits.
Aug 25, 2014 by: willowstarr18 from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
I have been to over twenty science museums, and this in my opinion is the best. I can see why it is rated as one of the top five museums in the country. It is spacious, (one never feels crowded), Exceptionally clean, and every exhibit is in working order, unlike some of the other museums I have been to. They have something for everyone from age 7 up to adulthood. Good I Max theatre also. You could easily spend two days there. They have a Dinosaur exhibit that is better than the one I paid $25.00 a ticket to see at the Art Museum in Philadelphia, where I had to stand in line with my grandson for hours in a crowded line with a timed ticket. This a permanent exhibit and it is wonderful. They have a planetarium and another floor which we did not have time to go to. We will go back and soon!! Another wonderful aspect of this museum was they were not trying to sell food, like all the others where every exhibit leads you into a food court. My grandson is 8 years old, my daughter who is in her 40's and I, the grandmother. You can see by the ages that it is for everyone. We loved it. One other great feature, it is open until nine o'clock. We went to the tourist center to get a brochure for this museum, and were told that they were not allow to have brochures (we found this very strange indeed). The first item on my list is always to go to a tourist center and browse through the brochures. Nevertheless, we found it, we loved it, and we will go back again, and again.

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