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Trip Advisor A five year old's dream playhouse
Sep 02, 2014 by: sewingone from Washington DC, District of Columbia
I took my five year old granddaughter this summer and she had a blast! It's a really big place with lots of themed areas and lots of visitors. Everyone gets an ID bracelet when they enter so that children cannot leave without the group they came in with (security). I was glad about this because she moved through the rooms and areas so fast that I had to go and look for her a couple of times. She especially like the play Diner area and migrated back there often. She play from 10am to 4pm with no breaks. We even went to the bubble gum making class. There is really nice reading room with lots of books. It was entire day of fun for her and worth every penny.

Trip Advisor Awesome Experience For Kids
Aug 29, 2014 by: schmid3354 from Pennsylvania
We took our 18 month son while we were visiting and what a great place! There is so much to see and explore in the 3 floors worth of activities. The museum is set up with a large gross motor jungle gym in the center of the building with nets, rops, slides, mats, rock walls, tunnels, etc. Along the parameter on each floor are different rooms/areas that offer a variety of hands-on, imaginative play in the 50's diner, convenience store with kid-sized car and gas pump, water room, sand and block tables, etc. Definitely worth the time if you have of all ages are sure to love it!

Trip Advisor Very cool place for little kids
Aug 24, 2014 by: Ron S from Scranton, PA
We really liked it! It was fairly well maintained. The staff was engaging. Some of the displays were a little confusing though. Our 8 yr old REALLY enjoyed it. If you have small kids and some time to kill, I would definitely recommend a visit. And one of the best parts was the Leinenkeugel Beer Garden right

Trip Advisor Very overpriced for a museum that is past its prime
Aug 15, 2014 by: Big_Bears_Fan54 from Seoul
I took my three daughters ages 3, 6, and 10 here. It cost us nearly $60 to get in, but the museum listed many activities that my girls were excited to check out so we forked over the cash for what they claim is one of the top 5 children's museums in the country. Well, we were very disappointed! All of the activities are very worn. Many are missing parts or have huge sections that don't work. The water area had many spouts that didn't work. You would push buttons/ turn cranks and nothing would happen. The areas to build your own water pipes had very few pieces to work with, plus, the area smelled of mildew and was dirty. The special Curious George exhibit was also run down and it is only half way through its year long stint! Again pieces were missing or broken. Plus, there weren't many activities to do. My girls love mysteries and were looking forward to Miss Perception's Mystery House. Again a disappointment. The permanent exhibit provided very little guidance as to how to go through. We were able to get the gist of it, but the content was very disappointing. A women so obsessed with losing weight that she takes some diet pills that cause her to shrink away to nearly nothing and now she lives in a doll house, but she is happy because (and I quote the exhibit) "she can now eat whatever she wants and not gain weight." Another character is totally obsessed with attracting a certain boy. She gets in a fight with her friend who makes fun of her for having a "Zit face" then she does get a zit on her nose so she uses a cream that makes her whole body disappear?! What kind of body image are we teaching children here?? I don't even know what happened to the other characters because we left the disturbing exhibit. The Egyptian themed Adventure Exhibitions area was also a bust. We picked up a confusing map at the beginning and wandered through. Again the exhibit was poorly organized/ explained and was in disrepair. The Grocery Store area was a joke. There were very few food items available for the kids to "purchase" Most of the shelves were empty. Although there were some healthy food values decorating the walls the foods that were available were mainly pop tarts and sugary cereals. Not what most of us would include in a healthy diet lesson. The Sesame Street exhibit was boring. Just some pictures taken from the show or books. I was hoping for more opportunities for the kids to actually create art. On a positive note, the staff was very nice. We did enjoy the make your own bubble gum activity in the workshop. However is was not worth the price. I would recommend steering clear of this museum until it get a much needed total overhaul.

Trip Advisor Climbing structure stressful for parents
Aug 10, 2014 by: amc1990 from Atlanta, Georgia
I took my 5-yr old nephew and his favorite parts of the museum were the water exhibit (esp. plumber park and bubble hoop), steering the loading & unloading of crates, soccer field and the 3.5 story climbing structure in the middle of the museum. The center is fun for kids but kinda boring for adults. As a guardian (also for parents), the 3.5 story climbing structure can be stressful b/c you can't track your kids. You can try to climb w/ them but good luck, I'm petite and the tunnels were small for me. I overheard a group of 3 young dads who attempted the same thing and one of them got a muscle spasm in his back. I later read in the brochure that the structure is "up only" so you can meet them at the exits and each entrance point is labeled w/ which floor it exits to. Also it's supposed to be comforting b/c when you get your tickets at the front desk, you and your kid get matching bracelets so your kid can't exit the museum w/o you. Advice - ideally you have two adults, one at the entrance and one at the exit point. Ticket prices are $13.95 for ages 2 and up. They have AAA and AARP discounts too. When you exit (and show your matching bracelets), ask for a parking validation ticket - helped reduce the nearby garage parking fee to $7. No onsite eating facility (other than vending machines) is available so you may want to pack some food. They have a break room where you can eat which includes $1 and $2 lockers for your lunch boxes, backpacks and jackets. If you forgot food and want to grab something, assuming the museum will let you come back in, there's a Subway very close by. Overall still fun for kids. I did think their water exhibit was pretty cool.

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