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Trip Advisor It is good for the kids/family.
Jan 27, 2015 by: Lori F from Long Island, NY
This was a nice place to go. It doesn't take more than two hours to go through so it leaves plenty of time for other attractions in inner harbor. It is worth the visit.

Trip Advisor Great for family reunion with kids
Jan 17, 2015 by: jumpinghyena from Brambleton, Virginia, United States
Family loved the IMAX railroad movie and the planetarium show on black holes. Excellent location near the inner harbor with other things to do and places to eat in the area.

Trip Advisor Mostly a waste of money. No real thrill for science.
Jan 11, 2015 by: Jimmy C from Westminster, Maryland
After looking at the website and remembering fond memories of visiting the Air and Space Museum in Washington and the Franklin Institute of Science in Philadelphia I was sure that this would be an amazing experience. How wrong I was! First we went over to the dinosaur exhibit because I have always been wild about dinosaurs. There was one on the wall that I happened to tap on and it sounded hallow. A lot of the other dinosaur bones also sounded hallow and from this we realized that they were just plastic fakes. After this I used the restroom and it was absolutely filthy. The floor was covered in toilet paper and trash and the urinal looked like it never gets a decent cleaning. Plus, both of the hand dryers were not working."Ok," I thought to myself, "Fake dinos and a dirty bathroom. This can't be good." The stairs leading up to the exhibits were very dirty. The exhibits were somewhat interesting but a bit babyish. There was nothing that really blew me away. As we finally made our way to the third floor I thought, "This can't be it!" While the exhibits were a total bore, the IMAX 3D movie, Lemurs of Madagascar, was great. At one points the trees were so 3D it really looked like I could touch them with my hands. Also, the planetarium was amazing. Both the graphics and information about black holes were excellent. Still, I thought the man controlling the planetarium was a bit rude when he repeatedly told a grown man not to spill his drink. Seriously, it had a lid on top. The majority of the employees seemed like zombies. They didn't smile and seemed totally indifferent. The exception would have to be the two ladies working in the gift shop who were very friendly and polite. There was also an older gentlemen working with the space exhibits who was a joy to talk to. The gift shop was ridiculously expensive, although I have to admit that every gift shop in every museum I've been to has been that way. My last complaint isn't the fault of the Maryland Science Center but it is a warning. We parked our car for four and a half hours and our bill came to twenty-eight dollars! That is outrageous! I had no idea it would be so expensive. If you want to show your children an experience in science I highly recommend going somewhere else. The Maryland Aquarium is nearby the Science Center and it is one million times better. Yes, it costs double but it is well worth the money.

Trip Advisor So Close to 5 Stars!
Jan 06, 2015 by: SedoneStars from Baltimore, Maryland
I got the 6 person membership for my family as a Christmas gift. We went for the "Countdown to Noon" on New Year's Eve, and then I took my oldest daughter again later in the week. The Countdown to Noon was cool for the kids since they had a band called Milkshake, and the kids thought the ball dropping was awesome. The first trip we only partly explored the first and third floors, but the kids had a ball. We stayed until they closed. When I went back later in the week, my oldest daughter and I explored the second floor. With a few exceptions in terms of exhibits, I think the second floor might be the coolest. It has a lot to do with science in general. The bed of nails, and the science experiment room were obviously a highlight for my oldest. The first floor has a lot of "Earth Science" to the right, as you enter, and more physics type stuff to the right. The third floor has a kids room which both of my daughters absolutely loved. The only downside for our visits so far included certain exhibits that had been defaced or messed up from kids that didn't have an adult paying attention to them, and some exhibits seemed, or maybe were, broken, but it was hard to tell since not all the of instructions are crystal clear. The food at Beakers is so-so, but also overpriced as you would expect. I would suggest packing a lunch. We haven't checked out the i max or the planetarium, but those are next on our list! I would highly recommend getting a membership. Our family would cost us $70 each trip (4 people), but the 6 person membership is only $150. After two trips the membership basically pays for itself, and if we take friends along it's just added benefit.

Trip Advisor Great place for kids....
Dec 29, 2014 by: TripGuy11920 from Virginia
With one day to sightsee we chose the Science Center over other inner harbor options. A little more price sensative....we were able to spend a half day checking out outer space, dinosaurs, learning about leverage (via tug of war), and a nice planetarium show. We still didn't see the whole place. My kids are 9 and 11. Each had a blast. Enjoy!,

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