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Trip Advisor USS Constellation is Back
Mar 28, 2015 by: primerstar6 from Baltimore
The Constellation was gone for awhile for repairs but has returned to Baltimore's Inner Harbor. All the ships are a lot of fun to see and photograph, and tours are great and very interesting but not required if you only want to see them from the outside. If you choose to tour, you can select how many ships you would like to visit (1, 2 or 4.) I love the paint job on the Torsk - tiger shark's face, and the history behind the Taney - moored in Baltimore but the last floating ship to fight in Pearl Harbor. The lighthouse is free and has some cool views. The historic ships are lots of fun for all ages.

Trip Advisor Experience naval history
Mar 27, 2015 by: Brendan S from Arlington, Virginia
There are four historic ships in the Baltimore Harbor - the Taney (a WWII-era Coast Guard ship), the Torsk (a WWII-era submarine), the Constellation (a 19th Century frigate) and a lighthouse ship. You can buy tickets to any number you want to see - the maximum cost is $18 for all four, with discounts for children and seniors. They allow a lot of access to all of the ships, so you can really see what it was like to serve on the crew of these ships (in most of them, it was pretty rough!). There are a lot of explanatory plaques throughout the ships that explain each part of each ship - often in considerable technical detail. There are also some historical artifacts and plaques describing the history of each ship. Depending on how interested you were in how the ships operated, what the machinery did or the history, you could spend between 15 minutes or an hour on each ship. It's interesting to walk through all of them - especially the older Constellation, as there are few old sail-powered ships afloat anymore. The others are a lot like other WWII-era ships I've visited and a lot of what's there is pretty functional rather than really cool or impressive - i.e. a mess hall, some bunks, stuff like that. Also, none of these ships had very eventful service histories with lots of exciting battle or other stories; the historical aspect is mainly that they have been preserved rather than anything significant about them. Finally, there are some very steep ladders and some very low ceilings and the ships are not climate controlled, so go on a nice day and be prepared to duck and climb.

Trip Advisor Enjoyable for all ages
Mar 23, 2015 by: TardisTraveler8 from 
Visited with my family. We saw all four ships and everyone from 3 to 68 enjoyed them. My favorites were the Torsk and Constellation. The area around the ships is nice and picturesque and it has lots of chain shops and restaurants.

Trip Advisor Really cool experience!
Mar 22, 2015 by: Aydriana C from San Francisco, California
We saw the ships on the harbor and decided to check them out. Really happy that we did because they were all very interesting. We got a pass to go see all of them. My favorite was the submarine. There is great information provided and audio tours if you want to get more information. My husband and I had a great time exploring all of the ships and hanging around the harbor. I definitely recommend it.

Trip Advisor Harbor sites
Mar 21, 2015 by: Lee S from Saint Louis, Missouri
I only bought ticket to tour two ships but the interactive narration On the Constellation was very good and has to stories one for adults and one for children. I did not have time for all 3. Submarine I would not recommend for small children is very hard to navigate Low ceilings and cramped .

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