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Trip Advisor Eating with your hands is still fun.... while watching awesome horses
Jan 26, 2015 by: philgarf from Great Falls, Virginia
The food is good... Just don't burn your fingers eating it. Sit around an arena watching beautiful horses and riders perform for your team. A great experience for kids of all ages. Very enjoyable drink and food and you can even call your hostess a wench. At least you can during the show. True family entertainment. Great for groups. Even the horses don't smell bad. Definitely a great diversion in Hanover Maryland.

Jan 20, 2015 by: ghanagirl2 from Baltimore, Maryland
I joined Medieval Times Birthday Club because I LOVE Medieval Times. I am from the Baltimore area and have only been to the castle here in Maryland. The benefit of the Birthday Club is one free adult admission (for the birthday person during your birth month) with one paid admission. I took my daughter and her two older children (ages 15 and 11). Medieval Times can be expensive; I recommend always going online first to check for coupons and discounts. I used an online coupon code for a free child admission with one paid adult. (The fifteen-year-old is an adult admission.) With our discounts and coupon codes we got four admissions for the price of two. - For example: Right now in Maryland - January 2015 through March, 2015 - there is a half price promotion. If you bring one canned good for the Maryland Food Bank you will get half off an adult admission! I consider this a great deal and an opportunity to do a good deed. – What do you get for the cost of admission? The experience includes live entertainment including a falcon trainer, lots of horses performing and a "Medieval" jousting tournament in the King's court. The audience is the Kings' invited guests. Food is involved; and in Medieval fashion is eaten with the hands. (The menu consists of tomato soup, garlic bread, a roasted half chicken and a half roasted potato and a pork rib. A vegetarian meal is also offered that includes hummus and a bean soup). Non-alcoholic beverages come with the meal. Alcoholic beverages can be purchased for an extra cost. The food is usually sub-par (i.e. room temperature and not hot), not all on the plate at one time, so really don't be disappointed. The meal is secondary. THIS trip, however, the food was HOT! and delicious (what a difference heat makes!) The real reason for being there however, is not the food; but the entertainment and the entertainment is the HORSES. The horses are absolutely beautiful. The horsemanship is incredible and most entertaining. The culminating event in the area is the jousting competition between the Knights in the King's Court. Each Knight is assigned a color. Each section in the arena has a color that correlates with a Knight. Contingent upon where you are seated in the arena the audience roots for their assigned Knight. The audience is encouraged to cheer and root for their designated Knight. We were in the yellow section and on the afternoon we were there; the Yellow Knight won the competition. I LOVE Medieval Times; but this was the first time my family has gone. Initially, the teenage was adamantly opposed to going; even after being assured she would have fun. Suffice it to say BEFORE we arrived back home SHE had posted photos to Facebook declaring the GREAT time she had had!! Medieval Times has a lot to offer the WHOLE family. IF you like a good old fashioned time! When purchasing tickets you are encouraged to arrive early - at least an hour early. Sometimes the lines are long and you will need the extra time; but be forewarned, the main reason is to get you to buy; buy and then buy some more. The basic price of admission can be steep but there are upgrades offered for EVERYTHING! As you enter, you are directed to the photographer and in essence the “hawing” begins. They take your picture as an enticement and it is hard to say “no” once it is taken. I have learned to just say NO BEFORE the photo is taken. You can bring your own camera and the actors will permit you to take photos with them before and after the show; you just have to ask someone in the audience to take the photo; none of the staff are allowed to take a photo with your camera. Be prepare; the hawking continues throughout dinner; there will be "surfs" and "wenches" hawking everything from banners to lighted flowers. The hardest part (and I feel I have NEVER gotten it right) is the tipping for the wait staff after the performance. I am never sure what to base it on...any suggestions are appreciated! YES! I highly recommend Medieval Times and YES! I will go again and again!

Trip Advisor Great time!
Jan 01, 2015 by: Steve323md from Baltimore, Maryland
Went for the NYE 9:30 show. For the price, food was great. The Knights are extremely talented, and the king even took pictures with us, for free! I hope the managerial staff lets the kitchen know they're doing a fantastic job, and the actors were top notch. Definitely coming back, with the rest of my family. Well done!!!

Trip Advisor New years eve show
Dec 31, 2014 by: Normab577 from Pasadena, Md
We took our 5 yr old grand daughter to the 3.30 New Years eve show. U had so many extras with face painting & sword fighting lessons. It was wonderful. This is the 5th time we have been & the 3rd for our granddaughter. It was the best visit yet. She keeps asking when are we going again.

Trip Advisor Last 20 minutes saves the show
Dec 30, 2014 by: Jessica G from 
Lots of chicken, but only one small rib. Only included drinks are Pepsi (just Pepsi, not Pepsi products) and water. Seating is in rows; all face the center. Show consists of 1 hour and 40 minutes of fluff (horse trots, birthday announcements, introductions) and then 20 minutes of what we came for - jousting and sword fighting! Parking is maddening. Park towards the casino, not best buy, and note entrance is IN the mall, not at the fake castle entrance. Make sure you use a groupon.

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