Joyce J. Scott
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Joyce J. Scott 


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Okay, so some people live in places that don’t have nothing, no really nothing. Maryland has everything — mountains and wetlands, the Chesapeake Bay, the beach, and flat grassy fields with wild horses running.

I also like the cities. The old ones have lots of bricks and little streets with cobblestones and old mills by the water, whereas Baltimore, where I am, has faces and ways of talking from everywhere. I can go to a museum or the zoo or catch a cool breeze at the Inner Harbor. And I can eat food from El Salvador, Africa and Ireland — but my Mom’s cooking is the best!



Joyce has been called one of the most significant artists working and living in Baltimore today. Using beading, quilting and weaving, she is known for her socially driven artwork that challenges racism, sexism and stereotypes. Recognized worldwide, her work is part of the Smithsonian American Art Museum collection, and she was honored in 2000 with a 30-year career retrospective at the Baltimore Museum of Art.

DATE: 03/30/2015
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