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Trip Advisor Nice day trip
Dec 14, 2014 by: Claire M from Washington, District of Columbia, District of Columbia, United States
Personally, I would never visit the sad example of a lake they have going on there, but the falls are very nice! They're the perfect summer spot for my own friends, but my niece always enjoys herself, too. After trekking through the trails in the heat of summer, it is such a relief to dip your toes in the water. Despite frequent visits, the water quality remains very pure (I've checked out the macro-organisms living both above and below the falls). When climbing up the falls, please be careful. I have (more than once) tumbled from the top to the bottom. During a recent trip, I actually had to rush to the ER in Waynesboro & receive 5 stitches. Of course, clumsy me didn't fall while I was actually climbing the falls. No, I fell on dry land. Either way, be careful. I can't say it enough.

Trip Advisor Trail Was Closed
Oct 21, 2014 by: travelkitty50 from Frederick
We visited here after the Cacotin Zoo (separate review) and the admission was on the honor system. We popped our dollars into the box and went to the parking lot. It is a few yards' walk uphill to the visitor's center where there are some interactive natural exhibits and a full sized stuffed black bear displayed in a glass box. Outside, there is a small aviary with examples of some owls and small hawks in it. The trail that we wanted to walk was closed that day so we only spent about a half hour in the park.

Trip Advisor Nice State Park
Oct 20, 2014 by: laser20814 from Bethesda, Maryland
This park is great in every season but it is great in the fall the foliage can be spectacular. There are the Falls of course, always a big draw. Hiking and a variety of activities are available. Well maintained. Just off route 15 between Frederick and Gettysburg.

Trip Advisor Attractive falls
Oct 12, 2014 by: TryppAdams from Minneapolis, Minnesota
The lower Falls trail is just under 3 miles round trip and not overly eventful on it's way to the falls. While scenic, I would recommend them if you are in the area or a waterfall lover. The trail ends with less than picturesque view of the falls so you will have to take the liberty as most do to venture off the trail at the end if you would like to gain a better view of the falls.

Trip Advisor We were searching for a beach near NOVA...
Sep 05, 2014 by: Leah M from Fairfax, Virginia
We have a 5 year old and a 2 year old and wanted to take them to the beach for a day without having to drive too far. This was perfect! It's about 1 1/2 hours from Fairfax, VA. We did a little research and found that the beach had a "no swimming" policy after Labor Day. I called the park and they said that is the policy but if they don't see it.... So, we decided to take a chance. When you get there, go towards the William Houck Area (or the lake depending on the sign). I read about different fees, but if you just enter this area for swimming, it's a $3/car fee for MD residents and $5/car fee for everyone else. There are 3 beach areas. We took the first turn into the beach that had the playground. It was perfect because this side of the lake actually offers a little shade on the beach. My kids never even used the playground because they had so much fun in the sand and water. Yes, water! It was not crowded, but everyone was swimming. So great because the water is shallow and a nice temperature. There are areas where the seaweed has built up, but it's mostly by the boat area, so it can easily be avoided. Because it is off season, the shower/changing house is closed. There are other restrooms close by, but only one handicapped stall you could change in on the women's side. The foot/body shower is located at the shower house and that is still functioning. We will definitely go again!

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