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Trip Advisor Great Music Venue
Dec 18, 2014 by: ERKA2 from Martinsburg, West Virginia
Our first visit to Strathmore was to see Mannheim Steamroller, 4:00 show. Arrived early so had time for a very helpful usher to give us an abbreviated tour. What a wonderful venue. The design and construction of the theater as amazing. Electronic music did not do the hall justice. Pricey limited food and beverages available. The Mansion is small by comparison (5 room downstairs, three upstairs; downstairs also has a larger room suitable for small 100? receptions). There was a very good show of miniatures. Other reviews mention free parking at the metro station. Be aware of traffic issues with early show leaving and second show arriving.

Trip Advisor Great venue but so-so show
Dec 13, 2014 by: Ed T from Ocean City, Maryland
We attended what we thought was going to be a Christmas concert by Mannheim Steamroller (Dec. 12th). The performance was excellent, if you like their style of music, but only 50% of what was played was Christmas music. Additionally, poor quality rear-projected video was distracting, rather than enhancing. The $98 dollar orchestra tickets weren't worth their cost. The hall itself is very comfortable with fabulous acoustics. The seats are plush and sight-lines are very good. Free parking is available in the Metro garage across the street. It's about a two block walk into the hall, across an enclosed pedestrian bridge, but an airport-like shuttle cart is provided for those who have trouble walking. You can also use valet parking for a $15 charge. The hall is very accessible and wheelchairs are even available for those in need. Some of the ushers may need a bit more training. I noticed many people trying to find seats on their own, with limited success. One usher didn't realize that all the even seats were on one side and the odd seats on the other. I'll return, but for a better concert.

Trip Advisor Amazing design and acoustics
Dec 11, 2014 by: AndreaWM from Frankfort, Kentucky
We saw the Christmas program with the Baltimore orchestra and chorus, along with the ballet and acrobatics performances. It was a great performance. The space is very well designed. Our seats in row b on the second from top balcony were excellent. It looked as though there wasn't a bad seat in the house. Volunteers could have been a little more friendly, but overall great experience.

Trip Advisor Nice venue but...
Oct 20, 2014 by: Mel1776 from Washington DC, District of Columbia
They don't enforce the no videotaping policy. If you are sitting behind folks who are taping, it interferes with your enjoyment of the show. Tickets aren't cheap. This no enforcement policy makes no sense. And the folks who are doing it are violating copyright laws.

Trip Advisor Ruined by Rule Breakers
Oct 20, 2014 by: Kathy0625 from Nashville, Tennessee
This review has nothing to do with the quality of the Frankie Valli show we saw at the Strathmore last week. The performance, the second we have seen this year, was out of this world. I see a lot of live music performances here in Nashville. And when we are told here that recording of live performances is strictly forbidden, we respect the performers and our fellow fans enough to obey the guidelines. Those who break the rules are dealt with swiftly and surely. We invested in 3rd row orchestra seats at Strathmore and were prepared to enjoy another magical evening. Of course there was the expected announcement that recording would not be tolerated. Okay, ready, set, go! Almost immediately, patrons all across the 1st and 2nd rows pulled out all manner of recording devices, obstructing the views of those behind them and completely distracting attention away from the show we had all paid to see. You would think that the ushers are paid, at least in part, to make sure that all the patrons have a good experience at the venue. Such is absolutely not the case here!!! We were shocked and appalled to note ushers sitting with, smiling at, and chatting with the very patrons who were flaunting the rules and ruining the experience for everyone else. Kindly check the two female ushers (tall blonde and short brunette) who were working orchestra right on Thursday, 10/17/2014, and they will tell you that my sister and I complained again and again, only to be completely ignored. I would never, ever, patronize this venue again and would urge all music lovers to avoid it at all costs.

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