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Trip Advisor Love Boordy!
Dec 14, 2014 by: mattpheil from Arlington, Virginia
One of our favorite wineries! Staff is always friendly and wine is excellent!! The grounds are beautiful and great for enjoying parties!

Trip Advisor Fall Visit to the Vinyard
Dec 06, 2014 by: GKLR from Finksburg, Maryland
I'm taking the time to write this because I was so pleasantly surprised at our recent visit here. You realize once you pull on the grounds this place is slowly becoming a must see on a visit to Baltimore. They actually have grown this from our last visit many years ago to the point they have a person assisting with parking cars in the lot. We brought 6 people and selected the $5 standard tasting. For this price you get a nice glass and entrance into an incredible barn tasting room that contained the tables where you did tasting, with picnic tables where you could hang for a few hours and drink a bottle. The tastings provided broad ranges and our guests were very satisfied with the wine and cheese we purchased to enjoy. We were short on time, and had to pass on the tour, but will save that for another visit. The wines are excellent and reasonably priced, something here for everyone. We have been to Napa Valley, and frankly for an east coast winery experience, this place is an equal to what we did for a week out there, in some cases, better. Not sure on the mixed reviews, maybe we just had the right karma for our outing, nevertheless, the scenery and drive are beautiful, so for a cheap afternoon drinking some wine, how can you go wrong.

Trip Advisor Beautiful Scenery/Great Wine
Nov 22, 2014 by: pocy28 from Cockeysville, Maryland
I went recently (not my first time) for a tour and a tasting. My friend belongs to the landmark case club--where you get special tastings. Nevertheless, any time you go, their wines are incredible!!! Each and every wine they make is simply divine. They have phenomenal care put into each release. You may be just a white/red/fruity person, but upon doing one of their tastings, you may be surprised!!! There are few wineries where I can honestly say I really like all of their wines. This particular vineyard is set amidst some of the most lovely nature and surroundings you can imagine. I suggest doing the tour if you have time. If Pat is available, it is worth it! She gives a great background of the history, and you will be intrigued the whole time :) Maybe split a bottle or grab a glass and enjoy it outside or inside. One more thing--if you love animals and are coming from Harford Road or Cockeysville--look up Graham Equine Center (part of Gunpowder State Park). I usually stop there on my way into the winery to pet the horses. A lovely place to stop. Horses and people there are extremely friendly. Very tiny road right past gas station on right where Bowman Archery place is. Enjoy your visit! I always do :)

Trip Advisor First and last time
Nov 11, 2014 by: Jessi L from Parkville, Maryland, United States
My boyfriend took me here as a surprise for our one year anniversary. I was really excited to go since my parents always attend their summer concerts and speak so highly of it. This trip however was my first and last time there. We arrived and did the wine tasting which was fun and we liked the souvenir glasses we get to take home and enjoyed the wines we tasted. My boyfriend had told me about a wine they make called an iceling which is supposed to be the sweetest wine they make. Being a lover of sweet things I was anxious to try some. We were told that we could not try any because they had a low supply of it. We understood and decided to go inside and pick some wines to take home. After choosing 3 different bottles we grabbed a bottle of the iceling and headed to the register. While ringing up our 4 bottles of wine the cashier asked if we were part of their "Landmark club." When we said we weren't members she told us that we were not allowed to purchase the iceling. Only members of the Landmark Club were allowed to buy it. The girl told us she could easily sign us up for the club and there was no membership fee. We started to fill out the membership form and stopped when we read the details of joining. There wasn't an initial fee to join but we would be charged $50-$75 per quarter for our shipment of 3 wines per quarter. We asked if we were allowed to join pick the wines or at least the types of wines we would receive. She told us no and asked if we like dry wines. We told her we didn't which was why we wanted the iceling. She then told us that we probably wouldn't like any of the wines that were sent because they were mostly dry wines. So we would be paying $200-$300 per year for 12 bottles of wine we probably wouldn't even drink just so we could buy one bottle of wine now. My boyfriend said not to worry and that we would just try other wines during the winter events they offered. The cashier then told us that, again, unless we were Landmark Club members they were not offering any events until the summer. We both left with wine but we will not return to this place because of the exclusiveness they are trying to push on us. I emailed the contact for the Landmark Club letting them know of my unhappiness and how they lost a wine lover who would easily spend money if I was allowed to buy the wines I wanted. I have yet to hear back from them. So like I said, first time there is also my last.

Trip Advisor Maryland wine crappy service
Oct 19, 2014 by: AHNPU from 
I currently live in Maryland and have visited boordy wines multiple times. I have brought many many family members here and let me just start by saying the service is awful. You arrive at 3 and the person at the gate is rude doesn't even welcome you to the winery and the first thing he says is "you have to be off the grounds at so and so time". Next you are to pick which tasting you want the $5 or $15 landmark tasting. You are given wristbands and a wine glass which you get to take home. Next you walk up to the crowded area where people are hovered trying to taste wines. The people pouring are so miserable. They don't smile and make your experience enjoyable. When you finally get a spot in with your group. They just start poring wine and don't seem to enthused to be there. There are no descriptions of the wines being tasted. Let me also add you are given the smallest sip of wine. As someone who has visited some of the most beautiful winery's around the world, boordy is by far the most sub-par. Majority of the wines they taste are sweet probably because the dry wines are so bad they have to mask the taste with sugar. Overall I tried to give this place the benefit of the doubt however they greatly disappointed my expectations with mediocre customer service. Boordy wines- hire some more enthusiastic people who are pouring your wines because I gaurentee you they are hurting your business.

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