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Trip Advisor Flash pass
Jul 27, 2014 by: bearcj from NJ
I have to say that this is one of the six flags parks that actually have there act together. Crowd control to get into the park etc. I use the flash pass system when I'm not visiting my home park just so I can get the most out of the park, even on a Saturday in the summer it wasn't that crazy so if you don't plan on doing everything 20 times I don't see the need for you to get the flash pass, but at only $35 for the gold ( no platinuim ) it is the cheapest park I've been to. The layout of the park is a little confusing as it segways of into different areas but there are no cut through to other sections, so you have to back track, more of a loop would make it easier to many dead ends The food in the park is typical of all theme parks, expensive Watched the stunt show, fun. Most of the staff are friendly some still look they hate their jobs, loading and unloading can be a little slow Overall good rides, nice and clean would visit again

Trip Advisor Super clean and great coasters
Jul 26, 2014 by: Matt V from Hamilton
My first trip to SF America (I have been a season ticket holder at SF Great Adventure in NJ for years) and I was very impressed with this park. All of the coasters were open and they were all a lot of fun. Batwing and Joker's Jinx are awesome. Lot's for small kids to do too.

Trip Advisor Summer vacation
Jul 26, 2014 by: Andrebellomoreira from Sao Bernardo Do Campo, SP
Nice theme Park. A lot of things to do. The rollercoaster Batwing is the most exciting. The Water Park is very interesting with many attractions.

Trip Advisor OK
Jul 25, 2014 by: Alice C from Bethesda, Maryland
While our trip to Six Flags was fun be warned the park is pretty run down. My son didnt notice it but as a parent I noticed the banged up characters on the carousel, the chipped paint in half of the pools and in several other places. I also found some of the staff to be rude. They made no effort to hide the fact they would rather be anywhere but at work. Even more frustrating was the fact that half of the water features were shut down at some point during the day, sometimes for more than hour, and with no explanation given . We live in the area so it was a convenient place to go but I don't think I will be going back anytime soon.

Trip Advisor Needs improvement
Jul 25, 2014 by: tch912 from Baltimore, Maryland
I went to Six Flags with the day camp. First of all this is my third trip to this park. The last time I visited the park was in 2004. The park has really gone down. One reviewer was correct in saying most of the ride operators were very young and appeared to be under 21. While waiting to get on one ride a ride attendant pulled out her cell phone. The Wild One roller coaster never open during the 8 hours we were there. Several of the children from camp waited in line for the Joker's Jinx only to have the ride shut down for some unknown reason. The Superman was closed but open. It was the best ride there. The Roar had two planks replaced as you exit the ride, the only sign of repair. The park could really use a face lift. I was not impressed the the New Orleans rides and theme. The candy store had candy apples with the caramel and candy melting off of them and the price was 2 for $6 or $3.50 each. I expected the food to be pricey and it was. The camp children did not use the lockers because of price. I passed up the trip to Kings Dominion because I had been there within the past two years. One reviewer stated it was the park Six Flags forgot and I agree. Overall I probably will not return .

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