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Trip Advisor train heaven
Aug 16, 2014 by: jpyzek from Hamburg, New York
This is one of the best train museums I've seen. The roundhouse and buildings contains a wide variety of rolling stock, most of which was well restored. There was a very nice outdoor train layout. The exhibition on railroads in the Civil War was fascinating. The train ride was okay, just a mile or so out and back.

Trip Advisor $16?!? Really?!?!?
Aug 12, 2014 by: ROR29 from New York
The admission price is $16 for an adult (seniors and kids are less) -- shame on them for charging it and shame on me for paying it! This is a very simple museum with a modest number of exhibits. If you compare it to the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown (which costs less than $16) it has almost nothing..even the most ardent train buff could spend only a few hours here. I suspect this museum's bread and butter are school field trips (captive audience). Parking is "free" although I bet its actually included in the admission price. The museum's location is a bit off the beaten track, in a neighborhood that might be a bit "rough around the edges". I can recommend going to the museum only if ALL of the following are applicable: (1) You are really big into trains (like Sheldon on the "Big Bang Theory") (2) You don't mind the exorbitant entrance fee (did I mention it was $16?) (3) You're OK with the museum's location (4) You're itching to do something and all other options are exhausted (have you considered going bowling?)....if all of those apply, then by all means, have at it! Otherwise.....pass.

Trip Advisor Everyone takes pride in their part
Aug 12, 2014 by: Stewfoot from California, Maryland
Every volunteer from the docents, to the craftsmen working on restoration of some car took pride in their piece of work in the museum. Everyone took time to show some little tidbit, whether it was about the roundhouse, the cars outside, or the history of the company.

Trip Advisor Take the train into history
Aug 06, 2014 by: CPShips from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
The B&O Museum is one of the great destinations in Baltimore. If you like trains or have kids, it's a must see. If neither is the case, it's still a gem if you like history. Easy to reach by car or MTA bus.

Trip Advisor Get yearly membership
Aug 05, 2014 by: Danita34 from Silver Spring, Maryland
The ticket price for one entry is a bit high. So if you plan on going more than twice get the yearly pass. My family and I love this museum and are there at least once a month, sometimes more. The Day out with Thomas is amazing and we love the Toddler Time that they have twice a month!

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