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Trip Advisor Interesting
Mar 29, 2014 by: Storm886 from maryland
We went on a weekday and it was not crowed at all. In fact we only encountered maybe 6-8 people the whole time. You could really take your time browsing. Employees seemed pleasant. I never was a comic book kid but you could appreciate the interest in comic books before TV. What I liked best were the 1960 and above. It was cool so see things from your childhood that you had not seen in 40+ years. It was a little dark in some areas which made it difficult to see/read. I would suggest they give you more information about the early stuff. I do not think most kids would be interested in the museum unless they are comic book nuts.

Trip Advisor Surprising
Mar 06, 2014 by: gypsumm from eastcoast
I was not expecting to like this, but I took a visiting friend in, and we both were very impressed. Lots of memories, from generations back. ( does that make sense?). No one can leave without some memory being evoked, something funny to see that cracks you up.

Trip Advisor A must for comic and vintage toy enthusiasts!
Mar 02, 2014 by: whc200 from connecticut
If you love comics and vintage toys, this is the place to go. You will see room after room of exhibits. I especially enjoyed seeing some of the toys I enjoyed as a child.

Trip Advisor I'm not a comic book guy, but this place was awesome!
Feb 27, 2014 by: Paul80A from Brisbane, Australia
My wife stumbled across Geppi's Entertainment Museum on the web, so we went along to have a look. I'm glad we did. I only have a passing interest in the comic culture, but if you have even a vague understanding, you will be floored by the collection. Between the history and the artistry of the collection, it is fascinating. Along with that, there is a great collection of other pop culture collections on music, film, toys, etc and the history of Baltimore. While our 4 year old was a bit young to fully enjoy it, the children's computer scavenger hunt is brilliant. Kids get a card to scan at terminals around the museum which give them questions to research around the displays and then answer them on the next terminal. While aimed at kids, I thoroughly enjoyed it on my toddler's behalf! Free comic book if you complete the card. Overall, a fantastic couple of hours. It's not just for nerds. (PS, nerds will love it.)

Trip Advisor Fun for the Family
Feb 17, 2014 by: Lynn R from Ellicott City, Maryland, United States
The artifacts in the museum are very well presented with one major exception. Very little, if any of the artifacts are labeled or described. While all of them are from popular culture we were left wondering about many of the things we saw until we reached the eras of our lifetime. It is obvious that many of the cases used to have labels but they've either been removed or painted over, all you can see are the faint shadows of the text. A few of the electronic displays are not working and some of the cases are not illuminated, making it hard to see some of the items. However, the experience is still a fantastic one just because of the sheer quantity of items to take you down memory lane! Once we hit the eras that jogged our memories we were enthralled! The kids really enjoyed seeing ALL of the memorabilia since it's all old to them!

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