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Trip Advisor Worth the splurge
Jul 26, 2014 by: Kate L from Wayland, New York, United States
We went here on vacation on a Wednesday night with no plans for that day. I will admit the only reason we considered going at all is because I had found an online code that cut our ticket price in half and a bit more. That being said, we decided to have fun with it. We got the knighting ceremony for our teenage son for the extra $20, & he actually had fun with it. You eat with your hands, & the food was good. But the best part of the evening was the show. The horses, knights, jousting, swordplay was all great and we were thoroughly entertained for well over 2 hours. Now, we upgraded the knighting ceremony when we got there, and bought some photos at the going overpriced attraction rate, so our end tally was a bit high. But we took it as a one time event and had fun. With constant ticket deals online, you can make this expensive event more affordable. I highly recommend it if you can. Every person in our family walked out with that "wow" feeling, the kind you get when you had more fun than you expected. So to me it was worth the $$. The cost, though not too astronomical, is high, especially for a family of 4 or more. So that is why I only give it 4 stars.

Trip Advisor Lots of fun!
Jul 24, 2014 by: Marie K from North Royalton, Ohio
We really enjoyed the show. The horses were just beautiful and the costumes were very colorful. The sound was also good - very clear and not too loud or soft. We were pleasantly surprised by how good for food was. Eating with no utensils was a kick!

Trip Advisor Loads of fun for families.. kids of all ages...
Jul 06, 2014 by: barymad from bethesda, md.
This is a great activity for families or groups. Loads of action and audience participation. You wont be disappointed. Great horsemanship and stunts. Decent enough food and friendly staff. Highly recommended family or group outing

Trip Advisor Dated show
Jul 05, 2014 by: Andy L from 
We were there around ten years ago and the show seemed to be the same. If you have an appreciation for horses, then 5 stars. If you are looking for action packed, you will have to wait for the last 20 minutes.

Trip Advisor $$$$ for a plain meal
Jul 02, 2014 by: Elias David B from 
My young nephew loved the knights and horses. The food wasn't terrible but it seemed very overpriced.

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