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Trip Advisor Affordable, but Could be Better
Sep 01, 2014 by: SarahB0Barah from Baltimore
This place is close to where I live so the annual membership option makes for a very affordable activity that I can do multiple times each month. During the summer, the water park is decent. There is an "ok" wave pool, a few tube slides that are not bad (aside from having to carry a VERY heavy 4 person tube up for a couple of them even if there are only 2 of you), and one particularly terrifying water slide that launches you down to the bottom after a countdown and the floor falling out from beneath you. The lockers are outrageously expensive, but I would never leave my personal belongings hanging around this place. Worth the money to keep your things safe. For families, there are several children's play areas in the water park to keep them occupied and lots of lounge chairs for parents to relax. The food, of course, is grossly overpriced, though six flags does have a meal option where you can pay around $100 for a season of 2 meals per visit, which is a great value if you go even 4 times and plan to eat there anyway. Those of us who are too cheap to buy food at the park (myself included) can keep a picnic lunch in the car and eat out in the parking lot. There are some strips of grass where you can put chairs if you want to go all-out. The park has a number of good roller coasters, plus the other standard stuff. The stunt show was pretty unimpressive, but the lines for rides during a summer weekday are virtually nonexistent. The parking lots are not too far from the entry gate. Overall, not a place to travel hours to visit, but if you're in the area and want an affordable thing to do for a day or half-day, this is a good option.

Trip Advisor Season Pass- Admission to all parks
Aug 30, 2014 by: Geronimogtque from Mitchellville, Maryland
Six Flags America does a great job of entertaining the family. The cost of a season pass or membership goes further when one visits multiple times or parks.

Trip Advisor Avoid! Just Awful - Six Flags America
Aug 29, 2014 by: allycarsam from Chicago, Illinois
3rd time writing this. We Took a break from viewing monuments and museums feeling the kids needed an adrenaline rush - how mistaken we were. I feel like Six Flags America stole $200 from us. What an absolute waste. We went to park on 8/14 a few days after the incident on the Joker ride where fire department had to rescue riders. Felt that given this mishap, everyone would be focused on ensuring a first rate experience for all. What a mistake. As we waited for the Batman X wing ride, it broke down immediately with riders aboard. We then went to the Penguin water ride where the operators on the Penguin water ride seemed almost inconvenienced dealing with customers. We waited 45 minutes in line that should have only taken 15. Park was dirty, employees disinterested. After giving up on rides, went to water park where the wave pool was immediately - no reason given- closed along with the Half Pipe . Could not wait to leave. Emailed park 12 hours after leaving asking for refund given a response that I am not allowed to post, but not helpful to my concerns. Guest relations was unconcerned about my family's experience Just awful - no aspect had any redeeming qualities. So, if you get the brilliant idea like I did to add some excitement by going to Six Flags America in lieu of viewing the phenomenal sites in Washington DC - erase that idea from your mind and go to Arlington or the Holocaust memorial, or reread the Gettysburg Address at the Lincoln Memorial. You will be so much happier. Again, I really do feel that Six Flags stole from me - my money and more importantly, quality time on family vacation. All this review was first hand (unfortunately). My family and I endured this waste of a day at Six Flags America.

Trip Advisor Two thumbs up!!!
Aug 25, 2014 by: AmranAthas from Colombo
We had a great time here during summer....The water park was also so awesome. The price was decent. The staff are strict of safety regulations, so this is extremely safe.

Trip Advisor Six Flags
Aug 23, 2014 by: Buttercup101571 from Rockville, MD
My family had a great time at the park. We enjoyed the water park and we enjoyed roller coasters. I would recommend this park for family and friends.

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