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Trip Advisor Discovery Station Birthday Party
Apr 12, 2015 by: Dana J from Hagerstown, Maryland
We love the Discovery Station and my son asked to have his birthday party there. Out of all the parties we have been to or hosted, this was by far the best. First, Brittany was incredible to work with prior to and at the party. Second, the kids loved the environment and interacting with the people working there which made the party even more fun. We have a hard time getting them into the party room for the party! The feedback from the the kids and parents was awesome. It was easy to do and the cheapest party we have ever hosted. There was so much to do and after 3 hours, we had to drag the kids out. They are still talking about to and asking to go back and have their next party there! Highly recommend!

Trip Advisor Discovery Station at Hagerstown
Mar 17, 2015 by: Hmgr87 from 
My children loved the Discovery Station. They always ask to go! They make improvements and provide enough activities so we can! Free military passes are also really appreciated. Thank you Discovery Station!

Trip Advisor Unexpected delight
Mar 14, 2015 by: Crcb from Williamsburg, Virginia
Our group of kids (ages 1, 3, 4 and 7) plus parents and grandparents visited St. Patrick's Day weekend. To our surprise, entrance was free because of the holiday! We did make a donation, as we spent an enjoyable two hours here. The kids were delighted with the toys and puppet theater on the first floor, and loved sitting in the plane, the play grocery store, doll house, cow slide, and St. Patrick's Day cookies and bingo game. The adults enjoyed baseball and Titanic exhibits, and especially enjoyed talking to the delightful man who built the large Titanic model. All-in-all, it was a great afternoon. The staff was quite friendly and helpful. This is not a high-tech glossy place, but comfortable and interesting.

Trip Advisor Very Stimulating Interesting Place Enthusiastic Staff
Mar 11, 2015 by: DanBrunswick_Maine from Brunswick, Maine
I was staying with friends in the area and we were looking for something to do on a Saturday afternoon. From the website, it sounded like it had a little bit of everything. What I was immediately struck by was how enthusiastic and helpful the staff was. We were there for an hour viewing the exhibits and could have stayed longer, but the place was closing. The Titanic exhibit with a scale model of the ship was fascinating, as was the exhibit about Fairchild aircraft. There was an exhibit about Japanese customs as well as one on the history of minor league baseball in the area along with a 1941 Life Magazine article about Ted Williams, which baseball fans would love. At the end of our visit, we had a long chat with a recent college grad who is managing the museum, if I'm remembering correctly. Everyone was low-key and very friendly and helpful, as I said.

Trip Advisor Awesome place just got more incredible!
Mar 09, 2015 by: Tammy B from 
The hubs and i have a family membership with our almost 4yr son plus 2 additional ones for my parents (grandparent memberships).(for this rvw use DS in place of discovery station) Currently I am in town (pgh) because a close friends husband is dying, plus my parents live here. Because of the guidelines of the discovery station membership, our membership covers her 4 kids in the Pgh museums (the children's museum and the Carnegie Science Center). The museum here accepts the kids because its the DS guidelines, otherwise they would not be covered. How awesome is it to do something nice for a family at such a difficult time? Countless rvws here and Facebook mention on how great DS is, but i wanted to highlight this particular aspect of how wonderful a membership to DS is. Let me also tell you that the hubs and i take our son to a ton of other museums for simple day trips and while on vacation in other states and are covered by our DS membership. Its like free itinerary! On day trips we pack a lunch and use our DS membership and our family day out is practically free!

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