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Trip Advisor Love this place
Mar 10, 2015 by: Analise83 from Augusta, Georgia
I used to live in Maryland and I basically always tried to drag people over here. I actually found that I liked going to the Cryptologic Museum even more than the International Spy Museum down in DC despite how flashy the latter is (of course, the Cryptologic Museum is free to enter so that helps...). Anyway, there's all kinds of neat artifacts and stories here and I've always found the staff to be very helpful and friendly. The best is, of course, the ENIGMA machine display. :) Sure, it's not down on the National Mall, but it's not in a bad location if you're on your way to DC from Baltimore (right off of 295!) and the pricetag (free) doesn't hurt either. Be careful to check the hours, I don't remember that they stay open very late and they're open even shorter on Saturdays. Still, it's a good place to go if you're interested in history, cryptography, or want an interesting place to take your kids (they have a few kids displays in addition to the more "boring" stuff).

Trip Advisor Fascinating!
Mar 09, 2015 by: Ladira from 
My husband and some friends have urged me to go to this museum and it was well worth a visit. There is a lot of information on codes and ciphers and how they were used in different eras, especially in times of war. There are also profiles of key people involved in the field. We did a self-guided walk-through because we were at the wrong time to catch one of the guided tours, but there was a lot to read, and you can even operate an Enigma machine on display. One section was closed for renovation, and those in our group who had visited before noted that objects on display had changed since the last visit. So it seems to be the type of place where you can learn new things at each visit. It's a relatively small museum and out of the way, but worth the effort to get there.

Trip Advisor Absolutely Fascinating
Feb 28, 2015 by: R K from Woodbridge, Virginia
This is a little bit out of the way, right beside NSA off of US 32. I was on a business trip and had time to kill... Glad I did. whether you are a math whiz, history buff, or a "Cryppy" this will intrigue you. Starts all the way back in 1800s... Codes, machines, techniques, technology. They have tours that take about 20 minutes that are a good way to start... But I needed a couple of hours. I would rate as a "Don't Miss"!

Trip Advisor Absolutely fascinating
Jan 20, 2015 by: Watsson from Annapolis, MD
The facility is kinda grungy and the physical presentation may not be the best, but the content is terrific.Learn what the NSA does when it's not hacking your emails and monitoring your phone calls. Very cool, very important stuff. Be sure to take one of the tours -- 20 minutes or so.

Trip Advisor Everyone should see this. The history is fascinating.
Jan 04, 2015 by: devirathod from Wichita, Kansas
I learned a lot about the history of cryptology and the NSA, even though I had worked with the agency as a contractor. No matter how much you think that you know, you will learn more here. The displays are great, and the explanations even more so. If you are interested in either history, language, or technology, you should definitely go see this.

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