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Trip Advisor Small but nice
Apr 15, 2014 by: 2SU from Washington, D.C.
Fort Washington National Park is rather small, but quite historic. Located at a key bend in the Potomac River it never had to perform the military defense function for which it was built, but there are meaningful remains of the military infrastructure. The Park Service provides informative guided tours and occasional other events. Mostly, though, it's a lovely place for walks and picnics on nice days.

Trip Advisor Great hidden treasure
Apr 15, 2014 by: traveltwin1951 from ft. washington md
This is a great place to go to chill out and let your pets have the run of the park! It's laid back and no one bothers you. Take a trip back in time when you go there. Enjoy!

Trip Advisor Beautiful December Weather at Ft. Washington Park
Dec 21, 2013 by: Nicole J from naiken
I took my 5 yr old just on a whim driving back to somd and how amazed was I to find this gem! My daughter ran around and had a great time, she wanted me to read every sign and then explain in detail what each meant. This was truly a learning experience for us both, just to be standing here imagining what took place back in the 1800's. We will definitely be back with my husband & other child.

Trip Advisor A Very Interesting Fort
Dec 08, 2013 by: Melodycthomas from 
Unfortunately, the weather turned nasty on us and we toured the fort in sleet and icy rain. Despite the bad weather, the park ranger still took us on a tour of the fort. Originally named Fort Washburn, Fort Washington was rebuilt after it was burned down to protect it from capture by southern forces during the Civil War. There were many buildings to see and it was evident this place was armed to the teeth at one time. It certainly would have caused havoc for any attacking force. Luckily, there never were any. We wished the weather was better so we would have been more inclined to walk the grounds and look at everything in more detail. Regardless, it was still very enjoyable.

Trip Advisor An awesome place for any history buff
Nov 19, 2013 by: Cassandra W from Panama City, Panama, Panama
Having lived in Maryland for 20 years, I was shocked I hadn't heard of Fort Washington. It was worth the drive though. The view from the fort was amazing! To be able to look out and see D.C from the top was awe inspiring. The history behind the place was fascinating too. To see all the changes the fort had undergone, look at the guns, and see how everything changed was really fun! The buildings on the property were all beautiful and the fort itself is too, which is why I was a little saddened by the state of the area. Quite a few of the old buildings on the property were simply boarded up and in a complete shape of disrepair. It's would have been nice to at least see a marker near those buildings to know what they once were. Many parts of the lower part of the fort were in a similar state too. This is a really great place to go though if you love history. It's just amazing to see something that's been around so long, and had such a big job. And, even if you don't like history there are plenty of beautiful trails and nice picnic areas.

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