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Trip Advisor A must see for every baseball fan
Jul 16, 2014 by: JMKrebs from 
This museum is a requirement if you are in Baltimore and are a fan of America's pasttime. A very thorough display of Babe Ruth memorabilia as well as the feeling you get while you're in the birthplace of one of the greatest athletes of all time.

Trip Advisor 100 year celebration in progress!
Jul 11, 2014 by: StillSteppinOut from Baltimore, Maryland
The Babe Ruth Birthplace and Museum has been around for quite a while and has had its ups and downs. Based on our recent visit, I would say that they are looking up right now! George Herman Ruth signed his first professional contract in 1914 at the age of nineteen. The house commemorates his birth; the museum commemorates his career. I noticed a lot more detail on this visit; I also learned a lot more. For example, I noticed the tiny spiral staircase that comes up from the middle of the first floor between the living room and the dining room. I noticed the Baltimore mementoes in the second floor alcove, including the Baltimore Terrapins banner (who knew?) I also learned how Babe got his name, and the fuller story about the legendary called shot. There's a new six-minute video that shows every fifteen minutes. It explains how the Star Spangled Banner became a fixture at baseball games, going back to the presidency of Woodrow Wilson. It is very well done and even inspirational! Our two grandchildren (ages 10 and 5) were both enthralled with various details. The five-year-old was fascinated with bedroom in his grandfather's house where the Babe was born; the ten-year-old plays ball himself now, and is a Cubs fan, so he was delighted with Cubs players who were also mentioned in both the stories and the stats relative to the Babe. (Check out the connections; they're very interesting!) Each of them got an imprinted penny in a different design to take home as a souvenir. Don't forget that this year is also the 200th anniversary of the events surrounding Fort McHenry. The Babe and the Star Spangled Banner make a nice day trip to downtown Baltimore!

Trip Advisor Small and Humble Beginnings
Jul 07, 2014 by: redink46142 from Indianapolis, Indiana
Yankee Stadium may be the house that Ruth built, but he was born, raised, and learned to play baseball in Baltimore. This small row house was his birthplace. You can take a peek into The Babe's humble beginnings, the youthful problems that led to the discipline of sports, and his fame and fortune. Babe's grandfather built the original home, and it's been expanded and a bit modernized to be a better display of personal photos, artifacts, and other items of interest to fans. Bats, gloves, and uniforms are on display, as well as plaques, awards, and furnishings from the period. The Babe's father owned a bar that's now covered by part of the field at Camden Yards. An interesting display at this home includes items retrieved from a dig where that bar existed, as well as a photo of Babe working behind the bar during a baseball break. It's an easy stroll from Camden Yards to the home. Just follow the white baseballs painted on the sidewalk.

Trip Advisor Little museum
Jul 06, 2014 by: Alyssa630 from Quincy, Illinois, United States
The museum was decent for its size.t hey still had some great things on display there. We got a groupon for $12 for two people to go in this museum and the all sports museum.

Trip Advisor Great Little Museum
Jun 24, 2014 by: pugmom61 from Croton on Hudson, New York
If you are a baseball fan you won't want to miss this one. Great memorabilia and baseball history. Worth the visit.

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